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RN❤️Mother❤️Patriot ❤️Love God🙏🏻Love My Country.🇺🇸WWG1WGA ❤️Trump

Not Mick Jagger has a message for everyone.

Lots of Secret Service moving around the White House today. The media story is that actor Joe is in Delaware.


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Jared was a bad hombre. The only question is, did Trump find out first from Ivanka or the NSA. It makes the world of a difference.

For those who haven't yet figured it out, you are watching a movie. A whitehat production to wake up the sheep globally. The networks are in the process of self destruction. Q controls the narratives at this point because the NSA had the dirt on all the networks. Decades of deception is being carefully unwound. You can't just pull the plug or tell people, you must show them.

Sums it up right here. The only thing off in this video is the IF.

This is how it's done!!!

my new hero.

😱I came to check in because you all need to see what they are putting in these masks.😱

Those hand gestures look awfully familiar.


No need to guess, Assange told you. 98%. That means both Republicans and Democrats. The one's you like, the one's you dislike. Justice plays no favorites.

Born at 11:11 am. Big ❤️, cancer survivor, tyranny fighter. God, family and country are everything. Truth seeker, Truth Speaker❤️

55 Q Sent Me #ThePlanToSaveTheWorld 🌐 #MidnightRiders(Meme Assassin🐸🌷) #SaveTheChildren #QArmyJapanFlynn🇯🇵🇺🇸 WWG1WGA


Christ bearer. Welsh guy living in England. God, wife, lute. I follow back.

In response Ghost Ezra to his Publication

He pours out contempt on nobles and disarms the mighty. #godwins Strength TO ALL Soldiers - Strength To Police- and Patriot's!!

In response Ghost Ezra to his Publication

This will strengthen you today! .. Another Band who dropped a tour to Follow Christ! Very Annointed!

Zach Williams - Chain Breaker (Live from Harding Prison) - YouTube

Music video by Zach Williams performing Chain Breaker (Live from Harding Prison). (P) 2018 Provident Label Group LLC, a unit of Sony Music Entertainment#Zach...

In an age of fake, fugazi, and deceptions we have a reminder today that God's Word is real and everlasting. His promises are yes and amen. A solid rock on which we stand.

When Congress was real.

How do you unite Republicans and Democrats? It's simple, you arrest both Democrats and Republicans who are guilty for their crimes (about 98% of them). Then you bring out some uniters that everyone thinks are dead but are really alive. Now that would be a party like 1999.😎

Whitehats control the media that's why you keep hearing the story about Matt Gaetz. It's all playing out. Stop with the DS is still in control. Do you think Trump sat on his ass for the last 4 years. WAKE UP.

Don't ever scoff at CGI you believed NASA's fairytale for 50 years.

Many believe it all started with JFK. It started long before with Tesla.

You know why anti-gravity aircraft exist? Because gravity was just a theory.