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So now even Trumps endorsements mean NOTHING when you endorse Rubio you are showing us EVIL. And then ppl are supporting politicians giving them money when the election has not been fixed. People are just moving along and not caring that our country has been stolen from us, ppl are still wearing mask like its life or death, NO ONE Will explain the FLU and or all the deceases we Americans use to die from. EVERYTHING in the NEWS IS A LIE both left and right I just cant do it anymore! Its a waste of time and energy the depression in the country must be off the charts, and mine is all because of the EVIL THAT HAS BEEN ALOUD to stand.

WHY I HAVE TO LEAVE ALL THIS BEHIND! So first the election was going to be fixed I could probably count at least 20dates in Nov 4th we had a couple for Dec, a few in Jan, a Few in Feb a Few in March and then of course April, i have seen at least 10dates for April and we just hit the middle of the month, PPL are hurting, all of it is FAKE NEWS, and i already went thru 8yrs of despair 2009-20117 to do it again. I guarantee that the ppl who have been awake in the Mr Evil O's years are tuned out and not paying attention. Now i hear August. SO NOW the election is not going to get fixed till THEN???? who knows maybe NEVER GOING TO GET FIXED. the longer they keep the PATRIOTS believing there is a PLAN and that Trump would never leave us like he did the longer they can keep a Civil War happening>

Remeber this? props whoever did this.
#Trump #NEWS#Ivanka#vaccine#werenotgoingtotakeit

WWG1WGA. Love of God and Country! Best POTUS in the history of our Nation Donald J. Trump

Donald Trump Great speech to the world


Donald Trump Great speech to the world - YouTube

#trump #usa #donaldtrump #politics

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be acclaimed
be celebrated
be renowned
be famed
be noted
be glorified
be proclaimed
be trumpeted
be talked about
be on everyone's lips

Hammurabi: “Just when all hope seems lost one of these COURT CASES is going to emerge out of nowhere & get this fraudulent election overturned”. 3/4/21 (March Forth)

General Flynn: “2020 COURT CASES in Michigan & Arizona (out of nowhere) are ‘tactically' important to prove Donald Trump won the election”. 4/16/21

(Both COURT CASES entail Dominion Software
Dominion - Dominate - Demon Minion - Demonic - Domineer - Dominatrix - Domain - DOMINOES)

Election interference 2020:
How to safeguard US elections after DJT?
“It has to be done right. It must be proven in a COURT OF LAW. There can be no mistakes.
Good things take time.” - Q

Will voter fraud be exposed before Jan?
“No. Fraud. 2020+ safeguarded.” - Q

Q tells us right here what’s going to happen
(and how). Trust. Have Faith. Q KNOWS.

You have a front row seat, ENJOY the SHOW.

I Love my country and I want it back! We need to save these kids! at all cost!! (W.W.G.1.W.G,A)

WWG1WGA, MAGA, MEGA, Constitutional Law Equal for All, Save The Children, Denominational Christian.

Many have lost Faith in God and President Trump. Stand strong in your faith for what God has ordained no man can change. The events your witnessing is just the passing of greed. Biden in the Whitehouse doesnt change Gods plan . Soon all will witness the Power of God. Stand firm and keep your Faith iit will occur on Gods time and President Trump will serve his 2nd Term. WWG1WGA Worldwide.

Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

The Professor's Record, [16.04.21 16:31]
Exciting development. I just lined up an interview with Joe Oltmann. Oltmann was the first person to publicly reveal Dominion VP Eric Coomer's ties to Antifa, as well as Coomer's promises that President Trump would not win the election. Coming Monday!

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Honestly I cannot see why the stupid world does not believe this man? I said this many years back Trump is going to save our world.
Thank you Sir for what you have shown us, as your digital soldiers we continue to share the light to the rest of the world we are all one under the Heavens raising the vibration...

114 = is a blend of the energies of the number 1 and number 4. Number 1 denotes initiative and striving forward, new beginnings and projects, achieving success, attainment, fulfilment and happiness.


Patriot, Christian, Vietnam Era Vet, father to my 20 year old Son serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, missing our President and 1st Lady

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Trump Wins!

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