Hello #Patriots! I am the same Intercessor from Twitter. Was united with 26000+ of you #Patriots there! #BendedKnee #SOPT17 #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸

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INTENTIONALLY they call them all "spirit cooking in veins" insider mentioned that was the intentional cause of autism. And they think it is funny, these devil filled pos. They are NOT like us at all really, not at all.

Good morning Family. give fully and unconditionally like the Sun !

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Aha! Talk about loving being featured! Grab them & take them, eh?! Elon’ll be offering you rides on his rocket alright and the rest, especially Ezra, will be sending you wonderfully nice comms once again I hope...

And who doesn’t love the cowboy theme?! Especially Space Cowboys! And perfection being your normal manner of how you do everything, this song, mixed to perfection (to answer you on that score...LOL!), blended with your astounding imagery definitely excentuates the very best of both, the completely unique cowboy era with the totally interesting and “sky’s never the limit” universe sized mind blowing elements of space or whatever is out there in the beyond...

All amazingly you!!

🍊I see you, I love you, I know who you really are. We are ONE family. agape4ever unconditional love Namaste #WWG1WGA

I Am

Completely with you -

HERE we are living,

conscious awareness witnesses;

Lighthouses we are here -...

within Us...


Connected in the

Golden Net -

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Always made me happy when I rode by Miss Anne's Garden shop and saw the arrangement area bare. lol After I quit. The reason I told her that I used the terminology eat shit and run a rabbit is because an old lady worked there, she was sick, Dr. had her on meds, she was not supposed to be in the sun, and Miss Anne told her she didn't care what the doctor said, basically, she better get her ass out there and work. AND that lady used the term eat shit and run a rabbit. lol

i love you babe 🥲 ❤️

Unapologetic Pre-1871 Constitutionalist, Truth Seeker, Wall Watcher, Warrior of Yeshua and Deplorable Trump Chump. WWG1WGA 🍊

Grandmother of 6, Q follower, Trump Supporter. I live in the beautiful mountains of Virginia! Been following for 5 yrs. Dad, 27yr Marine!

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It will never even occur to the minds of so-called "society" that we the people are moving away from them as fast as we can. We will never again join them in the MK mind control. We have turned off all MSM outlets - not because we had to but because we CHOSE to. Our position in this world is now SELF MADE and not MSM made. You in society have actually become a huge danger to all free thinking and acting individuals. We know enough about your aims and actions to keep as far away from your society as humanly possible.

In response Stephanie Foster to his Publication

Don't know if they threw Paula under the bus because she was NOT them or if it was secret org theater that whole thing back then.

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