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🇮🇹ITALIA | Dice que su mejor amigo Carlo tenía un peluquero.

Había tenido Covid19 y se había curado, por lo que tenía anticuerpos.

Pero las autoridades y médicos le dijeron que tenía que vacunarse de todos modos, o de lo contrario no podría trabajar ni abrir su local.

Se vacunó. 💉

Está muerto.💀

NEW - The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will not enforce 29 CFR 1904's recording requirements to require employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination.

They do not wish to "discourage workers from receiving a vaccination or disincentivize employers' vaccination efforts."


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Lookie what's listed on the NIH website as a treatment for COVID 19...Scroll down on the link's page & you'll find Ivermectin!!!


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There will not be a funeral for Colin Powell, first black US Secretary of State, who dies of Covid - gizmo

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🔴COVID Tyranny would END.

Right NOW.

Here’s how!


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🔴BREAKING: US Supreme Court declines to stop mandated COVID-19 vaccines for Maine health workers - AP

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🛑NEW: Israel has begun enforcing its ‘Green Pass’ restrictions, which restrict entry to various public venues to people who have received a third (3rd) Covid-19 booster shot.

3rd Booster to Enter Public Venues......😨

READ: https://insiderpaper.com/israel-enforces-green-pass-makes-booster-shot-mandatory-to-enter-public-venues/


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Until May, OSHA required employers with vaccine mandates to report COVID vaccine injuries as work related.

Then OSHA suspiciously switched to a new policy of tacitly encouraging employers to sweep these injuries under the rug.



🔵OSHA policy changed in May 2021. They say it will be in place until at least May 2022.


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A network analysis of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine patents

A preliminary network analysis highlights the complex intellectual property landscape behind mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a substantial impact on global health and highlighted the importance of international cooperation to effectively combat SARS-CoV-2. Since the discovery and publication of the virus’s genome in January 2020, scientists have rushed to develop vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics on an unprecedented timescale. To date there are 80 vaccines in clinical trials and 70 more in clinical development, setting the stage for some of the fastest vaccine development and testing in modern history1. The vaccine technology platforms used by the most promising vaccine candidates range from viral vector–based and protein-based technologies to mRNA and lipid nanoparticle technology.


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Chicago amenaza con retener prestaciones de jubilación de policías que se retiren del cuerpo en lugar de someterse al mandato sobre vacuna💉 COVID


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