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Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Hi Patriot family. I work for one the 3 largest cell phones companies who as you may imagine is very liberal and loves pushing the agenda. Our offices have opened back up and returning over the summer is optional with a required return to office in Sept. Today the head of HR sent all employees an email stating that we are required to wear a mask if we are unvaccinated AND all employees must self report covid vaccine status which will be required to attend any Company wide meetings, events etc.

This cannot be legal right? I am beyond angry that a company is allowed to require covid status and is continuing to divide/segregate people. This is not helping "unite" people it is feeding the evil.

I am curious what thoughts you guys have on this. I don't plan to return to the office until Sept. when it is mandatory and am torn on how to handle. I WILL NOT take the vaccine nor will I self report, nor wear a mask....Please God make this shit end!

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Is it just me, or is it getting almost impossible to engage in small talk? Talked with some family today and they are all comparing various weeds growing in their yard , meanwhile, I am piping in with, ok, but are you following what Putin has been saying, you do realize he's an ally right? Oh, and Trump WILL be back and I don't mean in 2024, oh and the children being sacrificed, and Kamel Toe not mentioning Memorial day... and then I realize they are looking at me like I have 3 heads.

I crave a good convo with others who are awake....I just can't with the not important stuff.

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Just got back from the grocery store, was headed to put my cart away when the person parked next to me came out of the store, on my way back to my car, I said to her, "beautiful day today". She continued to load her car (with her mask on), wouldn't make eye contact with me and replied "I've seen better". I knew instantly she was a Biden supporter. Man, it must be exhausting being hateful all the time. As I was pulling out of my spot, she proceeded to flip me off. Wonder what set her off?

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Just started Season 3 of "The Leftovers" on HBO. Holy Smokes, there are so many similarities to what is going on in the world right now, it is kinda freaking me out. Lots of Q'ish references too, mentions of Trump and the fire station at the end of season 1:- Station 17.

I had no idea what the show was about but stumbled into it and was hooked, I am still a little confused at times on what exactly is going on, who is good, who is bad , what the end game is. Yes, still talking about the series, although same can be said for real life as well!

Has anyone else watched this series?

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Hey Patriot fam. Does anyone know if a "reveal of the lies" is still going to happen at some point soon, like next 30 days? Just wondering if something has changed and EBS and truth reveal isn't happening any longer? Not complaining, just asking.

Meanwhile, I just got a 30 ft. inground flag pole delivered to be installed this weekend that holds two flags. My HUGE American flag and a new Trump flag (with no year on it). I am holding the line and digging in deep. Trump/Patriot/1776/Punisher all over my car. I get lots of thumbs up when out running errands and I also get flipped off....makes me chuckle.

No need to guess, Assange told you. 98%. That means both Republicans and Democrats. The one's you like, the one's you dislike. Justice plays no favorites.

God woke me up for a reason. 🙏 #GodWins #Blessed #FamilyIsEverything #Patriot #Trump #TheBestIsYetToCome 💋 Laura 💋

In response Vincent Kennedy to his Publication

Something never felt right. Found Q through Joe M. in 2017. Read every Q post. Trusting the plan and living on faith that God wins.

My wife in an RN. She was getting tremendous pressure to get both the flu and CV19 shots. She verbally refused repeatedly and via email at least twice. However, hospital managment kept harassing her multiple times daily (whenever she worked). We then wrote this letter (modied to share with you) and sent it via Certified Mail. Harassment has stopped save a few sly remarks here and there. Please feel free to use it and share it should you find it useful.

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Hi Patriot family. I need a sanity check, I am having a really hard time shaking off my anger over literally everything. I know we generally describe liberals as unhappy hateful people and I fear I am becoming that too. NOT A LIBERAL, lord have mercy, but a really pissed off God, Patriot, Trump loving person. I work for a large liberal company, big techish, while there are pockets of conservative people like me, the narritive the push aligns with DS/MSM and it makes me sick. There are a LOT of things I have yet to figure out in this movement, what is true what isn't, I trust nothing and question everything. I want to be joyful carefree person I once was, when ignorance to the lies and evil was bliss. I cannot unknow what little I do know and wouldn't want to go back even if I could. Am I alone feeling like this?

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

So, the Ever Given ship is unstuck and moving again. What the actual Fuck is going on? No containers opened, no worldwide underwater data lines cut, it seems that things are happening but are they really or is this all optics - smoke and mirrors too? Regardless of how long one has been awake, this shit show is beyond FRUSTRATING. No one knows what the so called "plan" is, or any of the timelines/steps, yet we are told to keep trusting it and hold the line, for what? To continue to see people get killed or commit suicide, kids continue to be kidnapped and trafficked. And before anyone comes at me about God's timing - well, frankly I question that too, this nasty evil shit has been going on for centuries, and NOW GOD is going to do something about it? I believe in GOD but am really struggling with this concept. For the things the Military and Trump are in control of, put it out there, declass the shit out of everything, more people will wake up if it is in their face, especially

Not a scientist, nor do I claim to be one...followed by great American patriot, Joe M, on Parler. Anti-communist. WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

There is reportedly a 22-story city under Denver, a major child trafficking hub.

Just wait until the military reveals what they've been working on for the past 4 years.


Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

High winds may break part of the spinny thingy that connects my Trump flag to the pole, but it won't beat me. Trump flag still flying proudly on my house zip tied to the pole. Don't mess with me and my Trump flag mother nature!

I love God, my Country and my Corps. How do you expect God to save you if you can't fight your way to him. Semper Fi

Women do this all the time.

I don't know about you but my lady wouldn't be caught dead without make up in a picture that was in any way shape or form going to be made public and I think that applies X10 for celebrities. Not to mention what is a pretty obvious tear track. And Tom, you evil, vile bastard why are you not smiling your patent smile? Maybe your on a Navy Frigate going to bye bye land. And just for fun the people who picked you up left a little calling card on your shirt to say hi and bye. Burning in hell is nothing compared to what we Kappy fans might have done.

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

I am not trying to be a Debby Downer, but have to ask, why is there so much old content/posts being recirculated on this platform, very little NEW info? As much as I despise Twitter, at least there was always fresh content and lots of interaction which inspired more thinking and digging.

Everyone should know the international sign for Help me. Let’s make this famous.

Please share

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Remember how the real POTUS Trump, motivates, inspires and dances.? Sigh, I miss him so much.

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Joe, you don't have a heart, shut the hell up.

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Hey Joe, it is never ever, a good bet to bet against Trump and the Patriots.

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

I want to mark my independence from DS.

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

It's past your bedtime Joe - wrap it up.

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Is anyone else screaming at their tv's?
1. You don't get to say "we the People" Joe
2. "Trust your government " only if Trump is in charge Joe
3. "We all deserve the truth" you and your DS pedo buddies are incapable of telling the truth Joe

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

I know Bidan isn't really Biden, but I still want to throat punch him.

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Forget the sleepers, I am starting to lose Patriot allies to the cause who are losing faith that will be a big reveal. I have been awake about 1.5 yrs. which I know compared to some is not long at all, but if you asked me even 6 mths ago if I thought we would be in the middle of March (nearly) and still not have had EBS and declass I would have said you were crazy. Before anyone starts yelling at me that it is God's timing not ours, I get it, but still human and it is tough when the few people you could talk to about this stuff are saying, "when is enough, enough, you've been talking about this for a year and half and no EBS, where is Trump" Makes my heart hurt. This LOOOOOOONG movie is killing some spirits one can only hope for so long before you start to feel foolish yourself.

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

Does anyone else feel like they are playing the board game clue right now and cannot seem to get all the variables to line up? Is it Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick....nope, what about.... I am so confused.

Watching the grass grow is still more educational than watching MSM. Go in Peace. Proud Fiscal Conservative. ❤️my country. Prayer warrior


#ICANFauciEmails ~

Creepy, but honest. Sweet, until you cross me. I can smell bullshit from 50 clicks.

I miss our President. Not just because he's our president, but because he has become part of my family. I have come to love and respect him and I hope I get the chance to meet him so I can hug him and tell him how truly grateful I am that God put his finger on him, that he sacrificed everything to do Gods work. I am incredibly amazed by him. To say I miss him is a gross understatement. My words seem to fail me for the insurmountable amount of emotion that describes my gratitude. He is saving our children. He is righting the wrongs in this country, in this world. He is standing up to the satanic cabal. He is giving America back to the people. Pray! For his protection, as well as his families. Pray for those behind the scenes that've been working alongside him for decades in preparation for what is coming. Pray for our operators & military. Pray for the pipe hitters. Pray that Americans doesn't fall back into their lazy complacency. Pray we never allow this again. Pray for Trump.

Previously on Twitter @PeaceBabyPeace. #Patriot #wwg1wga #MAGA #Trump #SaveTheChildren

So, I know true dates aren't given on when the EBS and truth will be delivered. That said, is it actually ever going to happen? It is so hard trying to keep family together and having any real conversations beyond superficial small talk. Those still asleep are very comfortable there , the fake Bidan administration is completely real to them and they are quick to justify anything negative about it. The "movie" isn't waking these people up. I hope we are close to saving the children so we get the truth out there. It is very lonely being awake and a HUGE Trump supporter surrounded by people who think you are a crayon shy of needing to be commited to the insane aslyumn.

Country Garden Lady, 🌻 PATRIOT,💫 Stargazer,WWG1WGA, Truth Seeker, Plant Seeds of Love Not Hate, 💚💙💜 Listen , Learn, Intuition

🚨ALERT !!! Exposing the truth, informing the public, searching for wisdom with a strong faith in God.