Jack Levin

Brother of Alex Levin, embarrassed by my brother's Patriot activity as a massive light is about to shine down and damage my investing biz.

In response M.. Marks to his Publication

Yeah, they just don't want all the conspiracy fiction and nonsense. You know, the whole Qanon thing. Can't believe there are still rubes dumb enough to follow that crap. Good thing there's none of that here, right? No dumbass idiots following a cultish fiction of child eating pedophiles. hahaha, what kind of an idiot would believe in that shit anyway. hahaha

Canadian Patriot

Permanently banned from Fascistbook, Twitter and a few others, setting up shop here. Canadian Patriot who loves President Trump. WWG1WGA

Biden’s first call to a foreign ..

Trudeau cheered some of Biden's other Day 1 decisions, including rejoining the Paris climate accord, and blocking oil and gas drilling in the Arctic


Qarmy Anon

If they stand behind you, protect them If they stand beside you, respect them If they stand against you, show no mercy!

In response Lion ess to her Publication

"follow the wives" who got the letters at poppys funeral? who was there, backing up the pedophiles from their accusers? the wives, its always been the wives.

In response Vincent Kennedy to his Publication

Same...I left Twitter several days ago after they suspensed me for calling Nanner Pelosi a name (indirectly). One of her minions must have felt butt-hurt and reported me for calling their queen a name. But please continue to allow the CCP, ayatollah, a sitting president's severed head effigy and pedophiles to continue on unfettered. 🙄

Karen Rach

I am a grandma of 4 fighting 4 their futures rights protections I have been afforded from all those who fought/ fight 4 the RED WHITE & BLUE

In response Qarmy Anon to his Publication

Sign me up. I am fighting for my grandchildren to see a better world in which they can go outside without fears of never being seen again. They can play in sports without pedophiles lurking around them and Yes no fears of voicing their opinions hopes and dreams, a world I grew up in until everything flipped on its side...............

Nina Patriot

God*Wife*Mom*Patriot*SAVETHECHILDREN*TRUMP is my President

Had a nap. Feel great now. Plus, I know that God cares about the children and it is incredible that he has not already smitten the Luciferian satanic pedophiles. God wins. And I have a friend coming over to day drink wine with me in a little bit.

Kenny Mars

Canadian Patriot. Trump supporter since his first rally. Researcher of conspiracy since 9.11 and proud to be Outcast in Sheepdom.

The happiest people in America today are the Pedophiles

We Will Win This War

God is Real, Jesus is Real and the Bible is 100% Truth. Patriots Unite, Hold the Line, WWG1WGA, MAGA, Trump 2Q2Q, Its going to be Biblical.

From@GhostEzra on GAB

If any of you are worried or nervous don't be. The whole election part of this was so small in regards to all the really bigger things Trump has worked on behind the scenes in the last 4 years. He's thought and planned well for it all. He knew about Hammer and Scorecard in 2012 and these sick elite pedophiles. It's why he ran for President. Losing wasn't an option. The only chance he could have lost was in 2016. Since then, he's been setting trap after trap on these fools. They have taken the bait every time. The last trap was the cheese that led to the singing bird.

What many people learned in the past year(s) ….

• The world is run by evil people
• 95% of politicians are corrupt
• History is a lie
• The news is fake
• The elites are sick pedophiles
• TV/MSM is used for mind control
• Fear will make people do anything
• Sheeple are very easily manipulated

The Great Awakening

Pinka Pinka

Christian | Patriot | Conservative Independent | 1A & 2A | Someone who questions the statements of known liars.

Lady Gaga Oreos with pedophile symbol. They don't even try to hide it anymore. In fact, they flaunt it.#evil#perverts#pedophiles

⚒Luis M.⚒

❤ God Wins ❤ Patriot. ⚒Truth Seeker⚒ Constitutionalist ⚖ Digital Soldier. God's Army. WWG1WGA KAG2020 The Storm Is Upon Us ⛈

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