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I warned the deep state not to do it.

Did they listen or just censor me?

So be it then.

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Next Conspiracy Theory CONFIRMED.

Alpha, Beta and Gamma settings found on 5 G Tower.


Wow!!!! Very Impressive!!!
True wisdom right here ‼️‼️‼️

The governments are trying to force the people to take nanoparticles against their will.

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Michael Jaco and Kerry Cassidy (in progress).

Judge for yourself.

V19 Vax: what do we really know?

We don't know what species the mRNA is derived from. Animal, human, or "other?"

We know the ingredient list. But that can be as deceptive as reading dextrose (corn, probably GMO) on a food label.

We know the vax is harming, disabling, and killing people.

We know the MSM is lying about the numbers and the need for the vax. There are other treatments. We know the CDC has lied about cause of death labeled as C19.

And we know that having the shot is like playing Russian Roulette with your life.

We need answers. More importantly, we need to show others the facts of Covid (aka flu), and that they are being played.

Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

Just say no

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Scavino has been quiet for 3 days. I'm sure it's nothing.

@divinedirtclod and anyone else who needs this today.

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Popular German Newspaper “ BILD “ Issues Apology on Covid Deception
With a circulation of currently about 1.37 million copies daily, the BILD newspaper published by the Axel-Springer Publishing Company is Germany's largest and most popular tabloid.

I suspect that those who are re-pilled are being red-pilled with this vaccine psyop. What do we really know about the ingredients of the shots? According tho the first site, shots are harmless and just contain lipids, salts, and sugars. I don't buy for one minute that those ingredients are harmless. The shot isn't even FDA approved.

We don't know what the NANOlipids are, and if they are indeed nanoparticles. But why include the prefix NANO if they aren't?

We don't know what cell lines the mRNA was derived from. Human, animal, or other species?

The bottom line is that there is disinfo out there on purpose, and we don't know what is in these shots.

WE ARE THE LAB RATS. That much we do know.

Where's the graphene oxide listed? Where are all the other ingredients that some anons have claimed are include

I trust only the ones I love. I'm a verbal assassin, a #SaveOurChildren sniper. I spread God, Truth and Love. I'M NOT HERE FOR FOLLOWERS..

I'm not NORMAL....

I went and helped my 63 year old neighbor replace his breaks on his exploder. He asked me what I thought about the fauxination and if he should get it. I promptly sent him my post and said hey, this guy shares a lot of good info. He went through my posts and comments as I replaced his calipers, pads and rotors and he said, "this guy, has a lot of good info." I told him no, he gets a lot of info.

Riddle me this:

1. The inventor of the PCR test said it was not designed to determine the type of infection, rather it was designed to show you had an infection.

2. If the test can not differentiate the virus / sickness how do they confirm you have/died from "covid"?

3. What happened to all the yearly influenza deaths? More importantly why do "covid" deaths mimic or match the standard yearly influenza deaths?

4. So they can't Identify covid deaths how can they identify a so called variant?

5. Corona = common cold in the medical journals...

6. Why was a

I trust only the ones I love. I'm a verbal assassin, a #SaveOurChildren sniper. I spread God, Truth and Love. I'M NOT HERE FOR FOLLOWERS..

My former boss just stopped by, he was a wreck, His aunt, cousin and step sister died yesterday They were in fine health before they got fauxinated. He flat out apologized to me for calling me a conspiracy nut. He said to me and my wife that I was correct and begged us not to get the jab and tell others not to. This man is 62, he's of the era where men did not always show emotion, he was a wreck. We prayed for him and his family. That is all we could do....

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"The Satanic UK government is LURING people to free entertainment venues and then coercing them to take the COVID death-shot.

Even if people knew NOTHING, this level of DESPERATION for a virus with a 99.998% survival rate, is a sure giveaway that governments are up to no good!"

In my best Pink Floyd voice . . .

"HEY, parents, keep your kids at home." (NO VAX.)


(Know your true enemy. We are at war.)

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desantis said mo mandatory masks

will they kick kids out of school? suspend them?

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“This is a war disguised as a pandemic.”
Excellent video! Please watch and share. Tough message to swallow but true and real. Better to be prepared for the worst whilst we hope for the best.
We have been warned. In the words of evil Mr Schwab “There will be a cyber pandemic that will make Covid seem insignificant.”
The biggest threat to us is the disruption to the food and energy supply so make sure you have a contingency plan.

Breaks are important. Take one if you need to. I'm certainly at that point today. Time to recharge those batteries!

This entire C19 process has been an equal opportunity destroyer. But has anyone thought about whether or not the shot clinical trials is on the up and up?

With every clinical trial, there are those who receive a placebo. Was that followed in this case? Who knows. But what if certain people of a particular political persuasion were given the placebo, and another one given the real deal?

I have no evidence of this. But we all know the DS is capable deciding who they want to live or die.

Just a thought I had today.

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Damn. A lot of regret.


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If anyone knows someone who's had the shot, those individuals can ask their doctors for a "peripheral blood smear," where they look at the cells directly. A D-Dimer test is easy to do as well, to see if you are at risk from clots. But that test is nonspecific and a high number may result in further testing, like CT scans with contrast.

Don't ignore your symptoms after (blindly) taking the C19 shot.

Praying for ALL of us🙏

Truth Seeker. Loved Husband. Proud Father. I'm a German but Trump is my President. #FamilyIsEverything #AmericaFirst


Seeing what I want to see. The real Delta variants.

If you hear from a family member or friend, and they are "oh so concerned" about the delta variant and your health (fear), the solution is easy. Don't become angry.

"I love you. But my health is none of your business. My body, my choice. Please don't discuss this with me again."

That way you have attempted to save your relationship and established your boundaries. Don't expect them to respect that, however.

I can't believe how many people operate from a place of abject fear—without facts.

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I like Juan, and Monkey.

But there's an optics issue here. Most people, in America and around the world, are not sitting on chairs and chaises, staring at pools and living out of posh hotels.

We know true hardship. We've lived it. Where are the reps for us? Where are the ones who truly understand what all of this is doing to our lives? I'd rather listen to someone on a porch, in the middle of nowhere, talking from the heart about the brutality of all this; while showing their face.

If only we could see someone we all relate to, discussing our world right now. Yes, we can individually cope with this shit show. But we do need leaders we can relate to, the ones who have been in the trenches and who keep forging ahead in spite of all that.

I can do without idols right now. We need brutal truth.

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