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Pfffft, tried to freeze my mouse, then pull the "sorry we couldn't get your pages back" yet here I am. HAPPY SUNYAY patriots!!

Light Worker Patriot! Married! Mother of 3 Beautiful Daughters and 3 Handsome Grandsons!

And the RINOS too!

I think, therefore, I am free. I am a Prayer Warrior, Child of God, and a Patriot.... #Trump4EVA, #MAGA, #MEGA, #KAG, #KAGA

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#BULLSHIT :) 💥☄️⚡🌈⛈️

Patriot of Earth. We ARE Freedom. WWG1WGA

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TS 414>45>54

Bernie 2016 turned #MAGA supporter after 2016 Wikileaks emails & Q. Canada->Taiwan->U.S. Computer Engineer/Small Biz Owner/Startup Founder

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.16/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

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I AM Divine Love!❤️ I AM Divine Light!🌟 I AM Divine Truth! 🗡 I AM Divine Gratitude! ✝️ I AM Divine Perfection! 😇 I AM! ❤️

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There is nothing more beautiful than the way the oceane refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it is sent away 🖤+🤍


3rd generation military,Patriot,fully awake and Mad as hell💥💥🇺🇸🇺🇸 Also 👉@_truth_hurts_21 gab

Jesus is KING!!! ✝️ #FamilyIsEverything . 11:11 #JFKJRLives ✨❤️✨ #GodWins #WWG1WGA Truth Social: @CaseyDee521


For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. - JFK

Green now... + ts = 3:21...


Mark Zuckerberg could face jail time under new law, minister warns

Meta EXPOSED — Former Wisconsin Justice Testifies Mark Zuckerberg Conspired To Defeat Trump

Former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice, Hon. Michael Gableman testifies before the Campaign & Elections Committee about his investigation into the 2020 Coup saying: Its very Clear that Mark Zuckerberg’s Goal Was to Defeat Donald Trump & Elect Joe Biden"

More bad news for suckerberg — as him & other tech execs risk ending up in jail if their social media platforms do not block content (pedophile & sex trafficking) deemed harmful under upcoming online safety laws, UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has warned.

ULTRA-MAGA! Kicked off TWTR same day as DJT & and Gen Flynn. Badge of Honor! Kicked off 9th time & I'm now done ! Trump WILL be back.

I'm in fakebook jail for 48 hrs for saying : "Joe and the Ho gotta go" 😂🤣
FINALLY, me and my sis were sending candies to each other from various places, CUZ we LOVE candy. ANYWAY finally identified, this is my new candy I love, very well done. Been loving me some chocolate snackolas for quite a while, from many places, nice.

Vittles got here, now carne asada beef not pumped with fk knows what, is mixed with some black beans, tomatoes, and other good stuff, sounds like a fine burrito to me, I am putting in some heat cause I like it. lol

"Behold, The Days come, saith The Lord" Amos 9-13. #Jesus Lord is Salvation, God is My Strength and Power, He Makes My Way Perfect

Ego should have no place, in the heart of man! Numquam Cedere -Never Surrender ***5 Year Active Duty... Veteran- Operation Desert Fox.

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They can blow their new world order out their asses.

Bringing light to the world! We are chosen by God to spread love, truth, light and peace! I encourage you to live Jesus❤️

A wise woman rewrites her story as many times as necessary!


Bringing light to the world! We are chosen by God to spread love, truth, light and peace! I encourage you to live Jesus❤️

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I walk the path God put me on with no doubt and no fear.I will stand by what is right until my last breath.#GodsArmy WWG1WGA #LetsFinishThis

I'd gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today😎🇺🇸👊 CAUSE THERE AINT NO DOUBT I LOVE THIS LAND🎶GOD BLESS THE USA.🇺🇸

Restore the Republic. Save All Children. Trust The Plan. Slave No More.

Defender of Truth. Exposer of Lies. Patriot till Death.

🚨 🚨 WATCH HERE: 🚨 🚨

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