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Just watch movie on amazon with Aage Nosh talked back in 2018 how the cabal wants to reduce the world population down to 800 million by 2030. whathefck is happening around us. Look at how many people just lined up for this vaccine that I believe is part of their plan to wipe us out. we have to stop this.

Why is it that while we are waiting to see the show Biden is getting away with stopping the boarder wall, pipe line, now going to do the filibuster and all this other damage to our country. When does justice come in??? I just don't seem to understand when all this just keeps goong on.

any answers

"Last night, I was honored when Sidney Powell called me and asked me to serve as lead counsel for her in defending the frivolous defamation lawsuit filed against her by Dominion. I quickly accepted. Get ready to rumble, Dominion. You made a mistake suing Sidney. You are going to pay a heavy price. Sidney and I will not be intimidated. We will not go quietly in the night. Hey Dominion, I will see you and your employees and officers soon as truth is pursued and established. I will see you across the table where you will be subjected to a thorough and sifting cross-examination under oath. I know how to deal with legal bullies like you. Check my record.

- Lin "

Cyber security expert, blockchain, and the Dark Web. I spend my time there. Buy Silver. White Hat when needed Black hat when you piss me off
The Exploding Autoimmune Epidemic by
Dr Tent.

We are the news now. 🇺🇸 Here for truth. Waiting for Justice. Trump is President. WWG1WGA.

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I have decided that the democrats are the ones that a I'd feel shall be the recipients for covid vaccines of my family. They're the one's that are saying how safe it is. It would really upset me to know one of the representatives family members needed it and didn't receive it do to limited amounts a available. All patriots should do the same.

- I LOVE: God,🇫🇷 🇺🇸 & americans (especialy since Trump), Freedom - I HATE: censorship & lies, so MSM & NWO 🇪🇺

#GodWON Trump=KingCyrus 5D Forgiveness Natural Healer Indepndent Minstr, Reiki Mstr. LMT. Poet. Writer. Light Being. I LOVE ALL! :> :)

🤓😲😱🙏"In preparation for the 2020 Election Trump had imprinted all official ballots with watermarks and chips and verified of such to a couple of Supreme Court judges. He also signed an Executive Order saying that if there was any foreign interference with the 2020 Election it would be declared null and void."

Depending on how many people see this, I may share the link to the page I got this from. I want this to be seen by enogh people to help those who doubt. This page has the entire new Declaration of Independence, etc. on it. This is not for doubters.



Student of the Force of Absolute Divine Love.

WWG1WGA I am a child of GOD and only god for I-AM 9

#WWG1WGA #thegreatawakening # maga #thestoreisuponus #nothingcanstopwhatiscoming #Godwins

The more you know....

House and Senate changes needed:
1. Federal minimum wage.
2. No cost of living increases.
3. Required to live in section 8 housing.
4. Public schooling for their children.
5. No bills allowed to increase their salaries.
6. Required to enroll in Obamacare for their medical, dental and vision insurance.
7. Volunteer to help with local communities in cleaning up the neighborhood they live in.
8. No security details to protect them or their family.
9. Receive federal perdem rates when traveling to the capital for their duties.
Then U know they're there 4 WE THE PEOPLE.

Food for thought...02
For we were being trained to the way they wanted us to understand and know how the world is to be. We have all been shown through the last 18 months of how our Democrats and Republicans truly work for their own benefit and personal capital gains. They show how easy it is to manipulate the systems in place to provide the citizens of the United States. This year’s Coronavirus is nothing more than the common code. It was said back in early 2019 that the upcoming 2020 would be the year of the worst then we have seen in the past. Everything is all about Covid-19.

Food for thought….01
When growing up the world seem to be a wonderful and great place to be. You'd go to school learn what they wanted you to know. You'd go home do your homework assignments that they wanted you to complete. Then most people join the military to defend and protect the freedoms that we are all given in our nation. Just to be let down by the corruption that is always been taking place without our knowledge. .

Fruit for thought...When growing up the world seem to be wonderful. I'd go to school learn what they felt need to know. Go home do my homework as assigned. Then I went into the military believing I was ensuring our nation's freedom. Then now our House of representatives have failed to up hold their duties the ran to get elected to be our voices, only to show us that their job as representatives is not about us but about them. They receive better pay and benefits than those of us who ensured them their positions to protect our Rights and Freedom. Now thoses of that are LEGAL CITIZENS are no

#WWG1WGA #JesusSaves #Truth #SaveTheChildren | Chemist, Retired Elberton, GA

#WWG1WGA #JesusSaves #Truth #SaveTheChildren | Chemist, Retired Elberton, GA

#WWG1WGA #JesusSaves #Truth #SaveTheChildren | Chemist, Retired Elberton, GA

😆😆😆45th President Donald J Trump will appear for an interview tonight at 9pm ET on Fox News "Hannity."

First Foreign Crisis
Talks of the UN having meeting? what does this mean for us here in the United States?

please read very important to all of us that support Trump

What has happened to our country? When are we going to see something? Why can't Trump make it happen now¿