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We Were Repeatedly Warned Of March 4 Violence. Troops Were Met With Silence And Mild Weather

Swampies 2020 1st Annual Swampie Awards

Here's a little throwback for ya...

Must watch

@RedPillPharmacy 💊

So when the FF happens ANTIFA dressed up as Trump supporters can gain access properly

BREAKING: Leaked Insider Tape Reveals@Salesforce Plan to Deplatform ‘Broader Range’ of Customers Who Have ‘The Potential to Incite Politically Motivated Violence’

Salesforce Inexplicably Severs Ties with Project Veritas!



Project Veritas has received tape of top leadership at the CRM giant Salesforce detailing their plans around a politically motivated deplatforming of some of their customers.

Dropping tomorrow AM

‼️Trump never gives a handshake to the traitors and evil people! Trump is never afraid to show out his disrespect to the evil people! Trump is fearless because he knows his team power. Trump is fearless because he knows these Demoncrats are in deep trap! Don't you think so? Don't you feel so?
Please watch and enjoy these fun moments from Trump! ❤️

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‼️Reminder of Q! With symbolism they wanted to take us down, but symbolism will be their downfall! That's the promise from Q as we know!
We know that on this channel there are many members who are aware of Q, but there are also who aren't. So we welcome all those aware to help with information about Q in comments or even better in our discussion room here:@TRUMP_UNCENSORED_NEWS_DISCUSSION


‼️These are True Trump Patriots!

On this channel we all are True Trump Patriots!❤️


The original statue unbelievable this was also a time of Baal 🔸The Child Eater of Bern
(Bern, Switzerland)

A nearly 500 year old sculpture depicts a man eating a sack of babies, and no one is sure why. I can guess child sacrifice and rituals oh and adrenachrome 😓
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Should this “person” be making medical decisions around children? 👹👹👹💩💩☠️☠️

Wow no words...@disclosurehub

BIDEN: "I wake up every morning, look at Jill, and say 'where the hell are we?'"
Do you think Joe knows where he is?
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TRUMP: "Who knows? I may even decide to beat them for a third time, okay?"

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President Trump calls into Fox News after Tiger Woods injured in car crash: “It's just tragic, tragic. — It's pretty bad on the legs, I understand."

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