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Joyce Chandler

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🔴LISTEN: General Flynn just compared Dr. Fauci to Dr. Zell, a high ranking Nazi scientist 👀


ΜΟΛΩΝΛΑΒΕ Collectively we will expose them all and bring light to every corner of the universe Former Seal Ombudsman

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Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

M J Truth

I’m passing out these Golden tickets to everyone. If you are here, you are witnessing the greatest movie on earth that will ever be played.

This movie was directed by God.
The unveiling begins with AZ....
Then +++
PRAY for our brave men and women in uniform.

D-DAY 77 (G=7th letter of alphabet = G-7)
D-Day = Special Operation LAUNCH
G-7 Summit 2021 = Water Theme
+ BlackHat CENTRAL

G7-7G (mirror) G-7 = 77 = GG
UK = U21 K11 21+11= 32 = 322
= Skull Bones 322 BlackHat CENTRAL

June 11-13 = G-7 (mirror 322)
All operators in same central local

Watch the Water = W32 T20 W23 = WTW 322/223 Reads same frontward & backward (mirror)

Watch the Water = REFLECTION = Think MIRROR

build back better/blood brain barrier
= bbb = 666 (Scull & Bones 322)
G-7 = Cornwall UK - Is the corn (on the COB CLNTN/OBMA/BDN) RIPE for harvesting?

Watch the G-7 Summit + + + so many 7’s

May 5 = 5/5 = 5:5 = Eyes ON = Clock Activated
3:09 = Q309 = Justice (JUSTICE!)

Trained to Kill, Born to Save! Riding Shotgun with The Don while we smoke out the rats!

In response Robert Wakefield to his Publication

Love God, my country, our military and FREEDOM which isn't free.

In response Joyce Chandler to her Publication

NO, YOU and your cronies are our greatest threat!

There's much more😡😡