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Jared was a bad hombre. The only question is, did Trump find out first from Ivanka or the NSA. It makes the world of a difference.

Anyone want to take a crack at this one? Think dark to light. Blackhat FF vs Whitehat FF.

Sums it up right here. The only thing off in this video is the IF.

😱I came to check in because you all need to see what they are putting in these masks.😱

Those hand gestures look awfully familiar.


No need to guess, Assange told you. 98%. That means both Republicans and Democrats. The one's you like, the one's you dislike. Justice plays no favorites.

When Congress was real.

Many believe it all started with JFK. It started long before with Tesla.

Whitehats control the media that's why you keep hearing the story about Matt Gaetz. It's all playing out. Stop with the DS is still in control. Do you think Trump sat on his ass for the last 4 years. WAKE UP.

You never liked Gaetz or Desantis. You loved their replacements.






We're waiting on a the new batter. Who's afraid of the hyena?


Think NASA, CIA, and DISNEY. All connected.

If you can crack the secret hidden deep in the rainbow, then you know how deep the lies really were. Think big. Satan tried defiling the rainbow for this very reason. Unfortunately Hillary wasn't able to shatter the glass ceiling. We win because we won. Enjoy the show.#NCSWIC

Go ahead and try and tell me your ears and brain don't register MJ.