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Kushner is long gone.

In response TheGreat Awoken to his Publication

What's your SN there?

In response Pubius Publicola to his Publication

No he really ran and was switched out afterwards.

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He's meeting with foreign leaders right now. The alliance. That's not him at Maralago. It's a double.

In response Pubius Publicola to his Publication

The real one on the right ran and was replaced. By the book, there's a wide spectrum of powers. 1st because of 2018 executive order also because corporation in DC dissolved.

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It's play Congress until new elections.

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Aaron Vaughn tik tok golden tickets. Hrc domino arrest. Future proves past.

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Who knows. More optics. Maybe confused. It won't be officially announced until the movie ends. Corporation DC is gone. Those stimulus checks were from Trump appropriated many months ago.

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RR Gaetz Masonic handshake. 98% of DC will fall.

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No, but he's got a golf double.

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The real Gaetz was a pos. The actor replacement is just an actor playing Gaetz. You haven't seen the real one in awhile.

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At one point it was.

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Sounds about right.😂 Couple that with Trump who's also playing his role for optics and you have a fun house with many mirrors.

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Oh you didn't know? All of Gaetz weight was instantly transferred to Desantis.😂

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I'd fall. Not because of gravity but because my body density was greater than the air surrounding it.😎

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Seen in heaven. Lol. No they are on earth. They never died.

I remember when I posted that one I laughed. I crack me up sometimes.😂

I remember when I posted that one I laughed. I crack me up sometimes.😂

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They're gone Pike. We're running ahead of schedule.

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The movie ends well. With 98% of all DC corruption gone. Rejoice. There are no favorites. The storm shall play out the way justice requires.

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Right behind you.😂

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Mind bending.

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You are right. Most of these Senators have top clearance too.

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Q is sadistic? Joking right? I'd love to hear this one.

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The general isn't on Telegram.

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Two words: Long gone.

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True but that could be an act. Trump knows how to play the game. He has played most of Dc for the last 4 years. Matt is innocent until proven guilty. Let's hope it stays that way.

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Oh we definitely do. I'm simply looking for the 2% survivors at this point.