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"Behold, The Days come, saith The Lord" Amos 9-13. #Jesus Lord is Salvation, God is My Strength and Power, He Makes My Way Perfect

Save all those innocent ones Patriots, God will do all the sifting, just reach, pull em in, and keep going.

Doing my part in helping restore freedom to America while kicking evil in the ass. Guided by God the Father, Jesus Christ & my ancestors!

When a religion controls you through fear, you know that satan has captured that religion.

God teaches us not to fear.

So the religion is in direct conflict with God.

🙏🏻Christ Following 👑Daughter of the King 🎨 Artist 🇺🇸Trump Supporter 🐸 Creek walker👩🏻‍🦳 Gramma 🌎Global Earther 😘#saveourchildren

I sure could use prayer right from other brothers and sisters in Christ right now. Thank you.

Even when you are old, I will take care of you, even when you have gray hair, I will carry you. I made you and I will support you; I will carry you and rescue you.
Isaiah 46:4

During the slow, quiet times when it seems like nothing is happening, that's when the doubt can creep in. Our minds can make us question what we know in our gut...what we feel is right and truthful.

When this happens, remember why you are here, why you started, who you are fighting for...remember your purpose and the fire inside of you to see this through until the end!

We are in it together, and we win ♥️

"Behold, The Days come, saith The Lord" Amos 9-13. #Jesus Lord is Salvation, God is My Strength and Power, He Makes My Way Perfect

Been out of town the last few weeks helping out a few family members. So I haven’t been as active online and pretty much haven’t talked about anything political or truth/conspiracy related since I left. But in the process, I was reminded of something important. Sometimes, we can have the greatest impact just by reaching out a helping hand to someone in need. Speaking personally, there have been times where I was so focused on figuring out a way to “redpill” someone that I forgot to check if they were doing ok or whether they were feeling overwhelmed by life. I guarantee there’s at least one person in everyone’s life right now who needs help but isn’t quite able to verbalize it. Helping out that person could be as simple as picking up a couple of groceries for them, helping out with yard work, or driving them to a doctor appointment. It seems simple, but you’d be surprised how a small gesture like that can bring a ray of light into someone’s life

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.2/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

Relationship Rule#1

Never go to sleep mad.

#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.2/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

Good Morning Patriots.
When you are ready, nothing will stop you.

Nothing is random.
Everything has meaning.

Us all meeting here - not random.
thanks for all you do! ♥️

I trust only the ones I love. I'm a verbal assassin, a #SaveOurChildren sniper. I spread God, Truth and Love. I'M NOT HERE FOR FOLLOWERS..

I need to ask you all to please pray for my dear friend Jess. I just got off the phone with her, yesterday she was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Thank You in advance.