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Mom, Nana, Wife, and Patriot

US Army Veteran and 100% Pro Trump. The Inability to think is our worst vulnerability

The 9/11 Memorial "Tear Drop" sit's directly across from NYC, in Bayonne New Jersey, just the other side of the Statue of Liberty, yet we hear nothing about it. gifted to the people of the United States by the people of Russia in 2006
The breaking in the cracked facade forms the shape of the two towers. The giant suspended tear drop signifies the tears of the entire world that day.
Maybe it's something that needs to be known, starting today

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Turns out the US Strategic Command tweet is a cryptogram.
;;l;gmlxzssaw = Q ACQUITTED

The best is yet to come 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!! WWG1WGA !!

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interesting that Joe M references the parting of the Red Sea in one of his lasts posts !

Conspiracy is not just a theory when you have the facts! I've been gathering evidence for over 45 yrs. Built my first computer from scratch.

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Here in his own words.

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Here we go

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Underground Facility, Suez Canal...?

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This is a historical document, because it changes the meaning of history. What you are seeing is the document with which President Trump closes the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA corporation and declares to the American people of the debts and obligations, which correspond / corresponded to that corporation. Confirming what had been said, Donald Trump signed the liberation of the American people on May 2, 2020.


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watch the water. Its going to be Biblical🔥

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Ask not what humanity can do for you!
Ask what you can do for humanity!

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"Men have forgotten this truth," said the fox. "But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tame

Frens, lets sumarize our crumbs:

1) ship contains possible kidnapped kiddos
2) ship blocked oil and goods traffic into EU=>
BLACK SWAN market event
3) ship sitting on hull on shallow water, weight 220.000 ton of cargo, tall as Empire State Building, each high and low tide risked breach ship hull. They must unloaded cargo by MILITARY Chinooks, since no that high crane!
4) ship in 2019 was damaged in German port, crash into small 25 metre wessel=> possible insurance scamm as 9/11/2001
5) bellow ship leads multiple optic internet cables=>possible 10 days of Darkness
6) US NAVY on one side, Russian on other.
7) those 11 was build in Japan, owned by family HIGAKI, ordered another 20
8) Ewergreen also build super rich class yacht=> Wayfare scamm

I am awake and at one with God. WWG1WGA Good Prevails I also have a merch store link in the description and my own MEDIA LABEL

What a predicament deepstate is#Fooked


Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

Another article

Speaking of Hunter Biden, **of course** his gun was found near a school HE TRADES THEM FOR CRACK AND DEALERS ARE ALWAYS AROUND SCHOOLS. What do we expect?

Hunter Biden’s Gun Was Found in a Dumpster Near a School. Secret Service Tried to Cover It Up.

Hunter Biden’s Gun Was Found in a Dumpster Near a School. Secret Service Tried to Cover It Up. - The National Pulse
Secret Service agents involved themselves in an incident where Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden lost possession of a firearm despite the former veep not being under…

Going down the only road I've ever known....

Protestant, Constitutional Patriot, Digital Warrior, Conspiracy Realist, Registered Nurse, Kicked off of Twitter, Q discoverer 🍿

Im terribly sorry if u dont like my harsh honesty. But I dont like your sugar coated bullshit either!✝️ArmyWife:Mom:Mamma:FreeSpirit♒:45

Boulder Shooting Confirmed False Flag, Crisis Actor With Airpods Appears on Every Channel

Obvious Crisis Actor Wearing Custom Mask Delivers Scripted Lines Fed to Him Over Airpods During Interview on Boulder Shooting — Same Witness Appears on Every News Channel (VIDEO)

>entered store to buy “chips & soda” only

>wearing air pods during interview to get lines fed to him

>knows cardinal directions of all entry and exit points of store, normally you would not know this by heart

>instructed to move towards back of store away from exits

>instructed to hide near loading dock behind store rather than to get to safety

CBS Video:

CNN Video:

I love God, my Country and my Corps, try to mess with any of them and we are going to have a problem. I like to dig Q and dig deep.

What in the world is going on with all the TFR's? (Temp Flight Restrictions)

I have an idea of what this could be but I will just post a few pics and let you have your own thoughts. Nothing to see here folks, move along.... Wouldn't want to be a bad guy right now....

The land of the free, fighting for my father through jesus christ, my country and our president Donald j Trump WWG1WGA WORLDWIDE 🕊

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Unbelievable! Wow JUST WAAAOOOWW!!!

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Interesting coincidence that the Colorado shooting took place in a supermarket with the same name as the opening (armed gunman) scene in the Sylvester Stallone movie Cobra which is about an unknown organization named “The New World” that believe in killing the weak leaving only the strongest and smartest to rule the world. Cobretti (Sly) theorizes there is an entire association of killers and not just a single lone gunman (no one realizes at the time that the supermarket crisis is only one of a string of recent and seemingly unrelated acts of violence perpetrated by the same group to help manufacture their NWO agenda). The release date of Cobra was also on the 23rd, what are the odds?


#MAGA, Retired Navy and Patriot. The oath never expires as long as I'm alive.

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