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What is the False Light? 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻


False Light Deception (What is the False Light?) - YouTube

The false light is a bleak and unsettling concept, but it's important to understand what it is and how it shows up in our reality in its many forms. In this ...

Jacob Israel & Michael DellaRocca discuss THE EVENT. What is happening now and what to expect the next few months. Please share this link on all platforms#TheGreatAwakening#Rapture#Apocalypse

Brooklyn born/US ARMY raised, Roman Catholic/Christian-American of Italian descent (Sicilian) love freedom, Donald Trump, children & America


Archangel Michael 2022 - Lightworkers "HOLD THE LINE..." - YouTube

A wonderful reminder from our Brother of Light as to how powerful and IMPORTANT we all are! Lightworkers LETS GO!Custom animations built in house using handb...

Did you know that plastic can be broken down into fuel, it takes about 8 pounds of plastic waste to produce a gallon of gasoline.

If you didn't know already, the plastic recycling industry is severely under-performing. Only 9 percent of plastic waste ever produced has been recycled. Leaving 91 percent of all plastic ever produced still out there polluting the world.

Plastic can definitely be recycled back into the gasoline, however the whole reason why they do not do this is because oil is a renewable resource and dirt cheap to produce, and the other reason is because if they recycled all the plastic into gas, it would mean gas prices would have to come down drastically, which greedy corporations do not want. https://t.me/awakenedspecies/3659

One of the pics from the Balenciaga child photos has Balenciaga tape spelled "BAALenciaga"

What is also super interesting to me is how they have a kid next to BAAL tape. Baal was the ancient Canaanite god, to whom children were sacrificed, usually the first-born child of the sacrificer, who would be incinerated alive.

This conclusively proves that this all goes higher then just the photographer. If the photographer slipped a CP court document in a shoot that's one thing, but a Balenciaga factory had to print this tape exactly stating BAALenciage.

In case any of you think this was edited, you can still find the original on Google images first page right now.

Wake the heck up everybody up! The world is ruled by satanic force.

Much love,



My Twitter account was suspended. I don't understand English. I can speak Japanese only. BUt I want to know The world. I enjoy outsider✨💖✨



Incoming energies r STRONG w/ significant heart activations.

Some may experience a purge of the heart to make room for these new codes: Grief, resentment, shame.

Accept what comes up without judgment so it can process & release.

Physically, you may experience anxiety or what feels like heart palpitations/butterflies.

Breathe to regulate.

And be gentle and kind to yourself right now. That's the best medicine for the heart 🙏✨

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📸 : Spaceweather


Take only what resonates 💫


... small tics or vibration and electrical impulses (felt like palpitations) in different parts of the body; buzzing, fluttering, noises or static energy in the ears, see auras of light or circles of light of different colors. You can also feel your hands and feet as electrocuted, as well as shivers or itching skin only in some parts of the body. Mentally they may be struggling with short-term memory, difficulty concentrating, forgetting words or exchanging the order of them when speaking, plus they may feel like they are in two "places" at once. 🦋🔥

In the next few days a coronal hole will be directly in front of the Earth and that will cause an increase in the speed of the Solar Wind so we will be under active geomagnetic conditions and subsequently
continued in comments.......


Dear family, raise your hand who are already starting to feel the effects of the increase in the KP index? For those who are new to this page, the KP index is a system used to measure the activity of the Aurora Boreal caused by the disruption of the Earth's magnetic field as a result of an increased electromagnetic energy input coming from the Sun. Although the instruments of measurement only register active geomagnetic conditions (Kp4), for now we have even reached Kp6.

On a physical level, they may be feeling very restless or as if something external is putting pressure on them (more electrons cling to our magnetic field and cause a disturbance similar to what the Earth's magnetic field experiences), major activity on the Crown Chakra (tinging and/or pressure on the center of the head), sensations on the scalp, itching or burning on the face (lips are more sensitive) ...

( Alicia ...👇👇👇)


Take only what resonates 💫

Poder Chamánico | Eliminar Bloqueos Subconscientes | Sanar y Restaurar Confianza | 852 Hz - YouTube

✨ Música chamánica, poder de eliminar bloqueos subconscientes, sanar y restaurar confianza.✨ La madre naturaleza nos brinda la conexión de la sanación mente,...

DNA is an antenna.

Elon Musk's Bedside Gun Tweet Upsets The Anti-Gun Karens - YouTube

Elon Musk Bedside Table Gunshttps://bit.ly/2CHLudtElon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, shared a picture of his "bedside table" on Monday that showed two guns.Does ...

Repeat: I release ALL energy that is Not MINE"

🔥 Cosmic weather report 🔥

There is something going on in the field that slowly built up 17 hours ago. In the meantime, approaches from KP6 could be felt.

⚡️ Headache to partly migraine
⚡️ Pain neck/back of the head
⚡️ Upper back tension
⚡️ Tingling forehead
⚡️ Diffuse vision (eyes)
⚡️ Nausea
⚡️ Big unrest
⚡️ Muscle burn/joints will increase in the next 2 days

⛔️ The technology shows many disorders/ for example the battery of the cell phone charges slower ⛔️

Please note that children are also affected.

Animals continue to behave very conspicuously.

⚡️ The number of earthquakes will continue to increase and increase in intensity ⚡️

💫 Don't let people get close to you who want to draw your energy.. we have more aggressions in the environment that are supposed to be projected on us.. Unfortunately, some have no awareness. 💫

Via Bianca Heinen spirituelles Coaching


Take only what resonates 💫

I know no one will probably ever read this but I need prayers in the worst way. God knows the need so if youre reading this, please please pray for me and my family.

Root Chakra Balancing, Inner Safety & Security | Light Language Healing Transmission - YouTube

᭚ a light language activation to assist you in balancing your root chakra and enhancing your own sense of inner safety & security ᭚✧ to support the channel |...

You are now at this tipping point in consciousness and transformation on the planet that is deeply uncomfortable for many. So, being a guardian of your own light is going to be very important in these years to come. It is very important that no matter how much you are helping, no matter how much you are assisting, no matter how much you are the crisis first-responder to others who are in physical or emotional need, it is vital when you are a galvanized light worker, that you are able to play in the light. Whether playing in the light to you means making sure that you put your body into a body of water every day or multiple times a week, because that is what lights you back up; whether that playing in the light is literally jumping around the house playing, singing. Whatever it takes to keep your light galvanized will be very important in the years to come.

- From Create Your Future: Elevating the 2020-2030 Timeline MP3


The End of suffering starts from within you✨


You Don’t Have To Die To Rest In Peace ( The End of Suffering ) - YouTube

You Don’t Have to die to rest in peace Thank You for Watching!For More Daily Content Follow my Socialsmake sure you like and subscribe and turn that bell on!...

It is proven that water is consciousness, can retain memory & be imbued with intention — you are mostly water, then how powerful is your DNA?

DNA is Deoxyribonucleic Acid. Deoxy-Deus in Latin = GOD. Ribo or Rabbi = Master. Nucleic means Center. Acid is Alchemical Fire. DNA means GOD, Teacher & Master — the Internal Fire at the Center of my Being. Our DNA is the GOD molecule — the blueprint of the Divine Human Being. It is the teacher & it speaks to its “MESSENGERS'' to carry out its work. mRNA is “messenger” RNA & its job is to carry out the duties of the DNA GOD molecule. When our body heals, it is our DNA giving messages to the mRNA to self heal.

Now we can start to understand what all the fuss is about with human mRNA. Who is trying to hack human DNA right now? What are their motives? Are you going to program your DNA or allow others to program it for you? Hint: those that want to program other people’s DNA usually do not have their best interest for them. ✨🧬👁🧬✨