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British lady exposes Satanic Ritual Abuse at Windsor, England

I was FlyAnon on Twitter and Gab... Supports Trump, Transparency, Q, Rule of Law and Disclosure of Crime in Government.

I was FlyAnon on Twitter and Gab... Supports Trump, Transparency, Q, Rule of Law and Disclosure of Crime in Government.

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Dumbs under DIA? Why did that project have those weird delays?

I Am The Last Surviving Prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials - YouTube

A Documentary Short by Ashton Gleckman The Story of Benjamin Ferencz, the last living prosecutor of the Nuremberg trials. Just in his twenties - after landin...

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WOW.... that's incredible.... the chief prosecutor of the largest murder trial in human history, this little man... lives to be 100...!! He is super sharp at 100.... blown away by this little man!!!😱😱😱🤩🙏

Wait until you have seen it and then check this out.
No Time To Die

It's one person's review. I actually thought of posting it earlier since it seems very relevant.


Basically he thinks the new Bond movie is infested with the religion of Lucifer. But the whole thing seems very topical.

Video sent to me...Antifa secret handshake discovered

Video reveals true identity of long time McCartney impersonator
Just need his name and a biometric analysis to confirm

Paul McCartney's Imposter - YouTube

My complete video of the first public appearance Billy the imposter made with The Beatles

"This isn't a 4 year election."

It's a 4 year OPERATION in which all the asshats get exposed fumbling with their now fucked up timetable. And THE WORLD IS WATCHING.

Trump took a DIVE! DIVE! DIVE! "It had to be this way" for people to SEE.

He turned INTO them before they could arm their shit.

"No one can be TOLD what communism is. They have to SEE IT for themselves."

We simply need to endure 'till the end.

That doesn't mean sit idly by, by the way.

Meanwhile in Sweden

DEATH VAX: Data Analyst Proves Covid-19 Deaths Increased Dramatically AFTER The Vaccine Roll-Out In Over 40 Countries

Trust the Science would rather trust the Maths

The United States government is quietly cooperating with a 38-nation international organization to train the U.S. population for the "appropriate" human interaction with artificial intelligence in a plan that will ultimately connect people's bodies together in "networks," tracking and monitoring them via an internet connection.

The abstract for this patent application says this technology is applicable to all currently available Covid vaccines, and describes a situation in which injected persons are wirelessly connected with apps and servers.

Not so fast. Looks like a "KNEW" narritive is being brought in.
The former secretary of State’s death has led some to ask why they should bother getting vaccinated when there is still a chance they could get severely ill or die.

Health experts say it’s important to note that no vaccine is 100% effective. In addition, Powell was elderly, a known risk for severe Covid, and suffered from multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that studies show can make the shots less effective.

So never mind that he had both demanded shots, it was his age and a blood cancer that killed him. I liked that "no vaccine is 100%" tid-bit. Come on. So now there are people asking if the shot was worth it due to people of a certain age seeing Powell as a rockstar like persona. Now they have to add in a bunch of "extra" facts to hide that truth that these shots are crappos.

Seeker of Truth | Dark-to-Light | WWG1WGA

Decade Delta.

Bill Gates Car prevented from entering Downing Street by protesters shouting "Arrest Bill Gates" - YouTube

SUBSCRIBE Our Network for USA&CHINA and Worldwide NEWS Gates is due to attend a dinner tonight a...