Hammurabi (Eye for an Eye)
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Hammurabi (Eye for an Eye)

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Today is the 21st night of September of the 21st year of the 21st century.

1 down, [9] to go - DJT 9/17/21

First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening. First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction. They will fight but you are ready. Marker [9]. - Q 12/17/19

9/17/21 - 12/17/19 THINK MIRROR (9/9)!!

The dots are being connected...
Past Predicts Future - Future Proves Past

DS 2/5/20 = Behind the scenes...
Pic = Trump, Flag, In God We Trust.

Q 2/5/20 = Sometimes the Past can find the Future... Pic = Trump, Flag, In God We Trust.

DS (DJT) = 9/17/21 Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken...
Pic = Trump, Flag, In God We Trust.

Welcome to the other side of the CIRCLE.

11/3 was the real insurrection

Remember what the door mouse said...

Q-Lab (E-6) Lancing MI

“an additional courthouse for The Military Trials”

(That’s a lot of Military Trials)

12:51 PM = 13:51 MT = Q1351 = Sealed Indictments

(Time to pull the Sword from the Stone)

I rewatched JFK with Kevin Costner and it promoted me to look into the Clay Shaw (Bertrand) *template/mirror/reflection of Jeff Epstein ... they were both 3 letter agency funded/handled playboys employed to get blackmail on influential members of society by documenting their deviant sexual activity and using it to force involvement in black ops etc. the similarities in appearance/behavior are uncanny.

Does Rogen know what time it is? He’s been instrumental in turning on many to the truth.

Notice the length of the video (1:07 = 17 = Q = No Accident).

Also connecting the dots between video length and release time of vid makes a pretty interesting info-graphic triad (no coincidences).

A triangle has 3 sides. Autumn/September colors are typically RED.

Note when we just sent the go orders and when this tweet went live. Coincidence? Pray.
The Great Awakening.

*JR is too aware of Q being associated with the number 17 for this to be accidental. He has firewalls in place looking out for just this kind of association. Which means this is blatant, beyond the point of no return, on the ultimate VERGE.

The month of August is traditionally very HOT.

2012 = 2012

*Patriot in need of housing in SW MI ⤵️

Random (but important) inquiry: Does anyone know of a modest rental home/apt/cottage/etc in Southwest Michigan? Please DM with any information. Thank you & please repost :)

Wait until you find out how amazing it feels NOT
to have 10,000 years of intentional calcification accumulated around what makes you human blocking your entire experience of reality.

There’s a reason it’s so hard to escape from the Matrix. Keep leaving doors open behind you, keep leaving breadcrumbs for others, our experience of the Great Awakening intensifies with every new Anon, a United Free thinking public is their greatest fear, Sheep no more, WWWG1WGA+NCSWIC=TGA.

True Meaning of WWG1WGA as it relates to the movie White Squall, Q-Team, DJT, Anons and the Great Awakening.

Q mentions White Squall repeatedly and says of it “some things leave lasting impressions” insinuating it was a birthplace of the Great Awakening & beginning of the Storm. White Squall = severe weather on the high seas - WTW.

It’s a message for us to reunite, stand together, sew unity & march shoulder to shoulder at a time (foreseen by Q & happening NOW) when global media would try and create division among us which is [their] only lifeline. A united freethinking public is [their] greatest fear.

WWG1WGA = Where We Go One We Go All,
no one stands alone, come together, especially when it’s hardest to do so. We started this journey together, took many routes getting to here & NOW and it’s time to reunite for the last battle. We win this war by destroying division and only when we do so can Nothing Stop What Is Coming. The
Great Awakening intensifies with every new Anon

All drops come to pass.

Watch the Water (literally).

The word QUEUE is just a Q followed by 4 silent letters (vowels).

Judge rules Twitter can be sued for failing to take down child pornography.

Class action lawsuits are effective.

Crimes against children unit all humanity.

@ jack

Trust in Gov at all time low.

We are being shown a vision of what ‘might have been’ and once everyone’s (besides 4-6% lost forever) properly tuned in to the truth of reality society will recalibrate as power gets redeployed to the people. What we think about we bring about. Nothing can stop what is coming.

We are being spoken to in code.

Do you miss me yet?

Now THAT is a Domino.

All we need is for Podesta to be indicted to know another HUGE step toward the Great Awakening has taken place. HUGE ⤵️

11.3 = Podesta indicted
11.3 = 1st Marker + Proof Begins
Now a target is over Podesta for being “front & center” of voter fraud investigations (Kablamo). Could this be the indictment we’ve all been waiting for (11.3 = Proof to begin)?

PS Soros targeted - article also mentions Soros

When evidence of election rigging comes out in a court of law (and it will) Podesta being indicted would be a magnificent way to reanimate Q-TEAM & bring much deserved vindication to ANONS. NCSWIC.

Your body is a temple, violating it with the
push for mandatory vaccinations is a holy war.

The Pope being sent an envelope in the mail containing 3 bullets reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes story called The Five Orange Pips. It’s full of suspicious “suicides” surrounding an evil & secret cabal connected to the KKK (founded by Democrats) who sent an envelope in the mail containing orange pip-seeds as an ominous warning of impending doom.

Could there be a bullet each for Rome (spiritual), DC (military) & London (financial) symbolizing the downfall of each or is it just another strange coincidence? And what do we say about coincidences... How many coincidences before mathematically impossible?

Past Predicts Future - Future Proves Past

New CVD Variations = Pi π = Infinite (never ending)

CVD variants soon could outnumber the 24 letters of the Greek alphabet...

Even after 31 trillion digits Pi is still no closer to end or repetition...

(Pi is the real doomsday clock)

Watch the Water - Age of Aquarius - Platonic Year

5th dimensional chess level: ACHIEVED.