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Schumann tapping right along.

Thinking out loud.
Tomorrow = 1.23
Q123 = ‘Nothing is random’ day.
23 =

In response Vincent Kennedy to his Publication

A 17% drop in Friday’s price of gold = $311 (mirror = 113)
Also, that would bring the price of gold back to what it was around 1.23.2020 (123).

Wait, what?

What happens to an economy, that’s holding on by a thread, when truckers can no longer deliver their goods?

DoD tweeted, “Prepare for liftoff.”

Just a coincidence, but it made me smile…
Mr & Mrs Trump have been married for 204 months (17 years) today.
Q204 = “We are winning bigly.”

Maybe [they] are thinking, ‘If we can’t get them to take the jab, maybe we can get them to stick a q-tip up their nose.’

Grassley tweet timestamp = 9:11
Numbers 242 = Be here tomorrow. The story unfolds.

Nothing to see here…just a 9:11 timestamp from Grassley.

Seems Rochelle wants to be sure everyone knows she’s wearing two masks 🤦‍♂️

Ben and his buddies know a thing or two about ‘extinguishing democracy.’

Pot, meet Kettle.

This made me smile 🍿

Some people actually believe these tests are ‘free.’

Ivanka has a pinned tweeted dated 1.19.21
Timestamp = 6:47
Drop 647 = [D]ay [Of] [D]ays

Dan’s FB post reminded me of drop#1027.
POTUS will be up all night.
Watch the news tomorrow.”

Elon is on fire to night.

True Story…

Noticed that 1.19 lines up with 11.11 on the Qclock.

In response Cowboy w2b to his Publication

Hmm…there was a fake Batman related alert today.
And#568 dated Jan 19, 2018 includes:
“Fake incoming missile ALERT [Defcon 1].”

He actually said it.

Missouri State Police’s ‘ACCIDENTAL’ emergency alert references Gotham City and Joker Goon Cars.

“Joker Goon Cars were custom cars driven by the Joker Goons. The cars were 1978 Dodge 3700 GT sedans that were painted in the Joker's trademark colors; purple and green.”

In response Vincent Kennedy to his Publication

I’m easily distracted by numbers, especially when length of you video = 1:19 and the mirror = 911
Also of note, Wednesday = 1.19
On Jan 19, 2018 Q said “Remember THIS DAY.”
1.19 = National Popcorn Day.

Probably NOT a coincidence…

U.S. Army tweet includes 17 BOOMs.
Timestamp = 12:03 = 123
#123 = Nothing is random.

Together we win.

Is Dan’s tweet pointing to this video. Note that Agent Coulson says - "Remember, there are more of us than there are of them" at the :47 mark.

I like Dan’s attitude🤠

How can this not be an awesome day!

Happy ‘Q’ Day.
Scavino with a 7:11 timestamp on 1.17
“Think mirror”

In response Vincent Kennedy to his Publication

Note that B.o.B - Bombs Away Ft. Morgan Freeman was written in 2012. Interesting that 2012 is the same year Trump trademarked “Make America Great Again.”

Seems “The Plan” has been in the works longer than most realize.