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(...)"Whom ever is navigating these storms and waters with us, we are aboard, and on deck, because alas~ WWG1WGA" ~R

Electronic Audiovisual Artist (Dj - Producer - Audiovisual - Photography) 432 Hz

Conservative metalhead. Christian. So much more to say but it would just be bragging!

Teachers promoting LGBTQ and sexual deviance in any form should be considered statutory rape.


SEND them all to GITMO circumvents ALL trestle board fako courts.

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I had no idea..
"This man was born in 1809.
In 1816, at age 7, he was forced to work because his family was expelled.
In 1818, he lost his mother.
In 1828, he lost his sister.
In 1831, he opened his first business and went bankrupt.
In 1832, he stood in the legislative elections and lost.
In 1833, he borrowed money to open another business and went bankrupt again.
In 1835, he met a wonderful woman. He falls in love with her, they get engaged, and she dies.
In 1836, he entered a dark period of his life: deep depression.
He remains bedridden for 6 consecutive months. But he gets up.
He gets up and in that same year of 1836 he runs in the legislative elections and loses again.
In 1840 he presented himself as an elector; he loses.
In 1842, he met the woman he would end his life with.
They fall in love, get engaged, get married and she gives him 4 children and they lose 3 (three).
In 1843, he appeared at the congresses and lost.
In 1845, he appeared again at the congresse

Happy Independence Day, Patriots! 🦅🇺🇸

👇 Thought this was such great news:

have not had either
a first
or third dose
of the Covid-19 vaccine."


#FamilyIsEverything. APL = 9.333/10 *Not an authorized preacher.

Hiya Patriots.

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God loving MAGA man. Peace Please spread the truth anyway any where you can God bless

Got a welfare check call of a 92 yr old woman, who sometimes walks up and down the road and doesn’t know where she is.Neighbors call and said, she forgets a lot of things. So they let her warm up in their home. We go by and check, she has 2 sons who just forget about her. No food in the fridge. Only eating a bag of Cheerios, place hasn’t been cleaned recently. All she wanted to know is why her sons don’t bring her food or check on her. She said she just need a couple sandwiches or something to least not be hungry. Sowe left and got her some groceries for her home. Big rotisserie chicken, some sandwich items to last a week or 2, some chunky soups, bunch of chips and meat, some waters. Knocked on her door and she was all smiles and in disbelief someone actually cared enough about her to even help. Sometimes just showing someone they aren’t alone can change their lives. Like I said from day one, “changing lives one smile at a time”These guys are God's angels for sure.

#SaveOurChildren #Keyboardwarrior #JFKJRLIVES #TrustThePlan #WWG1WGA #Q #WeAreWatchingAMovie #TrumpWonInALandslide

Watch the body bags leaving the White house

Red Pilled for 30+ years.🐸 Exposing Govt Corruption, Fraud & the NWO. Truth Seeker✨ USAF Veteran✈️ #WWG1WGA🌎 #GodWins🕊️ #SaveAmerica 🇺🇸


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In response Angels Here -Z to her Publication




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Russian soldiers - Donbass does not forget about four-legged friends:
Even the abandoned dogs 🐕 and cats need and get love 💘 and support . Thank you brave super Heros for saving mankind and the world.

It's always good news when you're closer to the truth

You awake, and thinking for yourself, is their greatest fear.

In response Vincent Kennedy⍟ to his Publication

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Trump is my President We are in a war of God vs Evil #savethechildren WWG1WGA Hold the Line Justice is Coming. Texas Strong

Nice cover of Peace Train with Cat Stevens he saw it a long long time ago

"Peace Train" featuring Yusuf / Cat Stevens | Playing For Change | Song Around The World - YouTube

“Peace Train” – Yusuf / Cat Stevens’ timeless anthem of hope and unity – was originally released on the classic album 'Teaser and the Firecat' in 1971 and wa...

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Old but good

In response Vincent Kennedy⍟ to his Publication

Dropping this here as it underscores the low intelligence of "some" humans😉☺️

Just a guy, trying to connect the dots.

Joe is truely worthless.