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Goddess Sovereign Free

THEY are terrified

💥4-12-21 Newsweek
QAnon Followers Excited by Mike Pompeo ‘Checkmate’ Photo: ‘If Mike Pompeo’s latest tweet isn’t comms then I don’t know what is,’ wrote the Telegram account Pepe Lives Matter

💥4-17-21 Newsweek
Lin Wood’s QAnon Gesture Sends Audience Wild

💥4-17-21 Vanity Fair
Jim Caviezel decries Adrenochroming Children as if that’s a thing, COVID-deniers, QAnon lunatics

💥4-20-21 COMPLEX
Star of Mel Gibson’s ‘Passion of the Christ’ Pushes Unhinged QAnon Conspiracy at Conservative Conference… QAnon-associated conspiracy theory of adrenochrome-inspired baby harvesting… In addition to being absolutely ridiculous, this conspiracy theory—touched on in Q docuseries on HBO—has roots in the hateful anti-Semitic messaging of centuries ago.


💥I pray MILLIONS show up when SOUND OF FREEDOM opens
& scares to death the devil's
msm-pedowood-adrenochroming-demons-from-hell 😼

Melania Trump 🌸 4-9-21
& I
extend our deepest condolences”

Juan O Savin 🔥 April ‘21
“Alright, alright, I didn’t win my April 1st bet.
Trump isn’t “recognized” as President… yet
‘President’ Trump,
I like saying ‘President’
he likes hearing it too, President Trump does,
cuz he IS our President.
He’s an ELECTED President, OUR representative
& we are so blessed that he is. Praise God.
He’s a great President & they’re a wonderful family.
We still have a long fight ahead of us.
President Trump & the people around him are fighting globalistas.
People have to put on armor & have the ability to defend.
That’s a choice. Heaven is a choice.
This is a Spiritual war.
The children of Adam (good) vs the descendants of Cain (evil)
Prayer is the one thing these evil people can’t defeat.
They cannot stop it.
They cannot stop God.”

Thank you Tim Ballard, Alejandro Monteverde,
Jim Caviezel & Mira Sorvino for making SOUND OF FREEDOM
🙏You are bringing the TRUTH
about MILLIONS of our enslaved
& adrenochromed children to the world.

Juan O Savin 🔥 3-24-21
“In the deposition Lin Wood presented the other day
what does the guy say?
That the way that they gained power
through government agencies
& corporate entities
adopted, born to themselves or others
that they could control
to get higher office
positions of authority
& control over the American people & out into the world
SOUND OF FREEDOM is an opening salvo
a beginning point
to what’s been going on
right under their noses
in plain sight
out across America & the world
It’s a battle cry for us to regain control of our country.”

Holy Smokes!! 🔥

💥BIG TIME MSM pushback on Jim Caviezel,
SOUND OF FREEDOM, “Covid-deniers” & “QAnon lunatics”

BTW there is NO SUCH THING as “QAnon”
There is Q & there are Anons. Hello!

💥Enclose a sneering, jeering, condescending Vanity Fair article
on Jim Caviezel’s appearance & livestream
@ Health & Freedom conference
(see my post below)
“as if that’s a thing.” 💥

THEY are terrified

People awake are what they FEAR THE MOST.

Want you to know Jim & SOUND OF FREEDOM crew
the White Hat Alliance has got your back
🐸💚 an Army of Frogs is standing behind you
we have on the Full Armor of God 🔥

God bless & thank you 🙏

18 minute Caviezel film clip


Jim Caviezel 🔥 livestream to 500k people

SOUND OF FREEDOM was presented
@ The Health & Freedom Conference in Tulsa

Caviezel plays real life hero Tim Ballard
founder of Operation Underground Railroad
that strives to end to child slavery.

“Tim is down there saving children as we speak.
They’re pulling kids out of the darkest recesses of hell
in D.U.M.B.S & all kinds of places.
The adrenochroming of children.
Look we need your prayers”

Q: What is ‘adrenochrome?’

“You have adrenaline in your body
& when you’re scared you produce adrenaline
If you’re an athlete in the 4th quarter
you have adrenaline that comes out of you
If a child knows he’s going to die
his body will secrete adrenaline
& they have a lot of terms that they use
It’s the worst horror I’ve ever seen
the screaming alone
even if I never ever saw it
it’s beyond
& these people that do it
there’ll be no mercy for them

This is one of the best films I’ve ever done in my life” 🙏

Juan O Savin 🔥 4-3-21

“P-8’s are running off the Florida coast heavy & hard
the waters around there are pretty hard to hide in.
The nice thing about Florida is
it’s a defensible peninsula
& there are those Poseidon aircraft.
There's a very interesting aspect to what they’re doing
from a protective stance.
The whole country is in an interesting stance
Because we’ve got 2 Aircraft Carrier task forces off the East Coast
& 3 off the West coast.
A very very very unusual situation.
A task force is normally about 100 ships.
The East & West Coast are really a picket line of Navy vessels
out there doing... whatever
making sure everybody out there knows
we haven’t got our guard dropped
while whatever’s happening internally in America
in the political spectrum of America —
we don’t look vulnerable
cuz we aren’t.
Whatever’s happening
we aren’t dropping our guard
we’re not backing off
& anybody thinks they’re gonna take advantage of that
you know
think again.”

For those who wish to pray for our brave Military
but can't find the words
Nana found them 🙏💞🇺🇸🦅🌹🌸🌷

Richard Citizen Journalist 💦💧🌊
9:52 p.m. from tidal basin, D.C. 4-13-21
“Tide is high, guys.
Look at this.
Water’s rising guys, right now.
Tree’s in the water here.
Bench in the water here.
Buch of sirens, I hear them in the distance.
I’m going to stay here & keep watch.
Water over the railing
that’s on the wharf side.”

Gene Decode 🦆🕊️🐦
"I hope they flood D.C.
& turn it into a bird sanctuary."

If they’re flooding D.C. D.U.M.B.s
which is what we assume but do not KNOW
we hope this means:

ALL trafficked children & women have been rescued
ALL adrenochrome stores blown up
& ALL gold, documents, Art seized
& they’re being flooded to expel
ANY DARK BEINGS remaining in the tunnels.

It’s important we appreciate
what Special Forces & K9’s do 💞

They burn out the kuru disease that kills them
that attaches to the walls.
Kuru comes from cannibalism
because the cabal not only torture
& sacrifice children
& drink their blood
they eat their organs
& wear their skins as red shoes.

Special Forces also must evade lasers that can evaporate them.

On 3-17 Gene Decode reported that
200 Special forces died in a D.U.M.B. trap
which is why the flag was at half-mast at Mar-a-Lago.

K9’s perform many duties from sniffing out children,
body parts, bombs, blood, weapons, gold, etc.

The Military risk their lives 24/7
God’s unceasing blessings on each 🙏🇺🇸🐾

Richard Citizen Journalist 🔥 D.C. @ 11:27 a.m. 4-13-21
“At the capital. There’s all this water.
3” of water right there. Don’t know where it’s coming from.
You got troops, a film crew, cops
who got no idea where this water is coming from.”

Juan O Savin 🔥 1-10-21
“We’re gonna flood D.C. & wash it out.
We’re gonna divert the Potomac.
We’re gonna watch where the water comes out
of those slimy holes.
I don’t care if they’re 200 miles away.
And then after we’ve flushed it clean about 3 times
cuz we’re not taking any chances with any of our guys
THEN we’re going in
& we’re going door to door & we’re gonna clean that place out.
And we’re not gonna occupy it again
just gonna leave it fenced up
as a spectacle to the world
of the INSANITY of these groups
that have tried to manipulate us.
And we’re going back to right thinking.
Godly thinking.
Sound thinking.
Not these monsters that have taken over our country
& our way of life.”

Gene Decode 🔥 3-13-21

“Tesla developed anti-gravitics in the 1890’s
& they used it in a TR-3B to go to Mars in 1903 & 1947.
We’re using fossil fuel
solar energy
windmills that freeze up
& all this ridiculous stuff.
We didn’t have to rape our planet
You don’t have to have strip-mining & running wires
Tesla spoke against that back in the 1890’s.
He thought it was a travesty to rig power lines all over Earth.
Imagine the beauty of this world
if we had allowed people like Tesla to give us his technology.
We can go faster than the speed-of-light.
Way faster.
The cabal travel 100-light-years in 1/2 an hour.
We’re flying in an aluminum can with explosive fuel.
Driving cars using an internal combustion we had in the 1800’s.
Imagine if we’d worked together
the Human Race would be out there with our Galactic Family.
I want to see all this [cabal world] come down.
That’s why I keep going
is for all this to come down
& get these technologies & healing to people.”

DQL Telegram 🔥 4-12-21

"Cabal in full panic mode.
💥 REMEMBER everything [they] do
has been forecasted & prepared for.

[RE BLM marches]
Now the question is,
will National Guard be sent to most major cities,
or will RED4 be activated
& troops from
Fort Drum, Camp Pendleton & Quantico Marine Base
be deployed to central locations
under the guise of civilian riot control?" 🇺🇸🦅


DQL Telegram 🔥 4-11-21
"Every current member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was appointed by Trump during his time in office.

If the Bidan Administration was truly in power, these members would no longer hold their positions, and would’ve been removed, since every one of them is a Trump loyalist.

I wonder why none of them have been replaced?" 🇺🇸

Juan O Savin 🔥 4-1-21
As I & others have contended since January 20th
over & over & over & over again
we've seen anomalies in the 'Bidan presidency'
that confirm
that at the very highest levels in the Military branches
& in the Military overall,
it has not conveyed that it has
handed over the keys to Bidan
as president or Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military
in any way."


Gene Decode 🔥 3-11-21

“Jeff Bezos before pandemic was worth $113 BILLION—now $189 BILLION.
+$76 BILLION increase.

Bill Gates before pandemic $98 BILLION—now $114 BILLION
+$16 BILLION increase.

Mark Zuckerberg before $55 BILLION—now $97 BILLION
+$42 BILLION increase.

Warren Buffet [world’s 6th richest man, Berkshire Hathaway CEO] before pandemic $68 BILLION—now $80 BILLION
+$12 BILLION increase.

Larry Ellison [Oracle software] before $59 BILLION—now $71 BILLION.
+$12 BILLION increase.
[3-12-21 $91.8 BILLION net worth, Forbes]

Steve Ballmer [Microsoft] $53 BILLION before—$71 BILLION now
+$18 BILLION increase.

Elon Musk before $25 BILLION before pandemic—now $68 BILLION.
+$43 BILLION increase.

Somebody’s making a LOT of money during this pandemic
where most people are
losing jobs, losing income, losing stuff
What’s going on?” 💥

Juan O Savin 🔥 4-2-21

“These people captured your Government by a fraudulent vote,
put players in place & the congress & courts are co-conspirators.
It was a Militarized Cyber Attack
a Biological attack
an Economic attack
an Information-warfare attack.
We are in a war scenario right now
& have been.
So expecting responses
to be instantaneous is bullshit.
If we don’t win this
nothing else is going to matter.
We have Militarized projections
putting out in the public right now
that America 2025 has 100 million people.
That means for every 3.5 people here now
2.5 are gone in 4 years.
Are they expecting us to have a Civil War?
Further attacks on us chemically or biologically?
Expecting an invasion of some sort?
We have 5 Aircraft Carrier Task Forces
positioned off our coasts.
People are making hard decisions right now
to protect people
& you’ve got a bunch of naysayers
‘Oh they should have told me this or that?’

Godspeed U.S. Military 🙏 Thank you

Hmmmm 😻 Are Mr Pool and MelQ🐸 trying to tell us something!?!?! 😹🌞🌻🌹🌟🌼

So beautifully & perfectly put 🙏😻💚🐸🌈🔥



Juan O Savin 🔥 3-25-21

“One of the guys that’s done some of the best work
on the whole vaccine thing
& he really should get a lot of attention
🌟 is Robert Kennedy
He’s done a fantastic job of explaining
what’s going on here in the country with this vaccine
& in the world & the risks to people
with this vaccine & other vaccines for years.
Even within the family he’s been ostracized
cuz he doesn’t speak politically correct on this subject
& it’s embarrassing to the brand
& people have other agendas.
Well I’m sorry,
sometimes you can’t pick your family members
& that’s the way it is.
If you’re just going to do the wrong thing
or allow it to be pushed & it’s got people’s lives at stake
children’s lives at stake
their future at stake
& then you don’t say anything when you know there’s a problem?
Then you’re the bad guy.
So being counted is very important here.”


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. 🇺🇸 Hero. 🙏💞🔥

#902 at 2018-03-10 00:25:15 (UTC+1)
Where there was once darkness, there is now LIGHT.
Sea to shining sea.

Patriots in control 🔥
🔥Always were.

God bless. Godspeed brave SEALs 🙏💞🇺🇸🐾🐾

For those who may be impatient, all is well. This is a war & dates cannot be relied on but I believe that shortly much will be revealed &/or acted upon so that all will see 🙏🌹🇺🇸🦅

Juan O Savin 🔥 3-25-21
“Behind the scenes there’s actually a tug of war. Who’s in charge? Who’s on first? The Military, in certain areas, has already made its decision. We are going to see, you can call it Valkyrie, 7 Days in May, half a dozen other names, but at a certain point to protect America, they will have to act.”

Gene Decode 🔥 3-26-21
“I’m aware there’s some Flag Officer situations in the Military, to various doubts about leadership and decisions. They’re just working out the details, they have all the information now, they’re ready to roll. Special Forces are sitting in their copters, their Ospreys and Black Helicopters with their rotors turning. Give em the word, they’re ready to move.”


#4739 at 2020-09-20 19:29:37 (UTC+1)

…You are the Mighty One,
the One Who will ultimately
bring all evil to light.
With You, Jesus,
we are safe.
Amen. 🙏💞🌸🌹🌷🇺🇸🦅


I cannot confirm whether or not this report is TRUTH: That the "Ever Given has been boarded by U.S. Navy SEALs & they have opened several cargo containers with live & dead inside."

However imo it is LIKELY—if—this is how the Q-Team, White Hat Alliance have decided to start disclosing the disgusting horrific child & human trafficking trade via cargo containers 🙏💔👼

@ GuidoFawkes1976 is on Twatter 🔥

There was a HUGE light spike going into today, April 1st. I felt it. Couldn't sleep a wink all night. This is THE month.

The tide has turned, the war is won, disclosure of ALLLLLL that's been happening on BOTH sides is coming shortly. It's going to be AMAZING. Buckle up!! 😹💞🇺🇸🌟🦅


Sidney Kraken Powell's on it!!

What? Did you think she wasn't going full steam ahead to prove the '20 election was stolen and help "officially" restore President Trump to office as the duly elected Commander in Chief with 80% of the legal vote!?!! 😹🇺🇸🦅

Here's my prediction: April is going to be the most glorious month of our lives and on into forever!! VICTORY TO THE LIGHT!!! 🌟

This or even better dear, Lord🙏🔥💞🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

Posted on HighD & Wildbirds Telegram Channel 🇺🇸

Everyone is entitled to their opinion,
but at this point in the War with Evil
if you can't Trust The Plan
if you can't Hold The Line
if you need to post only negativity
then you've forgotten about
all the brave soldiers across the planet
all the courageous men, women and K9's
that are risking life & limb 24/7
to go into D.U.M.B.S
that will assuredly kill them with lasers, kuru, or worse
to rescue tortured children
in horrific disgusting states
that no living God created being
should ever see or be in.
Soldiers who 24/7 fight satan & his diabolic cabal army
for the Forever Freedom
of Humanity, Earth, Galaxy & Solar System 🙏

I never forget & neither does President Trump or the Genius Q-Team, Military Intelligence, U.S. Military, Global Militaries and the entire White Hat Alliance 🇺🇸🦅

At this point you're either a Patriot or you never were 💥
xo, Kat


Pepe Deluxe 🐸 Telegram
💥 2-page-summary 💥 3-30-21 💥

Whiplash347 🔥 just posted this # 1 GIF from Mr. Pool
& he wondered “Surely this Mr Pool drop means
POTUS will be back by April 1st.” ⁉️

Juan O Savin 🔥 3-26-21
His bets are that by April 1st the fools will no longer be in power.
“As these next moments kick in
We are going to support those
[the Military]
who’ve had to make very hard decisions.
We’re going to get some breaths,
come out of this near-death experience
realize what almost just happened
& go after BOTH sides where people were involved in this.
It’s not just a Democrat thing
Republicans were just as involved.

Gene Decode 🔥 3-17-21
I see the Flag Officers coming to a resolution
& deciding to make a move & do it.
I do see things coming down soon.
Then Med Beds in controlled locations,
we’ve already seen NESARA,
Trump did to go to D.C.
he did go to Switzerland.
It’s coming down
& it’s coming down quick.”

Patriots in control. Always have been 🇺🇸🦅

Juan O Savin 3-8-21 🔥 BardsFM

“Ghislaine Maxwell,
Jeffrey Epstein
The Justice Department
giving Jeffrey Epstein a slap on the hand,
Because he’s working for the Intelligence Agencies.
Who’s managing these people?
CIA, M16, Mossad & other Intelligence agencies
all with the secret handshake.
What were they doing?
Those people that were being compromised
when they went to Epstein island
& filmed & photographed
Yeah, professors,
people running these University systems

💥 Harvard connections to Jeffrey Epstein 💥

Michael Jaco 🔥 "I used to spend a lot of time on Mount Shasta & there’s always craft up there, very very amazing.

"I’ve seen Dragons as well. What are your thoughts on Dragons & the Secret Space Program? Of course we see a lot of negative stuff on Dragons. 🐲🚀

Gene Decode 🔥 "There are good ones too. A lot of negative, Alpha types. The Alphas are the African and Antarctician contingent. But the Gamma Dragons are here to clean up and take out that situation. That’s ongoing and continuing.

"People are going to be AMAZED with where life is.

"The Infinite Creator creates life in a complexity & a diversity & a beauty, I mean a beauty, even for the negative groups. There are now defections in the Primes of the Alphas." 🐲💞

Michael Jaco 🔥 "In our Solar System we have life on all of the planets & inside all of the planets. We have bases on other Solar Systems that we travel to…"




#TheBestIsYetToCome 🙏💕🇺🇸🦅