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Today Giorgia Meloni will become Head of the Italian State. With your leadership, Western Europe will stand up and stop the advance of the globalist poison. LONG LIVE THE EUROPE OF THE PATRIOTS!

Today is step 4 of the global walkout.

The fourth step of the global walkout is to move as many accounts as you can to a union or local bank. Use these new accounts for your savings and transactions. If you run a business, move your business accounts as well and start paying wages from there. If you have debts with larger banks, look into transferring your debt as well. On the global walkout website, navigate to step four where you’ll find more information explaining why this is important, and how it helps us pushback against globalism and financial tyranny. On there is also a printout you should show the bank worker when you open your new accounts. It will be a great way to start conversation with them and your friends and family.


He committed two acts of war against a sitting president. One, the assassination attempt in 2018 and the participation in the election fraud. He will hang for this.

💥💥💥BREAKING BIG: Wisconsin County Takes Control Away from Dominion – Approves Hand Recount of Governor, Lieutenant Governor and U.S. Senator Race in November Election

Crimes Against what?

Get tough and execute drug dealers US President Donald Trump has called for drug traffickers to face the death penalty .....................

Multiple meanings exist.



Today is September 25.
Rosh Hashanah, the head of the year, celebrating the Birthday of the Universe.

The Feast of Trumpets. What are these two trumpets and what do they mean? Jesus fulfilled the first three festivals at His first coming. Then, the New Testament teaching we are in a long time of summer, awaiting fulfillment of the fall festivals, after which we start with Rosh Hashanah.
Jewish tradition says that today starts the 10 DAYS of AWE, ending in Yom Kippur, the most solemn day of the year when after a window of repentance, the judgment books will be sealed.
There is no specific reason God gave to blow the trumpets! Could this be Paul’s Rapture MYSTERY ?

[Forwarded from Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page]

When Germany publicly [COLLAPSE]s this RIPPLE EFFECT is going to trigger MASS PANIC through the EU and FRANCE is expected of an Early military Coup to remove Macron/// as CANADA White Hats also plan on removing Trudeau by February 2023 or even sooner..... The BLACK SWAN_ EVENT(S) has taken flight as VATICAN recalls all assets. RUSSIA/ NATO . US Nuclear escalation hits. CHNIA CIVIL UNREST and arrest of their President happened and continues.. Into Taiwan EVENT. Iran EVENT. COMING NORTH KOREA Watch the Water EVENT . 💥 💥 ... The U.S. civil unrest builds as Large portions of Civil unrest leads to distrust of the FBI. Department of Justice and BIDEN regimen...

There is so much happening. Friends. Patriots. ANONS FREEDOM FIGHTERS ...

>be sure to {re}stock up on food goods and resources .... And when you can please find the time to help those less fortunate in need..... We are all connected

Blackrock filing for bankruptcy fulfills Trump order EO 13818...crimes against humanity, you lose your property. That's a bankruptcy folks. Await the Event!

Our Gold Star Families are a vital part of our nation’s military community and we are dedicated to honoring their sacrifice. On the last Sunday of September, our nation observes Gold Star Mother’s and Family’s Day, honoring surviving mothers and families of fallen service members.

many many dog comms today by L Lin Wood ...............................>>>


This is nuts!!!!!!🤯

👊 W h e r e w e g o o n e, w e g o a l l


47 - wow!

Rekjavik Iceland OTTAWA 👀👀👀

17 min mark - raid on westwing across from parliament building in ottawa, canada


Texas: Police busted a sex trafficking ring in a Plano a home that was being used as a short-term rental property. And many from Plano are asking city leaders to start enforcing certain zoning laws to prevent this from happening.

The Dallas Police Department ( said it first received information about the ring in July, which led the detectives to a home located in the 2900 block of Las Palmas Lane in Plano. The investigation led to special investigations detectives executing a search warrant on Sept. 22 with assistance from the Plano Police Department (

Police determined during the operation the home was a short-term rental being utilized for a sex trafficking ring, and detectives arrested Brandy Cliff, 41, for aggravated promotion of prostitution, and Madison Hatcher, 22, on a warrant for assault out of Hays County.



The Trial for the Crimes Against Humanity has begun.

The experimental spike protein jab rollout is in violation of all 10 Sections of the Nuremberg Code.

The penalty for Violation of the Nuremberg Code is death.

💥🐸🇺🇸 SHARE!!!!

It’s coming….🔥🔥🔥



We see that 888 is the Jewish value for “Holy Double Eight” which is the holy couple (Jesus and Mary) The Twin Flames who is Q…..(along with the Saints that returned to defeat Satan…..

Question : What does Q post#1296 reference ?


See scripture 👉 Luke 17:10

Yes … 17…..Q


The Solar Flash will bring in the Age Of Aquarius and a Currency Reset which has multiple meanings ….

1. We Are electrical beings and our blueprint will be RESET as well as The financial Reset which will be backed by Gold and humanity will be RESET to a Level Playing Field…

Iceland 🇮🇸 - Day by Day much air traffic - loads of Tribunals are running 7/24

Once there and already back flies the 10+03 of the air force to Keflavikurflugvöllur.

The Hercules is also taking off.

Keflavikurflugvöllur Is GITMO (MILITARY PRISON ) on
Iceland 🇮🇸


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