True Meaning of WWG1WGA as it relates to the movie White Squall, Q-Team, DJT, Anons and the Great Awakening.

Q mentions White Squall repeatedly and says of it “some things leave lasting impressions” insinuating it was a birthplace of the Great Awakening & beginning of the Storm. White Squall = severe weather on the high seas - WTW.

It’s a message for us to reunite, stand together, sew unity & march shoulder to shoulder at a time (foreseen by Q & happening NOW) when global media would try and create division among us which is [their] only lifeline. A united freethinking public is [their] greatest fear.

WWG1WGA = Where We Go One We Go All,
no one stands alone, come together, especially when it’s hardest to do so. We started this journey together, took many routes getting to here & NOW and it’s time to reunite for the last battle. We win this war by destroying division and only when we do so can Nothing Stop What Is Coming. The
Great Awakening intensifies with every new Anon

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I am my word! Truthful, Big hearted, and full of unconditional LOVE! WOOHOO Thank you GOD!

Some things leave lasting "IMPRESSIONS,"
code for
hold on!
never ending impressions coming our way..
its show time

I still believe in the goodness and generosity of the American people. I love my country and will always STAND for GOD, Family and Freedom.

AMEN! Let's Do This :)

I am my word! Truthful, Big hearted, and full of unconditional LOVE! WOOHOO Thank you GOD!

HUmmm What about the info in Trumps time travel series. WWG1WGA is mentioned.

#WWG1WGA,#Maga #StopHumanTrafficking #pizzagate#PedoIsland #PedoGate #StopChildTrafficking

Amen! WWG1WGA!

It only matters to me, but the movie White Squall began with me, Chuck Gieg and my brother. And so many years later, became the key for my awakening. WG1WGA.

Daughter of a Purple Heart Marine who fought in the Korean War. My love for God Family & Country - my mantra. Great time to be alive.

NCSWIC. We must remain united. We will get through this, together.

Here for Trump and keeping up with the Anons🇺🇸🙏 Proud❤ WIFE❤, Mom and Grandma 🚫NO DM'S🚫

When I said WWG1WGA, to my 88 year old Dad, He knew it, he said it is a military thing. I was a little shocked.

The Corpus Hermeticum: Book 2
Trismegistus to Asclepius

17: That other name is that of the father, by virtue of Him being the author of all things; for the father's nature is to create. Therefore the raising of children is held in the greatest esteem in life and most blessed by right thinking people; and the greatest misfortune and impiety is when someone departs from mankind without children, for he suffers punishment after death from the divine powers. This is the retribution: that the soul without children is condemned to a body that is neither male nor female, and is cursed by the sun. Therefore, Asclepius, do not congratulate anyone without children but rather take pity on his misfortune, knowing what punishment awaits him. Let this much be spoken as a foretaste to the understanding of the nature of the ALL.

I still believe in the goodness and generosity of the American people. I love my country and will always STAND for GOD, Family and Freedom.

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I sure pray that is not true because my brother's wife died young of Ovarian Cancer and he was so in love with her, he probably will never marry or have children.

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#FamilyIsEverything MAGA Proud Navy Dad x2

#WWG1WGA,#Maga #StopHumanTrafficking #pizzagate#PedoIsland #PedoGate #StopChildTrafficking

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My heart aches for all who pass , and even those who were as evil as Tom Hank's. But I know he is now where he should be.
God is in control!

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Digital Warrior, Citizen Journalist, Wise Woman, Seasoned Writer, Anon Extraordinaire' and a wife and mother who is all in for Trump!

I will continue bringing the GOOD NEWS to everyone weekly and continue highlighting the winning facts!

No matter what you may see or hear of read...KNOW THIS...We Are WINNING Patriots!

ElijahReturns/SaveTheChildren + All Secrets Exposed/Luke8:17 + FallOfTheWicked F/L+Rains+Together+REVIVAL + BiblicalTransferOfWealth + Amen!

#wwg1wga = = = > < >

The peoples champ, captain America 🥳

I was FlyAnon on Twitter and Gab... Supports Trump, Transparency, Q, Rule of Law and Disclosure of Crime in Government.

It’s Shifted/At the PRECIPICE💥⚠️WWG1WGA the way to the finish line🏁 👉In The Right Lane for GOD & Country🙌🏻JESUS/TRUMP/AWAKE PATRIOT/STC

white squall! Qlues from the past!


Teile deine Videos mit Freunden, Verwandten oder der ganzen Welt

#FamilyIsEverything MAGA Proud Navy Dad x2

The Clash

Communism is a dystopia. Capitalism is a utopia. Also learning to be multilingual :)

Watch the Water

Trained to Kill, Born to Save! Riding Shotgun with The Don while we smoke out the rats!


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Still 1000% Patriot & loyalist to Trump(((+)))Team, grateful for their insight, sacrifices, &willingness to return our nation to the people,

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please - we fight for this planet - none in this eco system are promoted or expemt. WWG1WGA

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Moving at Z Speed of Thought. The truth has only one master. All Timelines converged. I pledge to you all that I AM.

R knows.