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Where is Vincent Kennedy?

What ever happened to Vincent Kennedy??

What ever happened to Vincent Kennedy??

NEED HELP PLEASE..............
In a back and forth with our childs Principal over the vaccination issue... Ive read 20 different things stating the dangers of vaccinating children.. Including the WHO saying as much. But damned if I can find them now... Does anyone have a list of links to kids getting sick, dying or ill from the vac?? To include any reports from medical experts that warn against it please!!!
Help me out here before these asshole try to set policy for next year!!

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What if..... FISA brings down the house actually means..
State of
brings down the house??

Do any of you seriously think anyone cares the world is laughing at us? Does anyone give a shit about the border? Does anyone even realize the shitty policies fakepotus is declaring about vaccines? taxes? ANYTHING? Nope they dont. The same people who were sound asleep are still asleep and NOTHING going on is waking them up like promised........... kinda getting sick of it all!! Not giving a shot about expotus who spends all his time golfing or hanging out at weddings at marylargo......... in fact........ he's lost a shit tom of support while this 'plan' plays out. Plan taking wayyyyyyyy to long!!! No one give a sweet shit anymore. Shoulda struck while the iron was red hot!!



"At least SIXTEEN active DUMBs located in the London area that are used for child trafficking, live organ harvesting, and Adrenochrome. This lady ain’t taking any crap, and neither should we!"

*******LANGUAGE WARNING*******

WRONG!! I believe it is abundently clear the world will swallow exactly what you hand them!! Think lockdowns. Think no weddings/funerals/Christmas etc... Think blocking your airway with a fucking piece of cloth....some doing it IN THEIR OWN HOUSES~
You are wrong here Q...... The world WILL swallow it! So drop everything and lets get this shitshow on the road!

Am I the only one having major issues with this site in the past 3 days?
It crawls at a snails pace...
Scrolling makes it hop all over the place..
Hitting refresh or the home button doesnt take you back to the top, or refresh for new posts...
and its taken me literally 3 minutes to type this tiny bit of text.
Are we under attack now like GAB was?
@Administrator ??

Dan the Man posts 3 twats this morning.. 1- Military jet, 2- whale in ocean and 3- football touchdown! Could we have caught the BIG FISH?? The football one shows number 34 repeatedly.... Q 34 is pretty interesting.

Got a problem@Administrator
4 people followed me yesterday and when I clicked on them to follow back it showed they were blocked. I tried to unblock but it wont let me. Is there a glitch in the Matrix?

Trump can literally kiss my fucking ass at this point.............. Yup... drunk posting as we speak... and Im fed up and have been fed the fuck up so.................... good luck getting votes in 2024 Trumpypooo...
NEW: Trump advisor Jason Miller says the former president won't replace Mike Pence on a potential 2024 ticket

"...never once has there been a conversation internally or in a group about doing something different for the VP position for 2024"


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Great Awakening Official

Each day it is necessary that we feed our bodies with food to nourish ourselves. It is also important that we feed the mind and spirit too.

BOMBSHELL: Lin Wood Leaks Whistleblower Transcripts Exposing VP Pence

Download here, PDF

Bark at me if you will.. but this anon post is EXACTLY what Ive been saying! Trump assumes too much if he thinks he will keep 80 million of us hanging on a rope dangling for 4 more years. Why bother to vote in 2022 if elections are so full of fraud? Why bother to vote in 24 even for Trump if as we've all seen.. they can steal it? his speach was full of everything we already know. It was useless to his base if theyve been paying attention. We got nothing new and alot of retread. He isnt going to wake people up any further than this final hurah speach did. Haters will cling to that hate til their dying breath. He is wrong to assume he is gaining momentum. They are just running off numbers that voted 4 fucking months ago. Many have quietly dropped off the train since then. I see it everywhere I go on OUR OWN social media platforms. I dont want this to happen! But people can only hold that line for so long before they move on and get with reality of 4 fucking years of socialist plans!

They arent trying to remove Byedan from having the nuke codes because he is crey crey..... They want the power given to 1 who is actually elected (NP) because they know he isnt really POTUS, and heelsup isnt really VPOTUS. When TSHTF, Nancy can then drop a nukey somewhere for distraction from the arrests and tribunals. They BETTER put her in cuffs 1st~!!

What time tomorrow is Trump going to be speaking?

Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

A memer here to fight for Trump! Banned from Twitter and YT twice each. Took the pledge. WWG1WGA Q 1A/2A PATRIOT Salty Army Savage IFBAP

Finally America will see just how depraved their idols in Pervywood really are and the awakening will begin.


#WWG1WGA #GodWins #TheGreatAwakening #Fooked #TwitterSucks

To everyone claiming there are tunnels full of kids under the Wh that are now buring........ Please 1) Sauce it or 2) use your brains.... do we really think Trump would leave a tunnel full of kids suffering under his house for 4 years only to burn em out when he has left office??

Not only hasnt there been one................ there isnt even a mention of an upcoming one!! (Except for AP saying today but not confirmed)

Please JOIN me Gab:@benjamin1978 DM me so I RECOGNIZE you from twitter,FOLLOW you back and BUILDUP BETTER/STRONGER thén EVER BEFORE!👊😎🇺🇸

💣 CIVIL UNREST - Leaked audio has surfaced of (allegedly) John Sullivan admitting Antifa and BLM involvement in US Capitol Siege


That Texas Mayor blew a golden oportunity to educate his people rather than berate them.. But he isnt entirely wrong. In this day and age, EVERYONE should have backup previsions in their homes. The Gov cannot be and should not be your Daddy. I am sickened at how this is playing out... and I feel horrified at what these people are going thru. and I pray that people all over this country use it as a guide and prepare themselves for any future events. Water/heat/food/medicines. Maybe we can start a#GetPrepped group on here and teach people what they need to have on hand at all times?

Some real shit needs to happen NOW to end all this madness! Like it or not we ARE losing momentum! There is nothing but a handfull of people reposting and repeating the same 25 things over and over on here and on GAB. Take a look at 8kun.. 1 fucking bread ALL NIGHT! ONE! From 1 am til now..... 1 bread on Q research! No rallies to inspire us.. No social media posts from POTUS to engage us! And people in my real life are walking away in droves! Fed up with the 'plan' and simply dont want to hear about it anymore. Time to SHIT OR GET OFF THE POT! We've had enough! DO SOMETHING!!

Barack Obama with his husband and fake daughters

Happy Valentine’s Day to the three who never fail to make me smile. Your dazzling light makes everything brighter.

Patriot, childhood sexual abuse survivor, God Wins!

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Adding to all the 'super bowl' hoopla....
Didnt Q also mention things like 1st and 10 @ the 50? (post 3244)
And a few other football terms about yard lines etc?