sharon pasvant @memyselfi
03 October, 02:13

Vacating McCarthy - My analysis:

I stand with Rep

McCarthy agreed to rules when he was voted in as Speaker that he is not following

Now he gets punished, simple as that

If Gaetz and others don’t hold him accountable, KM will continue to steamroll Republican voters with Uniparty concessions

Yes, I’d prefer to continue investigating the Biden crime family and fight as a unified front against the Democrats, but at a certain point, we have to put our foot down and say “enough is enough”

That time is now

I frankly expect McCarthy to be voted back in as Speaker after an extensive public humiliation exercise, but only after more concessions are made to Gaetz and crew

And that’s what why we should all support Gaetz

Democracy is ugly, messy, and uncertain, but real change can only happen when courageous Patriots take a firm stand

Gaetz and crew are the Patriots taking that stand and returning even more power back to the People

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@MLM Addiction;Truth @SunCrystal369
03 October, 12:56

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jcrew_756 @jcrew_756
03 October, 12:55
Motion to REMOVE Speaker McCarthy at 1:30 PM ET 🎉👏⌛️☄️

Follow Insider Paper for more news - Telegram @ 9:35am Tuesday OCTOBER 3, 2023

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World Peace @World_Peace_Today
03 October, 08:34
What was the secret side deal that SpeakerMcCarthy made with Joe Biden on Ukraine?

Members of the Republican Party might vote differently on a motion to vacate if they heard the answer to that question.

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03 October, 02:16

This is the Only the Beginning;
What Your People Call End Times;
We’re from First Times;
3 Times;
What’s Done is Done;
What Happens in Darkness
Always Comes to Light;
Avalanche Coming Down Slow;
Like a Blizzard in April;
Hearts So Cold; Tracking; Conf; Green
[A]t th[I]s Point We are far[m] Enough
[A]long you can Paint the Picture
[W]ithou[t] Risk of Jeopardizing the Operation.
Why is Coming Missing??
The More you Know.
What just Began Last Week?
Sky Event??
Who is Tracking 11.4??
What Began 11.4?
Spiritual Warfare?
Information Warfare??
Those who Know…
***High Flying Assets***
This is the Only the Begi En Route; Tracking;
Conf Conf;
Bigger Than Anyone Can Imagine;
The Truth Would cause Chaos on a Global Scale;
You Are Watching it Live as it Happens in

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