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State of these two ...

On Valentines Day, Meghan Fox posted this picture of her posing with her boyfriend Machine Gun Kelly.

If we go past the match devil horn signs (so romantic), what is going on with this “painting” in the background? Why do Hollywood people love trashy paintings featuring children in dire situations?

What is happening to children, here 3 years old, raped and tortured with complicity of governments, stars, all sorts of celebrities, big businessmen and international institutions like UN, UN etc.

Crime is global.

The best DEEP Fake I have ever seen


JUST IN - Tokyo requests Beijing to stop taking anal swabs for#COVID19 on Japanese citizens, citing psychological pain (Reuters)

First date 2021 Styley😀


Doge meme shield

Full SNOW Moon at Stonehenge

Well Well Well - Due out of our almost one year UK lockdown

But the new Brazillian Variant is putting it at risk .... & people believe this shite