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Durham Punisher...Pain
Lights On...Dark to Light

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Welcome back our littler "twittering" fren

I remember VK having a 1776 goal

Q follower Arizona #KAG Patriot who loves God and Country #MAGA Trump/JFKJr 2020 #SaveTheChildren Evil Won't Survive in 5D

In response Q2Infinity 5D Earth to her Publication

Q Post 803 Gematria on CAPS - 11177

Its Within Our Power
Satan And His Army Are
All Over Yt Just Start
Using Yt Comments Like
You Use Gematria Satan
Recruited Content
Creators To Get Them
Hooked On The Drip

Rabies Is A Rare Illness
That Is Caused By A
Parasite That Slowy
Destroys Brain Tissue It
Is Not Transfered To
Humans From An Animal
Bite The Vaccines Are
Another Jewish Virus

The British War On
America And Its Christian
Principles For Government
Continued After 1776 With
Subversion And Infiltration
Tactics British Slave Trade Used
On America To Stigmatize

“The Light Shines In The Darkness, And The Dark Has Not Overcome It” - John 1:5 WWG1WGA GodWon MAGA FamilyIsEverything

Derek Johnson Telegram 👀👀

C-17 Globemaster of the UAE in the U.S.

From AbsoluteTruth1776 on TG

Riddle me this:

If [they] control elections and voting is as useless as some suggest - then why did Sweden and Italy just go to the right?

Go. Vote.

From Patrick Bouvier Kennedy on TG

TIME Magazine cover - September 8, 1997…

25 years later (to the day), Queen Lizzie dies…

First Q-post was 1776 days before Queen Lizzie died (10-28-17)…

Start of COVID (3-11-20) to Queen Lizzie dies = 911 days (Corona = Crown)

Phillip dies (4-9-21) 17 months before Queen Lizzie

How many coincidences until it is mathematically impossible?

In response Vincent Kennedy⍟ to his Publication


#WWG1WGA #ONENESS #FamilyIsEverything

After September 24, now it's the point of no return: (unprecedented event to occur in coming days! ➡️ meeting of World leaders in Armageddon ➡️ World War III)

We're in for a rough ride till Judgement Day on November 8...


3 pics

Patriot of Earth. We ARE Freedom. WWG1WGA

A memer here to fight for Trump! Banned from Twitter and YT twice each. Took the pledge. WWG1WGA Q 1A/2A PATRIOT Salty Army Savage IFBAP

Proud Canadian! ❤🇨🇦❤🐸 Migrated here after the 11th Twitter Purge in January 2021! TOP KEK!🐸 "Question Everything, & Use Discernment"

In response Silver Cat to his Publication

The 1776 constitution was hijacked in 1868 with the 14th amendment overriding it.

So even though the ACT of 1871 was in play, The 14th amendment would trump The old constitution.

and then in 1933 FDR a freemason suspended the constitution as it was, and NO President since....has cancelled it!

UNTIL POTUS 45 Possibly ....

But this makes me question Melania 's tweet from 2020......


Nana, Direct Internal connection to God, WWG1WWA, MAGA, Angels are here already #FightLikeFlynn

Please pray with us tonight at 8:09pm central out loud and then help manifest a wonderful future for our children.

Look, Nana doesn't know exactly what we will be up against when, as Juan says, we hit the wall, but he is 'Guessing" that it will be on or before Halloween.
Please be prepared with food, supplies, cash, and gold or silver, what ever degree you can.
This is what God brought us here for and what God has been preparing us for for yrs now.

Hold on to God & each other, and remember, MSM has lied to you about everything your whole life, STOP!, do not start beleiving them again when the shit hits the fan.
Remember your research, use ur heart decernment.
Rely on God!
God is with us! We can not fail!

Give love to John John@wainthepain01 &@dennis1776 for the amazing artwork for Nana's prayer.


President Trump is the BEST President ever. Make the Planet Great Again but America First. Child of God saved by the Blood of Christ.

FOG, Patriot, MAGA : Interests Health, Exercise, Photography, Travel, Ancestral History, Craft Beer &Spirits, & Love Raptors.

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