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Fortune 888

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Patriot and seeker of Truth

We are being spoken to in code.

Does Rogen know what time it is? He’s been instrumental in turning on many to the truth.

Notice the length of the video (1:07 = 17 = Q = No Accident).

Also connecting the dots between video length and release time of vid makes a pretty interesting info-graphic triad (no coincidences).

A triangle has 3 sides. Autumn/September colors are typically RED.

Note when we just sent the go orders and when this tweet went live. Coincidence? Pray.
The Great Awakening.

*JR is too aware of Q being associated with the number 17 for this to be accidental. He has firewalls in place looking out for just this kind of association. Which means this is blatant, beyond the point of no return, on the ultimate VERGE.

Protect 1st & 2nd Amendment, Protect Children, Save America, Let Freedom Ring, United We Stand, We The People

In response TheStormIsUponUs Now to his Publication


Q delta July 31

The World is about to change.

R you ready for the HOT month of August ?
Something BIG will be coming SOON.

Tutorial on how to use the Way Back Machine (internet archive mentioned in drops by Q) to see old twitter posts etc that have since been deleted or were posted by an account that has been suspended or deactivated. There is also a link to the WBM and a video on how to use it in the comments of this post.

1. Copy link
2. Paste into search bar on Way Back Machine
3. Find a date with a colored circle and press
4. Press one of the time stamps prompted
*Sometimes you have to select a different date or time stamp because there was a problem with the original crawl

“Sometimes a Way Back Machine can find many Easter Eggs” - Q
Jesus was redirected on Easter.
Way Back Machine resurrects dead internet posts.
It’s the ultimate Dead Man’s Switch.

True Meaning of WWG1WGA as it relates to the movie White Squall, Q-Team, DJT, Anons and the Great Awakening.

Q mentions White Squall repeatedly and says of it “some things leave lasting impressions” insinuating it was a birthplace of the Great Awakening & beginning of the Storm. White Squall = severe weather on the high seas - WTW.

It’s a message for us to reunite, stand together, sew unity & march shoulder to shoulder at a time (foreseen by Q & happening NOW) when global media would try and create division among us which is [their] only lifeline. A united freethinking public is [their] greatest fear.

WWG1WGA = Where We Go One We Go All,
no one stands alone, come together, especially when it’s hardest to do so. We started this journey together, took many routes getting to here & NOW and it’s time to reunite for the last battle. We win this war by destroying division and only when we do so can Nothing Stop What Is Coming. The
Great Awakening intensifies with every new Anon

Hammurabi posts: Walt Whitman + XVIII Airborne
on July 8 at 6:03 PM
XVIII Airbone Corps posts: Walt Whitman Quote
on July 12 at 8:00 PM (4 days later)

6:03/8:00 = 6 + 3 + 8 = 17 = Q
TGA/The Great Awakening
= An unspeakably perfect Miracle

Past Predicts Future - Future Proves Past. HMCBMI?

Patriot, Conservative, WWG1WGA, Q Follower, Qanon, Constant Alumni of the Twitter Jail Club.

Listen at 8.04 and you will hear the police radio state: Trump and Kennedy on the move. It repeats it 2X. You have to block out the person video taping the scene as she keeps talking. At that point 2 separate limos drive out. JFK Jr. will be appearing when Trump is back in office.

7/14/21 Nancy Drew DC Update- She is really excited about a motorcade for Sleepy. Front Row Seat. - YouTube

Sleepy's schedule said he was supposed to be at the Capital for a lunch and Godless Commie meeting. Either way good video to have just in case it was someth...

Q = Forced Projection = Forced Reaction

DJT = The fraudulent presidential election of 2020 will be from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!

Q = Define Projection = The attribution of one's own ideas, feelings, or attitudes to other people or to objects; especially : the externalization of blame, guilt, or responsibility.

JBDN = The big lie is just that: a big lie.

Because we know how [they] react we know how to force their response. Because we know their playbook we control their behavior. We have been given the MAP. Future proves Past. We have it all. Patriots in control. God Wins. Choice is yours. REVELATIONS. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. NCSWIC!

TEACHER HEALER WRITER GESARA THE GLORY OF GOD SURROUNDS US888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

Just a guy, trying to connect the dots.

Scavino tweeted an original picture of Trump at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

TEACHER HEALER WRITER GESARA THE GLORY OF GOD SURROUNDS US888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888888

The energy we send out returns to us...sometimes very quickly.
Try this. When you go out, make it your intention to silently bless others. When in the grocery store bless the food . When you bless the food you have just raised the consciousness of the food. Then as people purchase the food, there is healing energy from your heart in it. When you see people walking or biking on the sidewalk, bless them also.

Then watch, look, listen. Suddenly the check out clerk is happy and polite with you. When you hear the birds chirping somehow the sweet sounds of nature are soothing. People stop and let you out in traffic. You see that as you shop everything is on sale. When you bless others and nature, etc. What you bless blesses you back.

Red Pilled for 30+ years.🐸 Exposing Govt Corruption, Fraud & the NWO. Truth Seeker✨ USAF Veteran✈️ #WWG1WGA🌎 #GodWins🕊️ #SaveAmerica 🇺🇸


Red Pilled for 30+ years.🐸 Exposing Govt Corruption, Fraud & the NWO. Truth Seeker✨ USAF Veteran✈️ #WWG1WGA🌎 #GodWins🕊️ #SaveAmerica 🇺🇸

A True Patriot!

I love God, family, friends, animals, holistic living, history, numbers, Q, POTUS 45, John Kennedy Jr. "The best is yet to come!"


No Worries Patriots, God Wins and President Trump would never walk away from the children! Be patient...

Seeker... Looking For Truth💞🙏✨🕊🙌

💗🙏🕊️💫Good RISE~ing Beautiful Souls! Sending So Much Love To All Of You Fearless Warriors and Beings Of Light !.💫🕊️.🙏💗

💫Did you know that just one of the many DS's EVIL plans for us was to infuse their black magic upon us through language and SPELLing?

💫And that they literally cast SPELLS on us through the use of language?

💫And that when we say "good MORNning" to each other each day as we rise, that what we are actually saying is that we are wishing and intending a day full of MOURN~ing and SORROW upon each other?

💫When the TRUTH is, we are given the God given gift of RISING to higher levels of CONSCIOUSNESS... LIGHT.. and HEALING every single day!!!

💫AND that the POWER to break FREE from their EVIL SPELLS has always been there for us each day... and this POWER has always~ always been ours.... anytime we choose to epand our thinking and RISE!


🍊ChildOfGod⛪Patriot🇺🇸FreedomFighter🗽DigitalSoldier👩‍💻Covfefe is "In the end we win.✝️"God woke you for a reason.侘寂 🌴

It was like 'old home town reunion day' with the Patriots of Chicago today.

I LOVED the responses, the smiles, 'hearts', thumbs up, power fists, and everything in between...
That came up to my humble post.

'Teachers-of-men showed up in force, I must tell you...

Including one CPD that put his hands together in prayer, to send a blessing up to We Patriots, the 1st time that has ever happened.

Words carry power I have found-
And, today, the power of Good....
'Won The Day'


Retired 12x Twitter Censored Champion!🏆 A Patriot 🦅🇺🇸 Leader in #5D 🌎☮️ 🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺🎺#NeverSurrender #LoveOverFear #17 🦁❤️👼🤍👼❤️🦁

Forgiveness is an essential part of your ascension!
Forgiveness is a part of your inner work.
When you forgive, you are actually healing yourself, and it’s one of the best ways to practice self-love.
Everyone makes mistakes, and when you start learning about how upside down this world was, all of the dark spirits, entities, and agendas to divide families, friends and loved ones, it will help you put everything in perspective, and it becomes easier to process of why some people hurt you!

Like our American/Humanity’s Hero,#35 JFK quote says, forgive, but never forget who has hurt you, always protect your heart! Forgiveness doesn’t mean you need to be best friends again, it’s done to release the low vibrations stored, and transmute that energy to love!

💫 Isabella Camille 💫🔥Child Qf God 🔥PatriQt🔥 🇺🇸MAGA🇺🇸 💥WWG1WGA 💥 💥 1776 freedom💥 NCSWIC💥 ⚡️digital solider💫 💥17=Q 💥

well, isn't this interesting???

14 years before the TITANIC sank Morgan Robertson wrote a book about a ship named the TITAN that was described as Unsinkable. Both boats struck an iceberg in April and sank in the North Atlantic 400 miles from Newfoundland without enough life boats for all the passengers on board. Both boats were the same size and could go the same speed (almost unthinkable technologically at the time). The ONLY difference was that the TITANIC was going 25 knots when it hit the iceberg not 22.5 like the “fictional” TITAN. Everything else occurred exactly as Robertson wrote 14 years before it happened.

Either the Cabal can’t come up with its own ideas, they get a sick thrill out of using chapters from pop culture, somehow using pre existing Art strengthens the power of their black magic OR they think it might be more plausible if it’s something that’s been already thought of (probably a combination of all these).

Check out similarities between the 2013

The story of Tanzania's President in 4 headlines:

1 - He sent in DNA samples of fruits and a pig for COVID-19 testing, they they came back positive for C-19 (He called BULLSHIT publicly).
2 - [They - Gates] decide to "REIN him in"
4 - Now he's DEAD.

Doesn’t take a “GENIUS” to
figure out what happened here ⤵️

The Masterpiece by Jon McNaughton:

© JonMcNaughton = 17 letters
The Masterpiece - Anagram
= Smite Earth’s Heretic Atheists
Jon McNaughton - Anagram
= Chan Anon Hangout

Dark to light, something big’s about to happen, much of what’s happening is beneath the surface, all will be revealed (DECLAS), SKY EVENT, unveil America’s true enemy, the best is yet to come... He’s occupying the “church” of the royals in London because he’s sitting in Westminster Abbey like he owns the place (and he does, on behalf of the free world).

“Let these coming days be remembered in our history as the time we fought to recapture the republic from those evil actors who for so long have sacrificed the good people of this land for their own personal gain. There is simply no other way than to use the Military.” - Q

How will history remember the
Presidency of Donald J. Trump?

I believe it will be considered his masterpiece.



TV Cameras in courtrooms = American people can watch the SHOW & see DJT Vindicated/Cabal Exposed/Justice realized AND have a front row seat for the GREAT AWAKENING!

There are too many COMS all pointing to COURT CASES being crucial to the Plan for them not to be VERY IMPORTANT.

Sometimes you can’t tell people
The TRUTH - you must SHOW THEM!

Pull back the Curtain - Let the SUN SHINE in
= Transparency for the American people Transparency = QD 27 = Not everything can be disclosed (yet) - Much will be REVEALED

QD28 = Well done Patriot’s...
...Picture being PAINTED!

(Lots of 15’s popping up lately)

01-Nov-2017 1:41:54 AM EDT

Think about it logically.
The only way is the military. Fully controlled.
Save & spread (once 11.3 verifies as 1st marker).
Biggest advanced drop on Pol.

“Wizard’s & Warlock’s will not allow another
Satanic Evil POS control our country.”

God Speed Patriots