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Patriot | Father | Disinformation Researcher | God Bless America

Children in tunnels, don't forget! #Nuremberg2

Adverse Vaccine Reactions!

Children in tunnels, don't forget! #Nuremberg2

Children in tunnels, don't forget! #Nuremberg2

Vladimir Putin Speech to the World 4/11/21
Confirms all suspicions about the Cabal:

“I know your satanic plans to reduce the population of the planet. If the USA and Europe don’t stop your plans immediately, you will not only face God’s wrath, but mine too.” - Vladimir Putin

Amazing times when the Imperial ruler of Mother Russia is more of a freedom fighter than the “leader of the free world” FALSE POTUS - JBDN.

Welcome to the resistance, welcome to the movement, welcome to THE GREAT AWAKENING!

Proud Patriot, NYPD 113pct (Ret) “FortDespair” God, Country, President Trump 🇺🇸❤️🙏🏼

Maybe watching this would steer folks away from the Jab, on my end Nope, Yet I keep trying... :/

Suspended from Twitter same day as President Trump and very proud of it 😎 Oops something I said? #wwg1wga #maga #thegreatawakening #godwins

Light Worker Patriot! Married! Mother of 3 Beautiful Daughters and 3 Handsome Grandsons!

If they stand behind you protect them. If they stand beside you respect them. If [they] stand against you, show no mercy!

The Japanese say you have three faces. The first face, you show to the world. The second face, you show to your close friends, and your family. The third face, you never show anyone. It is the truest reflection of who you are.


KIWI truthseeker,freedomfighter,,Trump supporter,digital solider in the south pacific ocean WWG1WGA

i have only one thing to say about this vaccine...go stick it in Dr Quack cockwombles willy!

Standing on a Bridge. Speaking Truths. Being God's messenger. Hopefully changing a narrative or two.

Nova University want to keep this quiet?

Not on my watch


Navy Veteran*Mother*Patriot*Enjoy afternoon dates with the birds, flowers and the trees*Healthy living keeps Big Pharma away.

Truth Seeker. Loved Husband. Proud Father. I'm a German but Trump is my President. #FamilyIsEverything #AmericaFirst


The best is yet to come. President Trump is our president. The "SON" will rise again. WWG1WGA

Iron Mike bringing the truth...

I am military I love my guns President Trump my freedom and freedom of speech I am 100 % an American patriot. WWG1WGA

I'm a veterinarian tech,Wife of a Navy vet, ,keeping the vibe high🌈⚡⭐🌈Love the USA & Donald J Trump💜🇺🇸💜 Jesus is my savior

Who tried to destroy America but lost
We will fight these sick ass ppl for as long as it takes

Patriot | Father | Disinformation Researcher | God Bless America

#Biden speech notes for which press to call on with corresponding questions and answers.#TheGreatAwakening#EnjoyTheShow

In response Ghost Ezra to his Publication

Here's my take on why Ghost Ezra & (Q)The Storm Rider said this last night:

"You weren't told to understand the plan. You were told to trust the plan."

Imagine being sent up to the major leagues for a game. No practice, no plan, just a wooden bench in a dugout. The starters are doing battle on the field. In between innings do you ask them to clarify their convoluted game plan? Nope!

Why not? B/c you'd be sent back to the minors. Not b/c you didn't have the right to ask, but b/c you failed to grasp how winning works. Vibes matter. It's the team's collective vibe & compete level that wins tight games.

Well this game is tight & you're in the late innings. The only questions a rookie asks while the game is being played out are internal.

1 - Am I sitting in the right dugout?⚾

2 - Do we have the skill & compete level to win?⚾

3 - Can I be of value to this team over time?⚾

If all three questions are yes, then simply observe, absorb & be thankful you're on this team.

Former military wife. Love my country. God wins! WWG1WGA!! Canada loves Trump!

There's no plan B. There's only plan A. 60 years in the making. You weren't told to understand it. You were told to trust it. Save any scoffing because#NCSWIC.

#USA #1776 #WWG1WGAWorldwide #SaveTheChildren #ForTrumpFlynnKennedy #TheGreatAwakening #TheBestIsYetToCome 🇺🇸🦅✨🌪🌊🙏💞🚀🛸✨

Good morning everybody 🙃
How is it going?

USN(RET), eternally 25yrs old, widower (30yrs together), OathKeeper, The Oath never expires, "Peace Thru Superior Firepower", I follow bac

Not a scientist, nor do I claim to be one. Craft beer lover. American patriot. Anti-communist. Q follower. Spreader of truth. WWG1WGA

In response Vincent Kennedy to his Publication

It should be pretty obvious by now that fake Biden isn't the president.

If it wasn't for the fake news media, everyone would realize this.

They truly ARE the number one enemy of the United states.


Brit with an inquisitive mind from as far back as I can remember. Red-pilled since 9/11 been searching for truth(s) ever since.

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Digital Warrior and Proud Patriot. WWG1WGA. Nothing can stop what's coming. NOTHING. God Bless America.

Joe M. We Are The Plan. 2021*