Tammy Faye @Pndlumswings
22 February, 09:36

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Wlim Elgof @johnny1x
22 February, 12:31 (E)
It's been a while. Haven't been anywhere for quite sometime. I'm in a bit of a quandary. BP is high. Real high since just about Christmas. Been on BP meds for over 10 yrs. Doubled my dose per day for 6 weeks. Gets me close to a safe BP reading. Had blood work done yesterday. My liver counts are high. Leaning towards hep-c , or heavy drinker,, drug use, even heavy smoker. I'm neg for hep-c, haven't had a drink or used for over 30 yrs. Quit smoking 1 week after VK (3yrs+) ago. I do enjoy eating. Approx 2-3000 calories per day. Do not work out, yet have a very physical day to day life. I take typical vit, mineral, and tumeric/cayenne pepper 4-5× per week over last 4-5yrs. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, no pop. Food typically equal to a pie in 1/3s, red meat/chicken, potatoes/rice, greens and or salads. 65y/o @5'11 180lbs. Gota get my BP down and off of meds! And I now have a heart murmer? WTF?
I need nutritional/supplement advice.

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Kuntuzangpo UM 1776 - A to Z @Kuntuzangpo1776
21 February, 06:28
"👀 News Anchor Says On-Air She Now Wonders if Her Pericarditis Was From Her COVID Shot Following Report of a Link Between Vaccine & Heart / Brain Disorders"

"I'm sure there are a lot of you who listen to that story like me, I'm sitting there going, 'What has happened over the past couple of years?' I had the COVID shot, I had COVID, and then dealt with pericarditis just this past Christmas. I never had heart problems before so I wonder. Now I'm going to be doing some more research."

From The Chief Nerd


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Robert Wakefield @Robertauthor
20 February, 06:47
In 4 hours off to London

We set up a Company

Made redundant after Christmas HE Fairs ceased trading

this was the Parent company

Anyway were doing okay now the owners of our own Company we used to work for !

Keep you in the Loop as it`s gonna get feel good and I want to give ppl hope you can do it if you have the balls and not scared of working
This is us on Companies house I am excited = Exhausted and we gotta lot of work to do --

Keep you upated with some pics as this is the biggest gamble of my life and it`s fighting back in a real way !

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Robert Wakefield @Robertauthor
20 February, 03:55
Do you need more evidence that Patriots are in full control?

Who remembers when Joe and Jill visited the Christmas tree in Jill's honor. 😂🤣

Where was the tree? On the corner of 17th and Q streets in Washington DC.

So can we think logically for a second?

This decision was made by handlers. So...... Who are his handlers?

They have been leaving us Easter eggs the WHOLE time.

Trump has been telling us the WHOLE time.

But hey.. Guess it could be a coincidence.

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