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Eirika Ngygun Is cancer manmade? Yes!

Cancer cells in vaccines.
Glyphosate on our crops.
Heavy metals in our water.
Heavy metals in vaccines.
The list goes on and on...

Cancer is pathogen/toxin based.

Here’s the patent for the cure.

Share far and wide!
They think we are stupid!

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2021-2025 Donald J Trump finishes what John F Kennedy started. The work to restore the Republic #JusticeNow #SaveTheChildren #TrustThePlan🗽

false flag 911

2021-2025 Donald J Trump finishes what John F Kennedy started. The work to restore the Republic #JusticeNow #SaveTheChildren #TrustThePlan🗽

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“Gates brought Fauci out to his $189 million house in Seattle
& said “I’m going to have a partnership with you.”
Fauci would develop the drugs
then pass them onto the Drug Companies.
Gates would then guarantee markets in Africa
through his CONTROL of the World Health Organization.
Those companies want to get vaccines to Africa
because it’s very uncertain
& Gates, because he CONTROLS WHO
he CONTROLS those countries
because WHO pays for their Health Ministries
& supplies their HIV medications
& THEY HAVE TO DO what WHO tells em.
[Gates] can require those countries to buy the vaccines
& he is invested in the companies, in MERCK.
Gates has no pretension that he gives a cr*p
about Public Health.
His other investments are in tobacco,
processed foods, Coca Cola, Monsanto,
& oil companies where he owns stakes in ALL OF THEM.
He’s not a guy who cares about climate
or cares public health.
~ RFK, Jr. 💞🇺🇸

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🔴A recruiter for oil and gas corporations recently gave an ominous warning on Tik Tok, claiming that these big companies are mysteriously preparing to replace their vaccinated employees within three years.

Not the owner of either website displayed. Emoluments Violations under Brady

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Donald Trump just said we should BAN ‘critical race theory.’

I’m 100% with him, how about you?


Because (GOD), (COUNTRY) no further explanation needed!

Breaking news brought to you by Mercola:
The more we learn about the COVID-19 vaccines, the worse they look. In a recent interview1 with Alex Pierson (above), Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, Ph.D., dropped a shocking truth bomb that immediately went viral, despite being censored by Google.

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THEY need to STOP the jab~ pull the emergency use ~

We are here to Serve. God Wins, Patriots must #HoldTheLine. Love all. Help those that need help now and forever.


You can't always get what you want But if you try sometime you find You get what you need

Happy birthday! Remember that the best is yet to come. 💯👊



🇺🇸🦅 “30 BIRDS” - from darkness to #LIGHT. WE R the #ARMY of LIGHT. #LoveWins #GodWins #StopTheSteal God Bless America

It’s always nice when family and great friends as well as a few members of Congress sing you happy birthday🤣. As much as 45 doesn’t love birthdays it was great to be there.


Global Patriot, because this is a global cause.

I can't verify her credibility, but someone out there can! If what she is saying is true, then this is simply MORE truth about the VAX. Kinda scary when you think about it. OUR bosses already planning on having to replace 50% of us! Going to be hard to look some people in the eye at work.

All Will Be Revealed. Resistance is Futile

In response Mr. Deeds1111 to his Publication

I've seen many videos like this now and it's not just one brand, though I would think it is found in the non-organic brands first. Take a magnet to everything before you buy it and yourself daily. If you find magnets start sticking to you, take zeolites to grab and flush them out. Zeolites will pass the blood-brain barrier and grab the magnetized nano tech from your brain too. Start buying organic in general until this gets sorted out. The other stuff is grown in and doused with Monsanto poison by people in hazmat suits. Bill Gates is affiliated with Monsanto. If you won't take his vaxxines, don't eat food grown from and smothered in his poisons. I would never trust that food and barely trust food labeled organic from nonlocal farmers because evil people keep pushing the boundaries on what can be labeled USDA Certified Organic anyway. Know your local farmers and shop their farmer's markets. This is nuts.


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Dan 🇺🇸
The leader of the free world today celebrates his 75th birthday. Years of success, patriotism and pure love for his job, family, people and country.

Happy birthday, legend! 🥳🇺🇸

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Listen to this!!!
Trump was right and they were willing to murder millions so this information would not become factual.

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Happy Birthday Mr. President... this was a 100lb Cake, Phewww💪🍰🎉🎊🎈🙏🇺🇲

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HCQ might correct the angle of water.
(The hydrogen and oxygen bonds.)

We are 80% water.

We are bombarded by frequencies that change the structure of water.

The MSM freaked out when Trump suggested HCQ.

The medical matrix is crumbling before our eyes.🔥

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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: TOMORROW, Project Veritas introduces you to Ivory Hecker, who blew the whistle on her own news network where she is currently employed as a Television Reporter. Ivory has a story to tell. She’s claims to have witnessed corruption and censorship first hand. Best of all, she got it on tape. Stay tuned for the recordings of her superiors and colleagues, tomorrow.

There are those who’ve had enough. Who live like they’re dying. There are going to be hundreds more of them. Thousands who exhibit a special form of moral courage, follow their conscience and record what happens with a hidden camera to observe behaviors for the world to see. BE BRAVE. DO SOMETHING. If not us, who? If not now, when?

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from Lin Wood
As he leads America through these extraordinary times, we pause today to wish Happy Birthday to our President, Donald J. Trump.

They are holding a spot for him on Mt. Rushmore but he has more work to do first.

Thank you, Mr. President. Happy Birthday!!! Well over 100 Million +++ American Patriots love you.

You fight for us. We will fight for you.

Keep Fighting!

God fearing wife and mother of five grandmother of one princess. I love my country and Trump. #GODWINS #SAVETHECHILDREN

In response Elizabeth Sylvia to her Publication

Found this. After watching went to their site. Full of information.