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Mye Sh’Rona

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Now watch how the ‘Vegan’ population grows between now and September… 😂

How grotesque is it that it takes kids being maimed and murdered to wake folks up to the shit going down right in front of their faces⁉️

WSJ prints article questioning the denigration of Ivermectin by FDA? 😱

Are they finally smelling the coffee?


More to this than meets the eye.

Wonder how closely Hunter Bidet is following this case…? 🤔


The Office of National Statistics lie⁉️ I’m shocked… 😉

So now, publishing results from Pfizer’s OWN CLINICAL DATA get’s you in Tw@tter jail⁉️

🇫🇷2nd French hospital goes on strike‼️🇫🇷

So praying this crosses over to the U.K, and torches the EU! 🙏🙏🙏🙏


From our own Government website. Fingers pointing to what’s right under your nose.

🚨This is huge‼️🚨

🚨Bild News Media apologises to kids for Rona fear mongering that told them hugs would kill grandma‼️🚨

‼️Turn her up‼️

All their little secrets coming out… 😂🤣

From one Borg to another…🤫🤫