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Where We Go One, We Go All . 🙏🏼🦅🇺🇸 Jesus is KING!!! 🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼 SoCal 📍#FamilyIsEverything ❤️ #JFKJRLives #GodWins #Trump2021

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Let not your heart be troubled.
Love one another; as I have Loved You.
[Holy Thursday]

Dems are furious that this photo has been released. It would be a shame if you shared it with all your friends, wouldn't it? Almost.... criminal.

USA has FAKE government. Save the CHILDREN! "Sometimes you can't tell the people-you must SHOW them!" TRUMP our true POTUS! #WWG1WGA

It's not about me it's about US, all of humanity! 💖🌏

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The masterpiece is complete. Now go make Big Mike famous once again! 😂 😂

Born at 11:11 am. Big ❤️, cancer survivor, tyranny fighter. God, family and country are everything. Truth seeker, Truth Speaker❤️

The LightBringer Shine Your Light, Engulf the World with the Flames of Your Light, Yeshua. The Lion of Judah Love, Life, Laughter.

John 8.32, Corinthians 5:7 Pro-Constitution and Bill of Rights. #TheGreatAwakening #FamilyIsEverything #WorldIsWatching

I LOVE GOD and I stand with PRESIDENT TRUMP he has done what’s RIGHT for AMERICA, AMERICANS and the WORLD.

Jaden Miller, age 13, was last seen on February 25, 2021 in Glendale, Arizona.

Jaden is a White male who is 5'3", 125 lbs, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Both photos shown are of Jaden. He may be in need of medical attention.

If you have any information, please contact:
Glendale Police Department (Arizona) 1-623-930-3000

Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light! 🕯️❤️🙏 God's Warrior of truth and light!

🙏 GOD WON. 🙏 Jesus is the Way. 🙏 Love Won. ❤️ Love and Light ⭐️💙WWG1WGA 🕯I Love All Y’all 🥰 #KennedyVision #FamilyIsEverything 💙☀️🦋

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AF 78-02 I will not lose my country-luv it or lv it! Never give up never surrender-PDJT #SaveOurChildren ! WHY WE FIGHT! same hdl GAB

American Hero Patriot

Lambs are becoming Lions. Every day is a PsyOp.

In response Grasshopper TAFKAG to his Publication

It's there. Fort McPherson - AKA Tyler Perry Studios.

PONCHATOULA, La. - The Louisiana State Police has issued an Amber Alert for the Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies are requesting assistance in locating two juvenile males, Kaesyn Heck, an 8-year-old white male, and Jax Matthews, a 4-year-old white male.

Kaesyn is approximately 5ft. tall and weighs approximately 60 pounds. Jax is approximately 3 ½ ft. tall and 45 pounds.

Both Kaesyn and Jax are blonde headed and have “crew cut” style haircuts.

Both children are missing and were last seen from their father’s home at 41598 River Rd. Ponchatoula LA. Jax Matthews was last seen wearing a camo jacket and black rubber boots. Kaesyn was last seen wearing a black jacket and blue long sleeve shirt, jeans and black rubber boots.

The children may be riding in a 2013 Hyundai Elantra, Burgundy or Red in color with a busted sunroof. The direction of travel is unknown.

Any information please contact the Tangipahoa Parish Sherriff’s Office at 985-345-6150 and Sgt. Lindell Br

Born at 11:11 am. Big ❤️, cancer survivor, tyranny fighter. God, family and country are everything. Truth seeker, Truth Speaker❤️

⭐Christian. Patriot. #MAGA all the way! #Deplorable. ProLife. ProGun. ProIsrael. #SaveTheChildren. #StopTheSteal. #GodWins. #GITMO[them]⭐

We never knew who he really was. Imposter.

Digital Warrior who took the Oath & will Never Give Up! Retired & Caretaker of 3 Dogs!

#USA #1776 #WWG1WGAWorldwide #SaveTheChildren #ForTrumpFlynnKennedy #TheGreatAwakening #TheBestIsYetToCome 🇺🇸🦅✨🌪🌊🙏💞🚀🛸✨

It was never about the election 💥🔥💖

Starseed-Lightworker-Empath I follow Jesus/Yeshua TEXAN And Retired farmer, Grandma, Trump is my PRESIDENT - PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN-

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