Sam8848 @Sam8848
28 March, 04:23 (E)
Actually, I don't want to waste my time to post anything on this platform because I just use this account to check information here. However, I saw so many posts talked about Chinese Xi blah blah blah. From a Chinese perspective, I think I have to explain something to everyone who already followed me.
If you are a English speaker, you can not understand Chinese at all unfortunately especially the Chinese was born in China.
In modern Chinese government system, the good people can not be promoted, never. That is how the government run. You have to understand this first.
Some people said Xi did anti-corruption for the last ten years. Don't be fooled. The most efficient way to do anti-corruption is make every officers to be transparent. Chinese will see who is corrupted who is not. But what he did? He used CORRUPTION excuse to arrest his political competitors. And he gave them a new criminal title as "Not Fear", I don't really know how to translate from Chinese to English.

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Sam8848 @Sam8848
20 March, 12:48

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Lisa Groenewoud @VictoryOfTheLight369
14 March, 12:38
Quantum Generation

Flying cars
Freedom cities
Baby boom

Michelle Fielding and MARK ATTWOOD discuss the coming QUANTUM AGE after the AGENDA 47 speech by President TRUMP

*start at 37 min if pressed for time

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