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Reporting from Brazil. GET READY

New Bolsonaro comms:

- Smiling
- Army 🤝
- "Turn down for what" glasses
- A bunch of fried potatos... In Brazil "Your potato is baking" = "Your goose is cooked"
- Drinking sugarcane juice. Cane = slang for police/prison
- Music:
"That's when I'm gonna stand up
Take my people with me
Together we are going
To a brand new home
Far across the river
Can you hear freedom calling?
Calling me to answer
Gonna keep on keepin' on
I can feel it in my bones"

It's going to happen here at any moment.
Don't lose hope Americans! What happens here will fuel your own fight.

Reporting from Brazil. GET READY

Bolsonaro is keeping silent since election.
But he has been communicating through these videos.


A little update from Brazil: Vids emerge daily of APCs and other stuff being moved even in highways, rumors of the army engaging the DS narco militias, audios of narcos saying they're been wiped out by mili ops, and claims the mili are heading to the borders to hold external aggressors, mainly Bolivia and Venezuela, should they intervene once we arrest Lula and the DS mafia. Narcos are already too much turmoil for a disarmed populace, let alone full scale war.
The CIA is here, trying to erode our protests; a truck ran over and killed some protestors, violence is scaling, people are since 1st nov. on the streets.
But the deadline is very close; they antecipated Lula's taking power to 12th dec, so if something will be done, it must be done soon.
Bolsonaro is trying to extinguish all legal options, to no avail, except to show the world he at least tried. Time is very short.
Also, Lula is nowhere to be seen, a double seems to take his place, his death being "semi-accidental".

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Pepe please please share,

I really need prayers for one of our Anons. One of our very own here and a very special friend. She was just in a car accident and has baby on the way..at the ER now and they cannot find the babies heartbeat, hoping it's a malfunction on the machine..

PLEASE LIFT HER AND BABY ANON UP....it’s a critical time right now.

Please share so we can get as many prayers up as we can, we need a miracle for mamma and baby. 🤍🤍🤍

Communism is a dystopia. Capitalism is a utopia. Also learning to be multilingual :)


Voter Fraud schemes reported in New Jersey, Arizona, and Texas

PJ is the name given to me at birth & it stands for Praise Jesus. It is written. What’s done in the dark will come to light. #GodWins

My family and I could use some prayers Patriots. Have a loved one in the emergency room right now. Thank you! 🙏❤️

Patriot, Q & Trump believer and follower, Christian, Anon, Deplorable. WWG1WGA. God bless the USA, the only FREE country. 2A protects us.

In response Honkler Simpson to his Publication

Raw results here (168 pages):

Guys we need you americans to go out and vote. Brazil can only act if we have suport from the US, otherwise DS will call "coup" and things will get hopeless with the senate supporting Biden's sanctions or even intervention.

Please pray and go out and vote. We're counting on you.

The argentineans are reporting it, if someone know spanish you can see live.


Brothers and sisters, there's a live happening in Argentina right now, but Youtube already censored it. I know Matrix app is uncensorable, but I never used it.
They're trying to hide it from us. I'll try with VPN to see if it works.
They're showing proof of the fraud. The military audit reports.


- YouTube

Auf YouTube findest du die angesagtesten Videos und Tracks. Außerdem kannst du eigene Inhalte hochladen und mit Freunden oder gleich der ganzen Welt teilen.

Since Brazil's Supreme Court mafia prohibited Bolsonaro and the Army from reporting the results of the election audits, they'll be revealed to international media today at 5pm, Buenos Aires time, according to a memo an argentinean patriot journalist recieved.
This goes in line with the memo I recieved yesterday from the Federal Cop, so expectations are even higher.
Please keep praying for us.

Here's the doc he sent us. I'll be honest, the "Q Block" in the Ministeries' Esplanade building makes me wonder if someone is trying to troll us Anons...but I've always been a pessimist asshole, maybe it's really just a coincidence. Whatever.
Subject: "Reinvidication of a justification after the end of the stablished deadline".
It reads "sent proofs and evidences of violation of the Eletronic Urns, excluding the possibility of legality and candour of the brazillian electoral process".
The deadline for their answer is tomorrow 4pm.
"Otherwise, we'll consider this a lack of respect to the brazillian people peacefully protesting countrywide, claiming electoral fraud. And in the face of what was exposed, we'll feel oblied to provide an answer to the people, and so it'll be done".

Again, don't get our expectations too high, I can't verify the legitimacy of this doc.

I don't want to raise expectations...but my father met a guy who claims he's a Federal Cop (unverified) and we kept in touch ever since...to my surprise he was an Anon (which is the reason I doubt he was a cop). But he sent us some good, reliable intel so far.
When the 2nd round fraud granted Lula's victory, he agreeded with me that it was an unexpected shock and now it was all up to the military, and we both didn't know if the "watermelons" (green outside, red inside) there remained in enough numbers to betray Bolsonaro and the brazillian people.
Well...he just sent a doc pic, I can't tell how legit it is since I never saw a real one, but it's signed by Gen. Paulo Sérgio Nogueira de Oliveira, our defense minister.
Basically it says the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) failed to present counterproof of fraud, and provided no answers, which the military said was "disrespectful".
Then it concludes saying they have until tomorrow 4pm to do so, otherwise...Superior Military Tribunal.

Ok, skipping the cursed 13, on next post just to make sure.

This is my 14th post and I'm justing posting it because 13 is a cursed number. I'm far from superstitious but it's the number of the Worker's Party (PT), Lula's party.
In fact I'll just repost my previous, important message so it don't stay in the cursed 13.

Seems the US is reporting the fraud here in Brazil, Tucker Carlson and Mike Lindell did. Who else?
Here media is silent about fraud, trying to convince us "specialists" guaranteed the urns are unviolable...but no one believe this BS.
They're mainly trying to throw the normies against us, claming our peaceful protests are hurting the economy and the right to "come and go as we please" (which they said wasn't important during lockdowns).
Won't work, we're very pissed off.

So...today we held and many resilient souls are still holding protest against the fraud.
I was in my hometown of Campinas, 3rd biggest town in São Paulo state, 1,2mi habs and according to cops 150k people were present, including yours truly and my brother who rec the videos I should learn how to update here (sorry).
The video is from Duke de Caxias Palace in Rio today, the 2nd biggest electoral college town.
The pic compares the Independency Day demonstration (100% pro-Bolsonaro) vs the usual average Lula got. He boosted supporters presence after paying, freighting buses and working picture angles, but it doesn't get bigger than that.


Update: Bolsonaro's speech was brief: "Thanks for the support, we put Brazil in the right tracks, the people are sovereign to protest but don't turmoil like the Left". (probably to not piss normies).
But *he didn't admit defeat*.
Not sure if truckers will unblock the roads, but my brother runs a clothing store and he sold lots of National Team shirts today; all for patriots, none for world cup. They (and we too), are going tomorrow to the militaries' HQs all over the country, demanding that order be restored.
My heart is filled with joy, seeing people won't accept an ex-criminal and the SC manouver to make him president.

Again I ask all of you to keep praying for us, and thank those who've been praying.
Victory is not guaranteed. Straussians in the US will try to sanction us to ruin, but at least we won't accept losing our sovereignty.
US patriots showed us the way, patriots worldwide are holding the line, now I feel Brazil will counterattack and soon we'll be charging together

Just so you guys know: Lula was arrested on one of the biggest corruption schemes in mankind history we know of: a monthly bribe of congress starting in 2003 for support, using money from state companies, another using state oil company Petrobras, which he defaulted Petrobras in USD 170bi, which we're still paying US shareholders today, reflecting in our gas prices, among many other crimes. Bolsonaro was the only congressman who didn't accept the bribe.
He was unanimously declared guilty in 3 instances of judiciary, but his Supreme Court pawn decided to nulify the process because he decided it should be judged in another town...
Free of charges, Lula eventually became the DS best bet and everything was made for him: massive fake news against Bolso, censorship, unequal radio time, a lot of electoral crimes.

Now he'll be in power if we don't react. Please pray for us.

On this TG channel there are (most in PT-BR) videos of:
Alexia announcing Lula's as 2023 president before results
Truckers stopped main highways in nearly all states
Military on the move all over the country; trucks and APCs

Bolsonaro is silent, apparently to avoid "promoting hate" as they accused Trump. People are joining the truckers to support them and soon'll ask military intervention in front of HQs. Road Police either showed support or said they won't attack us. Corrupt SC trying persecution through high fines and threats of prison, but seems people ignoring it, including officers.
I'll try to join them later. It's our last chance, but we're reacting. D-Day is supposed to be 2/nov, a holiday, with everyone on the streets.
I won't delete my previous posts; they'll remind me of the shame of giving up to despair and doubting the Creator.

Please keep us all in your prayers, we will not accept this blatantly stolen elections.


Nana, Direct Internal connection to God, WWG1WWA, MAGA, Angels are here already #FightLikeFlynn

AU frens, Nana would like to ask for prayers for our local CC group TN leader here.
Her daughter was vaxx injured well before covid and is having even worse issued since covid.

They have not yet been able to figure out her seizures and the problems she has been having recently but it is very serious. She will be seeing Dr. Michaels Weds.

Her name is Aurora and she needs our prayers, her parents do not know what to do at this point. She has had ivermectin and the usual treaments recommended lately and is not getting better. Can we pray for a miraculous outcome when she sees Dr. Michaels this week?

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Less than 24h after Lula's "victory", he's not even in office, and this is the 4th mass looting video I recieved.
The banditry knows they have a green pass now. My little confort was seeing Lula's supporters being robbed of their iPhones and crying. They send us all to hell, so lets burn together.
If there's a God and any justice in this fking reality, then our best hope is a civil war. But I don't see it happening with us disarmed.


Where are the monkeypox news? Are they waiting for Brazil's election fraud to bring it back or what?

In response Vincent Kennedy⍟ to his Publication


The Latin definition for virus means venom.

The Latin definition of Corona, 13 definitions, means gold ribbon at the base of a miter.

"So this could actually read pope's venom. pandemic"

It could also read Crown another definition of corona. Kings wear them.

King Cobra Venom

This would explain why people's breathing is labored. Then they slow it down with a cocktail of drugs causing the death of the person on the 9th day.

MRNA extracted from the King Cobra Venom
Co Founder of Moderna uses MRNA technology to treat venomous snake bites. Going to start Opherix. Guess who funds this company?

DOD, the Welcome Trust Fund and the UN.

The part that blows my mind is the fortune cookie,

Liu Bing
Colleagues said he was close to making "significant findings" on his studies of Covid-19, sparking online speculation it was an assassination.