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Jasminka aka The Oracle

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In response JFK Jr Fan to his Publication

It is against Natural Law to encite extermination of another

In response Law & Physics to her Publication

wrong...ghislaine and epstein live in Iceland

all white hats are CIA, with an exception of new agent that plays juan , he is darpa as juan was too

In response JFK Jr Fan to his Publication

one thing is certain
musk gained millions of neuralink brainless test subjects

In response Lisa Groenewoud to her Publication

you are watching a theatrical show...none of the representatives seleced,not elected , were ratified in Hall of Records, so it is just an empty talk...they have no power

In response MATTHEW Bissanti to his Publication

biden is dead...so, who did he threatened ,exactly??? it is a theatre, you have all been played for fools

In response missy m.... to her Publication

yes,he needed lots of you you there...his operatives rigged the capitol building with explosives , he needed lots of dead people, for his plan to succeed...plan was to call national emergency and stay president
oh,how surprised and angry he was when that plan failed...
His plan failed as Global Ground Commander and Life force Enforcement removed all explosives...
Wgat you heard about explosives on the news, was only small part of it...
but, there would have been lots of dead people there if it hasn't stopped on time

In response Cowboy w2b to his Publication

if you like to follow black sun cabal ,stay with musk


In response Alcyone 777 to her Publication

you heard about 162 millions of others that came here to help us???lots of our friends are helping
it is awesome what we can achieve by working together

That's why my friends call me The Oracle

In response Alcyone 777 to her Publication

I am not interested in anything that has something to do with musk that's why I stay away from twitter

Annunakis are gone, they are not coming back

yes, they were given a choice, but they still continued to do bad things , so, there will only be small number of these people left alive soon, only the ones that will change their ways

Will explain...
donnie was not president,not ratified in Hall of Records, he knew it, he was playing his role very convincingly because the msm played their part and truth about it all could not come out.
biden was dead when the space force generals wearing biden mask were new president,lol...not ratified in Hall of Records...
yeah,black sun space force generals,same as donnie's space force generals

I know he is not president, I know donnie was not president, I know there is no government in the world that has been ratified in HoR, I know australian pm is just acting ,charlie was not ratified as a king, she told him, it is in HoR transcripts too, but what the msm tells you,its truth right???
you have republicans"winning" now isn't it??? you see them acting it very convincingly, but,they were told that they are not ratified in HoR and will never be

also, do not confuse Hall of Records with House of Representatives


you did hear about von kempf family??? Well, truth is going to be released out soon
also, transcript of every conversation between Guardian of Global Repository and trump has been released from Hall of Records to all military personnel, all intelligence operatives, government members...
as soon as I get a copy will post it...

truth about money $550 billions he received from Guardian of Global Repository to pay student loans , when he asked for it...he didn't pay student loans, he paid small% of it, but used the money for something else

Also,his law firm asking Kim to play ball and support his ( the agent that plays him) 2024 run, she refused

In response Alcyone 777 to her Publication

nah, mate...q is black sun psy op, the black sun generals run it all...donnie was their puppet,until he did...
black sun owns vatican, regardless black or white pope...there are 2 cabals ,black sun and dragon families...
there are 162 millions of others that came here to help humanity to clean up planet Earth...

about noise and action under, well, there were some dracos being removed ,that were supposed to trigger big volcanos all over the world, then there were some really bad equpiment being used by secret militaries(kryger,murkoff...) all over the world and that equipment was destroyed,but it was not done by military ,it was done by others...

anyway, there is part here that explains what others are doing
listen from 30th minute


In response Alcyone 777 to her Publication

it is a result of US navy vessel being docked there for a while and hitting the volcano with frequencies to cause eruption
as you already know , or maybe don't kknow, black sun cabal controls every military in the world...
and, there is no clearing of the dumbs going on, regardless of what they keep talking about

donnie's EOs were never ratified in Hall of Records
which makes them what exactly??? I'll wait for an answer to that question from you

also, if we are under martial law,which we are not, who is financing all these military operations??? black sun??? broke. blackrock???broke. donnie???dead. government???broke. dragon families???broke. central banks???broke. fed???they can not do anything any longer, Guardian of Global Repository stopped their control of printing monopoly money

In response Jack Wightman to his Publication

We are under the Natural Law ( Land, Air, Water)
we do not need military

your reply only shows that you are a slave not a sovereign

Nope, we are under Natural Law
your military is black sun cabal, your generals,admirals do not have rank that is higher than the rank of Global Ground Commander and they can not outrank her and order martial law

In response Dottie French to her Publication

Constituion is gonski...all of them
all written by slave masters
We are under Natuaral Law( Land, Air, Water)
Are you a slave or sovereign???

In response Jack Wightman to his Publication

Still, not ratified in HoR
just pretending to be

In response Jack Wightman to his Publication

the problem with that was that he was never ratified in hall of Records as president
so how is he going to do that ???
by pretending to be alive and president, same as space force generals playing biden

In response Faith FreeTheChildrenQ to his Publication

She did nothing, she only stopped your special ops from activating some volcanoes,tsunamis , nuclear devices and some other stuff they were supposed to do
it is not her job to fix things in your community, it is yours...we did a lot here

She is not supposed to do anything, she is not saviour at all.
your special ops mercenaries did nothing for you, for your community or for humanity, they fight for cabal only, there is a difference

In response Faith FreeTheChildrenQ to his Publication

I have written about why we don;t need anyone to rule over us
why we do not need saviours

and, truth is , we don;t
you guys keep talking about fixing the election result, only shows how deeply conditioned and that you are perfect example of a slave...

military doesn't work for humanity, it works for cabal

In response Angels Here -Z to her Publication

I have written about it many times
I have created an article last year that covers all of it and has all the answers you need...
it is in my posts here from last year, it is way too long to post again

In response Angels Here -Z to her Publication

Your question only shows me how deeply conditioned you are

Why would you ever think that election really matters???
It is selection,not an election, our votes do not count
Why are you looking for someone to rule over you???
why would anyone in right mind ever think that left is better than right or opposite???
What do you think is the meaning of red and blue???
Are you sovereign being that takes responsibility for your own actions or are you a slave???
Why do you think we (each one of us) can not all take care of our own community , of our own state,of our own country??? Are you dependable on government handouts??? Are you still funding cabal through your taxes??? why are you still paying taxes??? there are jobs around that pays cash only...if there are not,create them yourself, easiest thing to do, one thing leads to another

Can you open your mind and really think about possibilities that each one of us can create

In response Angels Here -Z to her Publication

Why would she take over the planet and why would she take control of it??? wouldn't that make her the same as them too???
you asking for proof, well, the proof is in the pudding,right??? no martial law is the proof enough ...
it is much bigger proof than all these "saved children " by the military
it is up to us to grow out of our way too comfortable coccoons and start doing things by ourselves...
why would anyone else do anything for us??? She is not a saviour, nor she woul ever call herself one, each one of us is...
Have you established your own health clinic where you provide only natural or frequency healing methods to members of your local community??? I think you didn't and none of your friends did...well, we did it for my community ...homeschooling hubs, growing food, barter, working on plans to repair your local roads, clean your waterways...
oh,wait, you can't do that because the military is the only way,right???

In response Vincent Kennedy⍟ to his Publication

It is nothing,again...it always goes like this, if the current plan failed, bring the SC case up, this gameplay keeps going on every time ...
end game, is reinstating trump, or in this case ,bring out the agent that plays him...
boogaloo mercenaries failed to commit massacre during thanksgiving
As I mentioned before, 2500 of them on elon musk property in Austin, Texas, with so many of yours "alternative" media (CIA/black sun operatives) people being there too
the plan was to commit massacre ,to kill many, that would trigger military response,martial law, then the donnie would be reinstated (LOL) and then the martial law would go global (BRICS) and all black sun leaders would be reinstated

Well, it has been stopped again , by Ground Commander and her team...
and, none of your generals,admirals,chief of staff that are still left alive has no rank high enough to call martial law
so,as usual,when it fails,bring a SC case up
and none of you can see the gameplay repe

They are waiting for boogaloo mercenaries in USA to do the massacre...that has already been stopped...
q/black sun cabal plan was the massacre, martial law,global martial law and trump reinstatement
it is not going to happen
trump is dead, massacres stopped, mercenaries removed
brazil people protest to bring black sun cabal back to replace another cabal president selected, go figure the stupidity of people

In response Joelle Clista to her Publication

Plans to use boogaloo mercenaries to do a massacre on american soil , has just failed
2500 of them met at musk's property at Austin, Texas
the massacre planned was supposed to bring martial law and reinstate donnie...
people from alternative media were there too
expect lots of bs being spread, same like the one you posted above...
you seem to like q/ black sun cabal plans of killing innocent people if the goal is to follow the plan , right???

In response Doq Holliday to his Publication

he is dead