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you will tell me that none of this is going on???



something happened under trump tower
some of his operatives are gone
you missing someone???
real meaning of boom is having 400 millions of friends on the ground and 28 millions in the air

2500 boogaloo mercenaries were gathered at elon musk property at austin texas to talk about planning to kill americans and bring in the martial law in the next few days...

all part of the q plan
yes, all these "white hats" alt media clowns were there too

plans to reinstate trump as president regardless of lives lost and people killed...
q/ black sun cabal plan has to continue

verbum vincet
military psyop
there is no mi,itary saving children
they played you using a bait they knew you could not resist

Live starts in about 90 minutes
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9-11-22 United Network News

Join Sunny and the Field Messengers as the give us the Real News! Angels in the arena to treating tendonitis! It’s Wellness Wednesday! COP27 polluters, Nicole Update, Pelosi stepping down? And Snowden speaks! This and more!...


Ok guys
You will see more of this in the next few days,weeks,months
There are about 100 000 irrepairable humans on Earth...
What it means is that these people are against the humanity and they are not willing to let us start working on Restoration of planet Earth without trying to harm us or kill many of us... the others that came here to help us decided that these have to be removed and that is exactly what The Enforcer and 162 millions of others are doing...

These irrepairable humans killed millions

Ground Commander Kim Goguen is not playing games

oh, just in case you didn't know, there is no military court at Gitmo...there is organ trafficking, surgeries and cloning centre there

Do you know who is the winner of this selection???

Do you know who lost in this selection???
Each one of you that voted

Do you know why???
you surrendered your power to them, you recognize them as your masters, you are a slave

Do you UNDERSTAND what I just told you???

Do you understand that republicans have been SELECTED to win this SELECTION???

Do you understand why your votes do not mater???

I see there are people here that still believe their vote counts...it is sad
with you voting ,you are surrendering your power and energy to cabal, you are a slave
I am deeply saddened that you have fallen for the same gameplay ,again...
you are being played , you can not see the people,but you can only see them as republicans or democrats, where did your humanity go??? can't you see it???
We are all humans,all of you need to remember this

There is no election, there is SELECTION
it has been going on for very long time
I can tell you which party is in now and will "win' the midterm "selection", but will you believe it???

You think that donnie's body double will make big "announcement" next week??? you are a fool believing it...
Anyway, do you know that donnie was nor ratified in Hall of Records as president of USA??? he knew that and he still played the role
the space force generals playing biden were not ratified either...

What do each one of you do when you vote???

You surrender your power , you are authorizing them to rule over you, you are telling them that you are the slave

SELECTION (not election) results do not matter to you at all...do you want to know why???

Because you are sovereign being, not a slave

question to you all here:

Do you really think that your vote counts???
Do you understand that these politicians are selected,not elected???
Do you understand the difference between election and selection???

Do you understand that republican and democrats are playing for the same team and they all have the same master and that they are playing you for fools???

Would you understand if I tell you that in any government election the only vote that really counts is when you vote for yourself??? Can you do that???

you know what is the difference between people like you and people like me???
you are celebrating twitter being owned by cabal and waiting for dead person to talk, you are looking for new masters being "voted" in we checked out of your slavery system , we are working to feed our community

Closest to defcon 1 q plan you can get

and the perfect decription of RV and qfs...yeah,it can be used for nesara /gesara too

Why do you guys think we need politicians???
Are you slaves ???
We are under Natural Law
We are all sovereign people
None of you should give any politician your energy and surrender your power to them
Think about this

So, you guys still thinking dead donnie is coming back??? meet his body double's boss...if you ask mark warner, donnie "the chosen one" has been replaced by tulsi , the new saviour...but,wait
out of 100 rotschildians that were running this circus around the world only this clown has been left alive

so, mark looks really worried and scared now

and qtards circus continues
will never understand why qtards would surrender their sovereignty and freedom to any politician, but , it seems like they have it all, except,some grey mattaer is missing, but who needs brains ,right???

who will be the winner???
q,black sun, mark warner ??? NAH
chinese dragon families ??? NAH

but, qtards have to wake up first
is it going to happen ???
not up to me to answer that question

it all depends if the main prize for most people here is the white house or the future for their children

let's wait and see what most of the peopl

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