Jasminka aka The Oracle
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Jasminka aka The Oracle

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SHE IS NOT trump,biden or putin lowlife scoundrels


As you all know Vatican was consolidating their money
Vatican collected few billions of euros, but they woke up today with only 540 000 euros available in Vatican bank
Guardian of Global Repository does not play games

how many of you here are still waiting for RV???

This is how cabal,trump and cabal general gets played for fools
Blackrock and Vanguard bought for pennies and now belong to humanity
Well done Kimberly


for all of you thinking that Schuman resonance was a good thing, think again
It is down and will stay down
it is dark, it was receiving too much light and their technology could not handle it

why charles is never going to be king, why digital currency will never be a thing, why cabal /q operatives are dying
oh,just in case some of you thought that q drops stating
Boom 1 - boom 4 are good thing,they are not, it was set of operations to bring Lucifer and to sacrifice(kill) millions if not billions of us
Apocalypse 3 has now failed and whatever you are planning for september 24,we already know about it, it has failed already...you do not have that technology
humanity has won, lucifer has been gone for years and you can't bring him back


Face you make when your submission to become a king got rejected in Hall of Records by Hall of Records Administrator

Guardian of Global Repository also denied funding to him

Yeah, Kim Goguen has that kind of power
She had revoked every royal family, our birth certificates being traded,our souls being traded, she revoked and dissolved commonwealth, she revoked constitution of every country, she she revoked admiralty law
every government is illusion
trump was never ratified in Hall of Records as president of USA
biden (mask wearing space force generals) never ratified as president of USA
no bills or executive orders were ratified in Hall of Records in the last 6+ years

What you are all sharing and talking about is an illusion

We are now in full control of our souls planes of existence
whatever you are expecting to happen,it is not happening, we are not the slaves you wanted us to be
not everyone was under q psy op

Whatever you were expecting to happen is gone for over a year now, so whatever plans you think were at play,you have been lied to, they have no power,no control, you can believe these demons and sit and wait or you can enjoy your life as free human being

Truth about shape shifting lizard death and death of thousands of q/ black s operatives from all over the world
king of 32 realms...lol
you have it all here, in the news after the field messenger reports and right after the news directly from the Ground Commander...
all you boom boom operations have failed
your lucifer is not coming,guys, Kim already dealt with him years ago, so boom,it is


of course you did
it is called Operation Trust 2.0
they did great MK Ultra job on you

I am very happy to inform all of q/black sun cabal followers that are still waiting for qfs,nesara/gesara,digital currency,digital ID,social credit system that system is now gone and destroyed

Under Sistine Chapel in Vatican , in Istanbul, Frankfurt,Shangai,Sweden,Romania, and Chicago and other 2 locations (9 stones,9 chakras) your q white hats /black sun operatives were trying to use dragon stones to connect to European Space agency and use their satellites to connect transhumans (jabbed people) and to connect digital financial system(qfs)

We know where your q/black sun operatives are and what exactly they are doing, who they talk to and we are not playing games

To any of you that you still think that q drops and q operatives or white hats as you prefer to call them are good guys, think again
We know it all, we have it all, we are here working on a side of humanity
They are the ones breaking the Natural Law and making attempts to harm humanity

to all Q/black sun operatives on the ground that still think they are fighting on the side of light
you must be wondering where your order givers have gone, well, they are dead
she has really drawn the line in the sand as of today and she has given you time to make a choice
You have got a clear warning from Kim Goguen here
She doesn't talk empty words, she knows what you are all doing
She told you where she was and what she destroyed
Kim's message to you is loud and clear, from the 29 th minute mark


What do you guys know about femto technology and why is it used on us ???

if you believed whiplash ( q cabal operative) about digital currency, it had failed, AGAIN

It is going on live guys
just in short
cabal plans ,the ones you cheer for, failed , AGAIN
digital currency, digital ID, social credit system the one been sold to youas qfs and nesara/gesara failed, again, thousands died all over the world defending cabal,plans
if you thought it is really good for you,think again
if you are on the side of cabal and part of these operations,prepare to die
you choose your side on 18th of november 2021



before you share misinformation and become active participant in spreading fearmongerring and negative energy ,it would be great to check it up,first...
The government(every government in the world) bills were declined in Hall of Records by Hall of Records Administrator ,,,so,it is not a valid bill and it will never be funded by Guardian of Global Repository.
Do you want to know why any bill was declined???
Because it was not in accordance with Natural Law
Constitution is not a valid legal instrument any longer

You can call your National archive Office to check it up, but I am not holding any hope that any of you here will do that, because, to be honest,you can not handle the truth and that's why you can only deal with misinformation

since you all like to share lies and misinformation,how about you start the call to your NA office with the question about the latest bill that was voted through,the one where they mention funding for new 87000 IRS employees

juan o savin involvement in operation Wipeout
beware of people like him preaching and talking about bible and prophecies while trying to destroy humanity and Mother Earth

if you cheered by listening to him, you should really question why were you doing it
it is time for you to decide,as the line has been drawn
Are you cabal followers or are you for humanity???


What are you guys doing to change things for yourself and your family???what are you doing about food shortages in your area???what are you doing about water quality in your area???what are you doing about health in your area???what are you doing about education system in your area???do you think they teach your children the right things???do you really thing there will be someone else fixing it for you???
why do you even care who is the governor or mayor or even the president???none of them work for us,anyway...
do you know that there are people organizing ourselves in local assemblies all over the world and we take over our communities needs food,water,health,education...we work together to fix our problems
will you still keep crying online about it or will you do something for yourself,your family,your local community...
There is nobody else around that will come do it for you
There is no saviour coming

What are you doing about it ???

Oh, just to let you all know Operation Wipeout has failed
you know when donnie said " It is going to be biblical'
Well, his plan failed,

You people failed to destroy humanity and failed to destroy Mother Earth
many of you anons here made that possible and nearly destroyed all of us...
trump's family is wearing trackers now,they are still waiting to be taken to safe location with many other elite members
We know who you are and where you are and there is no safe place for you, it is great that your cabal did mark you down for us, not that we didn't know where you are and who you are talking to anyway

juan is not jfk
he had just tried to destroy all of us here on Earth
his phone records and current location is known
kushner's location and phone records are all recorded and known

you guys keep doing what you are doing,you just lost all your operatives,all over the world, so no tsunamis,no earthquakes,no solar flare, no apocalypse
We survive,we thrive, no matter what y