Utsava Prophecy
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Utsava Prophecy

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Seeker of Truth and Justice. Proud American Patriot! WWG1WGA!

For those who don't know; I rescued 46 donkeys last month from slaughter...they were starved and very traumatized, while today, most of them are fully recovered and even ready for homes.

Look at right upper corner....spiritual energy on his neck too....

Donkeys have recovered and are doing great!

Donkeys and horses are all very happy!!

PJ is the name given to me at birth & it stands for Praise Jesus. It is written. What’s done in the dark will come to light. #GodWins

In response Vincent Kennedy to his Publication

To Truly be free we all need Free Energy. 🙏⚡️

#FamilyIsEverything. America Pissed Level = 9/10 Now [they] Fooked

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