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There is a reason Trump spent alot of money to teach Military how to fight underground.

Should be exciting!

☺️What do you make of this?

Deep Fakes have arrived, finally!

"The U.S. had "received assurances from China that the tests were done in error," a Department of State spokesperson said."😅😂🤣

This is some old research of mine from 2014, I only bring it up because Monsanto used a very interesting method of killing the land. Monsanto "TERMINATOR" SEEDS would interbreed with the environment's seeds. These TERMINATOR seeds were set to quit producing/manufacturing every 2-3 years, nothing else would grow afterwards unless you purchased another LEASE on Monsanto Seeds, they were only thing that could grow there after initial use. So, after interbreeding with the local seeds, it changed the DNA if you will of the local flora and fauna, it too would TERMINATE after 2-3 years, literally causing manufactured PESTILENCE!

Why do I bring it up? Just some rumors floating around that a vaccinated (sterilized) male carries sterile TERMINATOR seeds that can likewise enter the womb of an unvaccinated woman and in like fashion, change DNA and leave her infertile afterwards. For now it's strictly rumor, but for me it is not unheard of. - FYI

There's been a number of reported miscarriages with the VACCINE!
Something to be aware of: CDC VAERS Sourcing;jsessionid=217741E4683CC4EE56FFC7E6CF28

Kayleigh retweeted John Rich.

Judgement is still waiting for him...

Pedo's busted!

None of us are born with an innate Gyroscope, now more than ever Children need their parents, family and loved ones gainfully invested in their lives to help them sort out which way is right-side-up, to instill in them a Moral Compass and give them the necessary tools needed to be successful navigate within a fallen world while time is short.

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Killed by a Lie - There is a reason the Transgender community has the highest suicide rate as it had from it's very conception under the guidance of Dr. John William Money, the Father of Gender Theory.

Dr. Rachel Levine believes Puberty-Blockers can be "life-saving" drugs to transgenders.
If you dig deep enough, you'll realize that Dr. John Money, Father Of Gender Theory, was A Pedophilia Apologist. The things he did to children to push his brand of "science" is incomprehensible and to see his vile perversions being pushed onto society as science is utterly repugnant. These "doctors" are also saying pedophilia is not criminal behavior but a disorder and in some instances a lifestyle choice.

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When the Youth Elixir runs dry, handlers prepare their people for the inevitable in advance.


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Overnight in DC.

Kids no longer in cages or tents, but in freight containers with iron bars. AOC didn't seem to flinch on this one, no word if they would once again be given over to Human Traffickers like last time under Obama.