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"The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear".

"The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear".

Light Worker Patriot! Married! Mother of 3 Beautiful Daughters and 4 Handsome Grandsons, 1 Beautiful Grand-Daughter

*🔥🔥🔥 Q)The Storm Rider 🔥🔥🔥
When Germany publicly [COLLAPSE]s this RIPPLE EFFECT is going to trigger MASS PANIC through the EU and FRANCE is expected of an Early military Coup to remove Macron/// as CANADA White Hats also plan on removing Trudeau by February 2023 or even sooner..... The BLACK SWAN_ EVENT(S) has taken flight as VATICAN recalls all assets. RUSSIA/ NATO . US Nuclear escalation hits. CHNIA CIVIL UNREST and arrest of their President happened and continues.. Into Taiwan EVENT. Iran EVENT. COMING NORTH KOREA Watch the Water EVENT . 💥 💥 ... The U.S. civil unrest builds as Large portions of Civil unrest leads to distrust of the FBI. Department of Justice and BIDEN regimen...
There is so much happening. Friends. Patriots. ANONS FREEDOM FIGHTERS ...
>be sure to {re}stock up on food goods and resources .... And when you can please find the time to help those less fortunate in need..... We are all connected

I have tried to talk to all my family about Q and the cabal of satanic pedovores over the years. Despite my efforts I have had little to no success.

I tried again last night.

This time, they all listened intently and they all believed.

Things have clearly changed.

"The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear".

I love anonup! It is just a bit different from all the rest. But maybe it is just the people that are here that I like the most.

Like any military training course, Q tests you on three things:
- Do you possess the capability and capacity for the tasks in hand?
- Do you put the team goal before your own status and glory?
- Do you have the drive to keep going even when it is hard?

It has been a gruelling five years, and often very painful psychologically and spiritually, albeit comfortable physically. That said, I can now see that it's the minimum time it takes. We know who is really in this for the right reasons and we can depend upon, because everyone who "graduated" from "Academy#17" overcame the tough obstacles.

The leaders of a reformed society won't be woke academics, greedy investors, or selfish lawyers. There is a total resorting of power and influence, and it really is a "meek inherit the world" moment. Only those who sought no personal reward for doing the right thing are worthy of the prize. That status will be fixed; no revisionist history will allow others to claim they stood for freedom.

On my journey, test of the soul. WWG1WGA #prayerteam

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A Post you’ll want to bookmark!
AU Family creations!!! ✨🙌🏻✨

✨Creativity resides in One & in {All}✨

I AM a Digital Warrior of the Heart sharing my understanding of the Great Awakening/Quantum Quickening Unfolding on our Planet

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Jesus was actually Born on 09-11-3 BC. He was Born Under the Sign of Virgo--The VIRGIN BIRTH. Two-Thousand and 22 Years Later the Stars are in a Relatively Different Position. There is a 13 Day Difference Between the Julian Calendar that was in Effect at the time Jesus Birth and the Gregorian Calendar that Replaced the Julian Calendar in order to Compensate for the Celestial Movement of the Stars in Relationship to the Sun/Planets in Our Solar System.
SO, What was 9-11 at the Time of Jesus' Birth is NOW September 24th--the True Birth of Jesus in terms of the Zodiacal Movement of the Stars/'HEAVENS"
THUS, September 23rd, is, in Actuality, CHRISTMAS EVE. And Christmas Eve is when WASHINGTON CROSSED the DELAWARE in a DURHAM BOAT in the Decisive Battle of the FIRST AMERICAN REVOLUTION.

13 Bloodline families DEAD. ALL OF THEM. To be blunt GAME OVER........ Bless you DJT you Fooking LEGEND.......

How do you control the masses and alter reality.

Energy frequency vibration.

Extract and use our energy for their nefarious schemes.
Alter the worldwide frequencies via their technologies so we hum to a different tune.
Vibration, we dance like zombies singing their hymn.

We are essentially water.
Changes to the resonate frequency of water and it changes form.

We have been operating in fear hence we all over the shop.

Once we jungle with love we will illuminate the world

I solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution against all threats foreign and domestic ~ so help me God. 🇺🇸🦅 #WWG1WGA

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Look what VK just posted!!!!!!!

Now look what he He told us 2 years ago! “Save this”

Ahhhhhhhhh, fam, I think it’s happening!

[Forwarded from Israel Anderson DAILY (Israel Anderson)]
Putin is about to do a public statement. World leaders freaked out and called him delaying the speech by an hour. Putin refused to take Macron's call Apparently they know something we don't.

2 pics

#1776#NCSWIC#GodWins#tga#Trump #wwg1wga#WhereWeGoOneWeGoAll#MAGA #TheGreatAwakening, #Nothingcanstopwhatiscoming,#ReleaseTheDocs

Looking forward to the day we heal our wounds and live in Peace,Love and Unity as we were meant to.No DM's

Research at Stanford University is finding acoustics to create new heart tissue!

This image shows the ‘cymatics’, or geometric patterns created in heart cells when applying various sounds. In bio-acoustic sound medicine, is taught that sounds are imprinting every cell and science continues to prove this ancient axiom.
Cardiologist Sean Wu, MD, PhD and Utkan Demirci, PhD, an acoustic bio-engineer use acoustics to manipulate heart cells into intricate patterns. A simple change in frequency and amplitude puts the cells in motion, guides them to a new position and holds them in place. Acoustics can create a form that resembles natural cardiac tissue. With sound they can create new tissue to replace parts of damaged hearts. Acoustics can be used in reconstructing other organ tissue and blood vessels.

Sounds are use to create and harmonize, as well as clean and release. Both principles are used in science using high precision acoustical generators. The same principles can be applied s

I’m a Burger in Dragon Land for nearly 20 years.

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It's getting spicy. Trump basically said we are in the eye of the storm last night, his rally security allowed people wearing Q merch again, he continued to play the song WWG1WGA behind his speeches, the Queen died exactly 1776 days after the first Q drop and Kash posted that something would happen before 2024.
Are we enjoying ourselves Patriots?

Stay comfy because all the comms point to one thing: We are winning.

Former Twitter Namaste Howard Marks #WWG1WGA #DigitalSoldiers #FightLikeAFlynn Rule your Mind or it will Rule you

They didn't count on the good old JVC 🎥 footage being saved & shared.

OK let's put some pieces of the puzzle together.

Queen Elizabeth's funeral will be Monday, September 19.

Most of the world leaders and dignitaries will be there.

They all are being told to not to fly in and are being bussed in.

It's going to be televised worldwide and will be one of the most watch events in history.

Not attending is President Donald J Trump.

Apparently he will be watching from an event in Washington DC.

All I will say is,

The First Arrest Will Shock The World! 💥

I'm here for a reason #FamilyIsEverything

I don't know, it's just a feeling, but I find the speed at which everything is developing breathtaking. Could it be that we have now set the final spurt in the marathon?

"The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear".

What Happens When You REGROW Vegetables From Kitchen SCRAPS in the Garden? - YouTube

In this video, I show you what happens when you regrow vegetables from kitchen scraps in the garden. I plant out scrap onion, lettuce, potato, celery, cabbag...

"The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear".

This from Gregg Philips- not sure if it is true?? Anyone have info?

1st QtheGathering was April 13-17, Easter! Supporter of Q& Q+,Vets, Family& Soul Tribe Vibes! Gratitude & Love for God, Jesus, Mother Mary

🍊ChildOfGod⛪Patriot🇺🇸FreedomFighter🗽DigitalSoldier👩‍💻Covfefe is "In the end we win.✝️"God woke you for a reason.侘寂 🌴

🍊DeSantis 🔥🔥🔥

"We rejected the elites... They were wrong about lockdowns, they were wrong about epidemiological models, they were wrong about forced masking, they were wrong about natural immunity, and they were wrong about the efficacy of mRNA Vaccines."

Mother, Grandmother, Faithful to God, Country and Family. God Wins!

In response Aristarkos ✅ WWG1WGA to his Publication

Transgenderism pleases Satan

Former Twitter Namaste Howard Marks #WWG1WGA #DigitalSoldiers #FightLikeAFlynn Rule your Mind or it will Rule you

If you watch ONE video today, let this be it.

Sigmund Freud, pedophilia, the Bernays family, and Netflix.


Not a scientist, nor do I claim to be one...Pureblood for life...Put your faith in God, not man.