Kristin Morgan @KristinMorgan
30 May, 10:52
I know, I know, that silly horse paste Ivermectin, for cancers...

But she said Borax for parasites?!?!

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CM_ Patriot @IMPatriotRU
30 May, 05:58
we lost an orange tree to the last hurricane and it was finally cut down today. Sad. It was about 15 years old with a huge harvest every year.

We also lost a baby mango tree to the same storm. A bunch of my neighbors lost viable fruit trees also, between the drought and 2 freezes this year.

I still have my 2 avocado trees, but we had a 3-month drought early this year, and we will get a really tiny harvest this year because no water and no bees hardly anywhere, even now that it is almost June.

Nature is under attack in central florida. You cannot eat an oak tree.

And I fear that parasites are attacking bees because I cannot see them in droves the way they usually come to my yard to feed. I miss them!

And we cannot get the really good veggies any more because Disney restaurants and chefs buy local veg as part of the marketing.

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David Treciak @scifiwriter
30 May, 09:55
These changes were then ‘archived’ into the likes of throne room of the Grand Kremlin Palace in Moscow, the National Archives of Britain and in the Library of Congress in Washington. The NWO parasites also interrupted the astronomical clocks of Tartaria because they used the geocentric model to represent the solar system. In the Tartarian astronomical clocks, the earth was at the center of God's Creation. These clocks were complex calculating machines. They used terms like “computus” and to operate them sophisticated mathematical knowledge was required. The invaders invented the heliocentric model and the Copernicus character, among many others, to be able to recreate the history of humanity and erase traces of their recent crimes and destruction of the great civilization of Tartaria.To be very clear, Tartaria was the Whole World with a unified language and design. How could pyramids found all over the world incorporate the same designs, if the Tartars were not all connected somehow?

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Cheri Lee KS @CheriLeeKS
30 May, 12:11

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LIBERTY JUSTICE4ALL donated @LibertyNJustice4All
29 May, 07:44
🐍 worms-parasites...Gotta do those purge regimen from time-time, Ivermetin-Horse paste. Our food have parasites, specially if one still eats too much red meat uncooked/rare. This was an operation on a horse, but no different to humans having many of the worms/parasites that can cause ailments->Cancer.

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