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"There are quite literally zero women from corporate America talking about standing up to this kind of group-think and censoriousness in companies. Zero.

We’ve got Sheryl Sandberg telling us we need to lean in but no one explaining to us how to deal with being a whole human being while trying to do our jobs. Lean in but don’t talk! Lean in but only a little? No thank you."

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who taped frazzledrip?

Some things to keep in mind.

The FBI executed the warrant at 8am and didn’t leave until 6:30pm. 10 and a half hours.

No one knew about the raid until afterwards and only when Trump announced it.

No CNN camera crews.

Think logically.

No leaks?

No leaks.

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Q on TS just RT the storm tweet. 13 hours later.

Storm coming on/to the 13?

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TheStormHasArrived17, [Aug 9, 2022 at 9:49 AM]
Matt Gaetz: “Winter is coming.” 👀

He also predicted that nothing from the FBI raid will result in an indictment or a charge against President Trump.

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So this Troll account on Twitter is back and posting again.
This is NOT my account. I don't currently have an account on Twitter.

More importantly, it is asking for donations. I would NEVER ask for any type of donations, so please do not send crypto to that wallet.

Also, they are posting random Kennedy Sunday pics pretending to be me. if you are on Twitter and care to share this post, I would greatly appreciate it. Please let people know it's not me, don't follow or send crypto to that account. THANK YOU!


2 New POTUS posts on TRUTH Social - 6:45pm & 6:56pm Eastern...

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What do you think?

An excommunicated explorer examining this experience of existence until execution...

Who does one trust? Those who tell us that we must disbelieve our own senses and intuition and that only [they] can tell us the nature of our reality? Or those who work in accordance to our senses and make claims we can all observe and test for ourselves, while also telling us to do our own research and use our own discernment?

Never trust those who tell you that only [they] can tell you what's what, especially when [their] answers contradict themselves and rely on you ignoring your own observations.

ATF agent goes to a citizen’s house to harass him about a shotgun he’s apparently ‘not permitted’ to have
>Citizen goes inside and calls police to say someone is at the door trying to take his guns
>Police come and arrest ATF agent


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🔴ALERT - Major Taiwan government websites were temporarily forced offline by cyber attacks believed to be linked to China and Russia during Pelosi visit



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Since all potentials in the fifth dimension known as the quantum (or the unified field) exist in the eternal present moment, the only way you can create a new life, heal your body, or change your predictable future is to get beyond yourself.

This elegant moment—which we have witnessed in thousands of brain scans —arrives when a person finally surrenders the memory of themselves for something greater.

So many people spend the majority of their lives unconsciously choosing to live by the same routines on a regular basis, or they automatically romance their past, feeling the same way every day. As a result, they program their brain and body to be in a predictable future or a familiar past, never living in the present moment. It takes practice to get there but it’s always worth the effort. Finally finding the sweet spot of the generous present moment is going to require you to exercise a will that is greater than any of your automatic programs,

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😎 Another one for VK@VincentKennedy

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😲Found this on wego this am.😮

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Thanks everyone for all the love and prayers. You all are truly my family! I made an updated post that fewer people saw - Our PRAYERS WORKED - my sister reached out to me!!!! I am going to travel to see her.

NEVER ever underestimate the power of Pray. I love you all!!

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But yet here we are, and don't feel a thing of the fast spinning "gLOBE"-ism sorcery...#NASALies

NASA ISS FAKE - 1 - YouTube



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