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(...)"Whom ever is navigating these storms and waters with us, we are aboard, and on deck, because alas~ WWG1WGA" ~R

‎𐦞 𐦝𓄂𓆃☤ ᵃˡᶜʰᵉᵐᶤˢᵗ §öūł Rėbęl

The word “Moses”, When understood in its esoteric Egyptian sense, means one who has been admitted into the mystery schools of wisdom and has gone fourth to teach the ignorant concerning the will of the gods and the mysteries of life, as these mysteries were explained within the temples of Isis, Osiris, and Serapis.

The word Moses also has the etymological resemblance to an ancient name for the sun. As A result of these deductions, it is thought that the lawgiver of Israel was merely another form of the omnipresent Solar myth.

~The Secret teachings of all ages. 🌞

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Of course, PTL for it is He who allowed me to find you ... : )
and for gifting us all this knowledge ... which i want to share with others when appropriate. I still thank you!

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There are not enough kind words to truly describe how precious (to me) these conversations are that you openly share. My gratitude is beyond words.

My dilemma is I want everyone to know the proper methods ...
may I share your "words" & thoughts? I want to give you credit and not appear to say these are MY ideas, (I have no ego in this, only the desire to help others realize too what you've shown me) ... would that be against your code?

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That's what I'm trying to do, many voices here; regardless I keep sharing (repeating the same info in different ways.)

... and I had a feeling you were special - code or not - ? I just feel so fortunate to have you here, nudging us along the path. We are all trying to overcome, as best as we can.

I'm assuming that creating images (for me) are part of the sequence needed to create change or embody the desired effect. Almost like cave paintings for hunters to attract herds of game.

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Ok, ... well, I'm on the east coast .. so I will welcome it to stay out west, offering it to the animals / land and - YES I am so THANKFUL!
We are all overjoyed! Thank you for the guidance, it helped me immensely.

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In response Mystic Knight to his Publication

Yes you have the ability to help others see clearly and move forward confidently ... we all must be the truth & light; always.
Keep up the great work ... encouragement is so contagious : )

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Thank you! Many blessings to you and yours!

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Ok, strong squall - storm over the water - headed inland.

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Thank you that is so logical and more obvious once its presented that way. So we should have more focus on the gulf and its potential to gather winds / clouds and updrafts to send rain to Texas, in the form of a hurricane (which sounds formidable) yet necessary to bring the rain to the ranchers.

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My friend, I am so humbled by your generosity - such beautiful words of scripture ... but cleaner / more refined.
I'm still re-reading them ... thank you - need to absorb all of this first, before I reply. Very gracious of you.

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God is our source / our creator who has a plan for everything. I know our souls are connected to His source through prayer, practice and meditation.
I will dig into these Hermetic Principles and Laws to understand a bit more.

Restore the Republic. Save our Children. Trust the Plan. Slave No More.

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Yes, The Seven Hermetic Principles - I need to study these diligently ... not just read.
and I agree, our spirit is "thought of as AN UNIVERSAL, INFINITE, LIVING MIND."

Long ago I realized that I was my spirit, not just a human form, primarily because my spirit never ages, I may learn new skills, or ideas, and I feel the same, the same spirit; that is my anchor.

It's particularly nice when our spirit guides our consciousness to connect to others to will a predetermined outcome. Manifesting benevolence in spite of planned chaos. I love finding these entities; one of Gods greatest gifts is friendship.

The fact that even one person would drink NYC tap water because mayor suggests it, tells you how deeply some people are brainwashed

‎𐦞 𐦝𓄂𓆃☤ ᵃˡᶜʰᵉᵐᶤˢᵗ §öūł Rėbęl

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What a beautiful well thought answer! Your mind carrys the signature of unity! Are you a traveling man!?

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did not know this:
"Tin is a cheap metal to mine and light to carry,alchemists use it, as so goes the legends, to transmute it into gold as well as other metals, via the stone"

Magick? -

"true history of old Egypt hidden and constantly defamed?"
idk, assume it is benevolent / useful / free energy, thus denied access to this knowledge.

Vatican betrayed all of us, no doubt the Templars wanted no part thus were persecuted / murdered.

Yes, people want their belief systems in tact ... change is difficult, but death is worse. It occurred to me all these beautiful people and animals will perish like a chain of dominoes, if there are no stewards left in succession for families / farms. ... sadly, we will witness this.

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Yes this is intriguing.
The true Knights of Templar were good, helped travelers with their money accounted for via coded messages when arriving at their destination ... then "CIA style" destruction of reputation, murdered and taken over. I don't know the exact dates. I'm assuming that this coincided with evil developments infecting everything in society.

Joseph of Arimathea was following Jesus and was also a Muslim?
Where does the Alchemy and Occultism fit in? It seems these three components would be in conflict of each other.

And Egypt would likely have offer more details ... yes please you have a devoted audience. Please continue as time permits, and thank you

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I was afraid that you were headed there ... oh that is so disturbing . they twist everything inside out.

What about "The Shroud of Turin, also known as the Holy Shroud, is a length of linen cloth bearing the negative image of a man."
Is that also a fable?

Actually, I learned the Joseph of Arimathea, allowed to bury Jesus as he was a kinsman, his uncle, and took Jesus with him to the British isles while transacting his Tin Mining business. There are images in this region of a young 12-year old with a halo ... will try to find.

Other than that, have we no pure images, perhaps from Egypt / Gaia?

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see the "deceit of who HE really is / was"
Jesus, to me is the son of God, sent here to warn us, not to create religion, but to offer our souls freedom.

Re: the crime syndicate, WEF, the cabal & Bavarian Illuminati = are all beyond evil - I know there are many who don't get that, may never get it ... but they openly admit they know "somethings" wrong ... a shorter list would be to name what's right.

Regardless, by word and action I speak the truth (if asked) and I know that the world powers are destroying the earth with every moment moving forward. If we would all focus on one collective thought to save the planet / loving each other and giving thanks to our source creator we may yet have a chance.

NOW: tunnel to drain Lake Mead sending last drops to LV ??

Drilling Under Lake Mead To Drain The Last Drop - YouTube


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The metaphysical Kingdom of God, Heaven within, is located in the Right Hemisphere of the brain.
The 90% we don't use...
TITHE the 10% you do use, in meditation. Take the YOKE to bind together (Quantum entanglement) ie. YOGA

Army Veteran. Supporting Don and the Trump Admin. #ArmorofGod #RightlyDividing #WWG1WGAWW #1776 🕊❤🕯⚡⚡⚡💍@PepeLuvsMe💍⚔🛡

Learn Greek Mythology, Learn Bible Coms

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Why does the body have 10,000+ cannabinoid receptors?

Think Logically.
When was marijuana criminalized?
When was it fought?
Who stood to lose money?
Which industries?
Farm Bill.

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Cannabis can be a responsible and nonaddictive alternative to
temporary pain relief to full cancer cure. Responsible
consumption for spiritual healing will also physically heal the
body of aliments. Cannabis enables this transformation to
manifest from within.