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Deborah Oluwajuyemi

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Patriot. Mother of 5, grandmother to 4. Retired RN.

If you are on Telegram and can share the full post, please do.

Whiplash 347 ( forwarded from Danielle S)

"1/3 of fish harvested are used to feed livestock chicken tastes like fish."

Fish is code for Andrenochrome.

Albert Fish was a child rapist and cannibal.

The underseas charities are trafficking kartels run by the Elite.

International waterways fall under no jurisdiction.

Anyone can do anything under water.

Terra-Mar=> Ghilsaine Maxwell
Terra-Mar=> Clinton Foundation.
Ghislaine Maxwell => Ted Waitt.
Ted Waitt=> Waitt Foundation.
Waitt Found.=> Clint. Found.
Waitt Found=> Gates Found.
Ted Waitt+ G.M.=> Water Island.
Water Island => Biden Family.
Bridges, Bridges everywhere.

Im in a super tight spot financially right now and I desperately need some help for groceries and meds.
My family abandoned me because they think Im a crazy conspiracy theorist and I have a crippled leg. I rely on help from others right now, sadly.
If anyone can help my paypal is

I am eternally grateful for all the kindness and support. You frens mean the world to me.

I mean it. Love you.