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Top or Bottom?
Top for me, nothing like classic American Muscle but damn that bottom is nice also 😎

Scumbag Arrested For Over 600 Counts Of Possession Of Child Pornography

Seven Arrested For Human Trafficking Including Children

Watch: Virginia School Demands Students Stop Flying “Offensive” US Flags from Vehicles — So The Kids Form Caravan W/ Old Glory Flying High (VIDEO)

FLASHBACK -#Pelosi Busted: Her Campaign Gives Facebook $180K For Advertisements All While Telling Advertisers To Boycott The Social Media ‘Platform’

What A Creepy Old Pervert -#Biden Dispenses Odd Marriage Advice, ‘You Ought to Marry Into a Family With Five or More Sisters.’

#video: Radical Leftist Group Beat Christian Man With Stick at St. Louis Statue After Prayer Service

VA Officials Order Removal of American Flag From Construction Site, Claiming It’s a ‘Target’ for Protesters

You Don't Have To Be Smart To See The Disaster But You Must Be A Liar To Ignore It

West Had It Right,#Pelosi Should Be In Prison - These People Are Shameless In Their Push To Destroy This Country

They always want to point the finger at#Trump Supporters - Not So Fast

HILARIOUS! The Best “Help Wanted” Sign Of All-Time.

Let The Domino's Start To Fall - 2 Lawyer's Arrested In Connection With The "Russian Hoax"

FLASHBACK - A Reminder Of The Anti- American Movement That Is The Liberal Party
#Omar Calls for “Dismantling” of the US “Economy and Political Systems”

I Couldn't Agree More, This Admin. Along With The Entire Est. Has Shown They're Willing To Destroy#America Before Losing An Ounce Of Political Power

Est. puppets trying to paint support for#Trump as declining - LoL
Even this article has#CapitolRiots as a header, not as blind as you'd wish, another#January6th will not happen again, lesson learned.
It is fun watching you expose your ignorance, carry on.

Watch - Chelsea Clinton Attacks White People, “I Want ‘White Children Of Privilege’ To ‘Erode That Privilege’ Over Time”- Gets Destroyed By D’Souza

San Francisco Police Will Stop Releasing Mugshots of People Arrested Because… Racism

Man’s#Trump Sign Is So MASSIVE It Can Be Seen From Outer Space - With#video

FLASHBACK - So Sick Of Hearing About The Racist Narrative These People Try And Push, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

What Else Is This Administration Hiding?

What Kind Of Crap Is This?‘Medical Expert’ Says “Life Needs To Be HARD For Unvaccinated Americans”