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There are people in my office today talking like they know exactly what’s happening in Ukraine. 🤯

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While we are watching “Wag the Dog,” a really relevant thing is purportedly playing out in Geneva with Bill Gates and the World Health Organization ("WHO").

"An international pandemic agreement is being negotiated with the WHO in Geneva on March 1st.

. . . observers expect that the WHO can use the pact to prescribe binding measures such as lock downs, compulsory vaccinations or the central collection of data. The pact would give WHO direct leverage over the exercise of civil rights in member countries."

What many don’t realize is that President Trump has already withdrawn the U.S. from the WHO.

“… On 6 July 2020, the United States of America notified the Secretary-General ... of its withdrawal from the World Health Organization, effective on 6 July 2021,”

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Who did this?

Jesus Christ. Q Team, our POTUS DJT. SATAN BEGONE! SAVE THE CHILDREN! Hold the Line, Patriots.

In response Pixie Dust to her Publication

The reason why these errors in the Cabal script are so abundantly apparent is because they were caught off guard. We are witnessing a last minute narrative construction. Expect these narratives to become more flimsy after the downfall of the Ukrainian Deep State. We just cut off a major source of the Cabal's finances. Their ability to craft convincing narratives is directly proportionate to both the amount of funding and blackmail they can leverage, as well as the time they have to work with.

ka-BQQM!! 😎