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DJT Greatest Boss Ever-Z

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Imagine the New World Coming. Love our Boss DJT. The Mission was always about the Children.

ChildOfGod⛪Patriot🇺🇸FreedomFighter🗽DigitalSoldier 👩‍💻WWG1WGAWW🌎T410-B128🤟Covfefe is "In the end we win."✝️God woke you for a reason!

Not a scientist, nor do I claim to be one...I do NOT comply with illegal mandates...Anti-communist...Trump won...WWG1WGA 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🍻🍻🍻

Michael Jackson was good friends with DJT.

The smear campaign against him was 100% bullshit.

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YEP and our soldiers deserve endlessly better.

For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. - JFK

New POTUS on TRUTH Social - 1:17pm Eastern...

broqen antenna | Letz remember?!

Whether you are a silent reader or an eager poster. Small anon or famous figure.
Each of you is part of the plan and equally important. Even on days when it doesn't feel that way. On days when you feel insignificant and overlooked. Without water, a river is no longer a river.

No deed or intention escapes the eyes of the Lord. Every deed, no matter how small, causes a ripple through space and time.


Save Our Children at all costs 🌎🙏 Not Having A Dark Spring Joe

Patriot 🇺🇸 UnTested, UnMasked, UnVaxed, NeverSick ❤️ Youth Health Strength Infinite Goddess Sovereign Free 🕊 And so it is 🙏🏻

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I love Joe M.
I collect all the Joe M posts I can.
Ran across this one the other day.
It's breathtaking.
I believe Q Team dealt with HRC long ago
but to read her crimes as Joe M outlines them
there are no words.
From Benghazi to Frazzledrip, my God.
No—we will NEVER forget.
Ever 🙏🇺🇸

2-22-14 Kim Clement
"God says,
once you recognize the man that I have raised up
for the enemy will do everything in its power
to put a witch in the White House." 🕊️


At night all cats are black. Prowling around to bring you interesting items! Use Discernment At All Times! Blessings to you!

Every ending is a New Beginning 🤍 ✨ For God and Country. ❤️🇺🇸 Psalm 18:2 The LORD is my rock. Everything Happens for a Reason

Potus on TruthSocial

Hold the line, let's get this done!! #WWG1WGA

Last night the wife and I went out for the first time in a very long time for beers and nachos just to get out a bit. We live i a liberal area where most are left leaning.
90% of conversations around us were mainly about Ukraine. How horrible for the Ukrainian people. What a butcher Putin is. He is murdering so many innocent lives. He appears to be on drugs. His military people question his sanity and are against the war. Question: IF WHITEHATS ARE IN CONTROL THEN WHY DO THEY CONTINUE TO ALLOW MSM TO POISON THE MINDS OF THESE PEOPLE? HOW DOES THIS FACILITATE THE GREAT AWAKENING? IT MAKES US FEEL LIKE WE ARE LIVING IN A VIRTUAL ECHO CHAMBER IN WHICH WE ARE THE ONES BEING BRAINWASHED.
There, I said it. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

1st QtheGathering was April 13-17, Easter! Supporter of Q& Q+,Vets, Family& Soul Tribe Vibes! Gratitude & Love for God, Jesus, Mother Mary



FryDay indeed.

Patriot 🇺🇸 UnTested, UnMasked, UnVaxed, NeverSick ❤️ Youth Health Strength Infinite Goddess Sovereign Free 🕊 And so it is 🙏🏻

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🙏 It has long been my prayer
that Paul Walker is in the Q Witness Protection Program
& that his car crash was staged,
like Princess Diana's,
in order to protect him from Clinton hit-men
who would surely have killed him
because he was going to testify against them
about what he WITNESSED in HAITI —

Haiti is a child-trafficking hub
& has a child slave market;
both are major sources of income for the
disgusting deep state demon Clinton's 💥

Patriot of Earth. We ARE Freedom. WWG1WGA

a really cool aspect of what’s happened in the past 2 years is the following:

anyone claiming to have insider knowledge, sources, have signed NDAs, or know more than the average person, has had to prove their claims, the longer this takes.

“my sources say it’ll happen soon (buy my CBD) but in case it doesn’t happen soon, I’ll provide a non-committal answer that I can’t be checked on”

if you’re going to foist yourself into the light with extraordinary claims, you’re going to have to back it up with action and proof.

there are distinct groups of people, that hopefully we are all getting better at discerning the difference — Juan, on one hand, has proof after proof to support himself. Others, fall on their face and have to justify ‘delay’ after ‘delay’ to keep up their image.

be careful who you follow isn’t meant to divide Patriots, but to keep us wary of ‘too good to be true’ and keep our eyes on the prize, IMO.

No one person above another.


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Scavino just posted this on TS

"Whom ever is navigating these storms and waters with us, we are aboard, and on deck, because alas~ WWG1WGA" ~RR

Imagine the New World Coming. Love our Boss DJT. The Mission was always about the Children.

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Me. 4 year electrical apprenticeship. Night school while working full time in the field. A average and paid for. 👍

Imagine the New World Coming. Love our Boss DJT. The Mission was always about the Children.

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Good ole Jimmy. Fook off. 👍


♥️God, Family & Love for Animals, Trump, Q & Anon Fan, Hoping & Praying for a Better World🙏......WWG1WGA

Proud American - Faith in Humanity - Indivisible Under God


calif native, navy brat, Weldon Calif resident, love our Potus, Donald Trump

credit goes to@thepunisher on truth social

More Breaking News of Child Trafficking. The question is who do you believe now? How can Russia be attacking Ukraine when they are now rescuing these children from underground
tunnels in Ukraine and taking them to Russia. Thank you Russia (Putin) for rescuing
and saving these children from the Deep State Draconian evil monsters.

#FamilyIsEverything #BlueGreenTeam #QAngel #unBEARables Chef Photographer Colon Cancer Survivor 🐉🪶⚜✝️⚓

GY6 NAVY 💙💚🌈🤗🌹

Thank you for all the proofs!!!

i keep seeing posts with same themes.

government to sign away sovereignty
government to tax unvaxxed
government to clamp down on dissent

this will keep getting worse until everyone gets to the point where they stop paying attention to government.

this will keep going until we revoke our consent to be governed.

there will never come a point where the government will stop these atrocities. the government has no other function.

this used to be hidden but the awakening and revelations will keep making it more visible until every one of you declare divine individual sovereignty

I pledge allegiance to the flag of my divine individual sovereignty. it signifies that no man has authority over me for anything. i will fearlessly and mortally defend all my birthright freedoms. my divine right comes from direct connection to God. with unconditional love for all. This love includes justice and karma where needed. and so it is.