Martin Geddes @martingeddes
There must be an ethical foundation to being a "white hat". Is it that you...
- Must violate the free will of those who violate the free will of others
- Must not violate the free will of those who have the option to be sufficiently informed of the dangers of their choices
- Must take a "do unto others" approach in the grey area in the middle, guiding people away from danger and towards safety, but not taking on their karma

What is the foundation that keeps this all lawful in the widest scale and scope?
08:32 AM - Jan 27, 2023
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Alcyone 777 @Alcyone
27 January, 04:46
In response Martin Geddes to his Publication
To answer your questions, is to answer these questions, be it the WHs and or our own selves.

Who and what are we responsible for?

Who and what are we to be accountable to for our actions in the name of "good"?

In this vain our actions of a heroic nature may become debts owed, somewhat similar to the allegory of Jeshua saving us from our sins and paying a debt on the cross for it.

Are acts of heroism acts of karmic reconciliation that bring peace, rather than entanglements that bring anguish? Can they be one, the other or both?

(On a side note, when I read the fields of light, those we call WHs are motivated by karmic reconciliation- they will get to ascend in this ages ending and new beginning)

If I ask myself what would God do about the parasites infecting the multiverse, apparently God would do nothing OR would impulse some to be doing something? If so, does God feel responcible for the parasites if it brought the cause to others to eradicate them?

The Par

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chopsy mopsy @chopsymopsy
27 January, 03:37
In response Martin Geddes to his Publication
From the tenure of what you have written, one would assume that for some weird reason "white hats" have the moral ground /or not to castigate others for their choices.
And in that alone there is nothing that is moral or ethical, for exactly the same reasons in reverse, if others were to castigate those that made (their) alternative choices.
I`m not sure I understand your reasoning.

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Alcyone 777 @Alcyone
27 January, 02:51
In response Martin Geddes to his Publication
I was JUST typing in a thought stream on this subject under another's post and deleted it before publishing.

It's a loaded subject, which consumes many philosophical and Spiritual debate forums.

We are put to the test on this through our journey in duality.

We start our violating the free will of those who we want to stop from violating the free will of others.

Then we realize, "Oh shite, I am now karmically entangled with the person I wanted to control for controlling others, I took from them just the same, now what?"

We start practicing forgiveness to become untangled.

It gets grey as we reason, "Is informing with warning okay or is it still coming from a need to control?"

The final transition is Mastering non-interference in the way God/Natural Law does, which is not ignorance, yet rather achieving full awareness of the big picture which restores and makes us whole again. This phase is laden with residual guilt-based tottering and paradox.

Welcome to it.💛

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Light manifesting Light FAITH over fear! @Cofeefee2
27 January, 08:58
In response Martin Geddes to his Publication's so bizzare & then to detangle if we are basing this/these quesyions, q in general, the team or whomever....of this "figuring out" on false perceptions from false programming 👀😳 imo, we truly can't know completely w/o ultimate truths.

-of said karma
-of said laws of war
-of said black, white, grey hats /areas

...we could find out certain things & be completely wrong of our perceptions. Probably why "know thyself" seems paramount atm & at the forefront. Getting to know "me, myself & I" which for me is my highest version of self & other versions of myself in other realms, planes dimensions, veils, terra, areas...whatever mystery this all is ...& communing with all my selves currently in the now of wherever they are learning & building trust within with Creator/Creation first...its oddly bizzaro in this linear world & training the thought/mind process to change to
non-linear thinking is helping & soothing/comforting at the same time .

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Carole Davis-Z @Tallyho
27 January, 08:38
In response Martin Geddes to his Publication
I think sometimes, they have to triage - what direction will cause the least amount of harm, but still keep the troops going in the right direction.

The white hats want us all to gain our individual power back - decentralized power is the overall aim - they are not working towards power for a few - which is the black hats aim.

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