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Those of you constantly finding and posting dirt on Elon and others...the dirt we've all known for years...its time to level up. You know better

Couple of days ago I appealed my permanent suspension again. Just what I figured. Really not interested in creating yet another new account. Im just gonna ride this out

Does anyone have any good info handy on alkalinity and cancer as part of the treatment? Having a hard time finding the subjective info now that i need it.
Asking for a friend...literally. Its not her, its her dog

"The American Dream" is what always was. Emphasis on dream...just another catchphrase

Everything that is happening was known long before it happened...everything. Nothing is what it seems on the surface, but you know this. Its so complicated...its simple. Either you trust the plan or you don't. Ther is no in-between

"Self Abort" is now an acceptable and legal term according to the CA legislature and a mother can now commit this atrocity...without consequence up to 28 days after the live birth of her child

If you live in California, please look up the recently passed AB2223. It's so dystopian and evil, it's hard to believe for even the most awake souls. Save our children. Abort the parents

*Language warning* I approve...some may not


Tell me they're waking up, please. Im not seeing it


I stopped being anonymous back in 2012 when they came after me for exactly what most of us are doing now...exposing them. They put a false felony on my criminal record, unregistered my firearms, put me on the no-fly list and generally tried to make my life hell. I fought them. I won. After that, I stopped giving a shit about VPNs and anonimity online...no more Tor and linux with mind numbing delays. Only the best of the best can maintain this...despite your endless efforts, they know who you are. None of us have really ever been anonymous

I still have the records...with Kamala's signature on them. She weaponized the DOJ against me. You can guess what state I'm in

I listen, watch, wait, and weigh. I base my judgments on God, gut, and grammar. Language and patterns show you what you need to know.

In response Paul Robb to his Publication

I don't even know what PSA is beside a Public Service Announcement. Ha ha! All I know is that your local pet store has the cure for cancer.

This is a must watch if you're an XRP, XLM, Ripple, Stellar enthusiast. Lots of info I never considered and probably the best/most likely breakdown I've seen as to how the new networks are being implemented and run


Emily of Q.S.I. TLGM Talks of hidden Stellar Gems on Lobstr Wallet, Explosive nuclear interview!!! - YouTube

The Great Awakening: Bonfire Guyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NOiaymqaQdc#zerodoubt, We the people will become the new banks, not maybe? but 100 trillion ...

Just ate a 10mg edible. Not usually my thing...Im a smoker but here i am by the fire on a Saturday night. Nothing but trees and sky...this is gonna be an interesting night at least

God bless America !

Haven't vibed this high since we knew 2016 was in the bag.
Just came back from the local coin shop. Topping off the stack before end of Q1 tomorrow...anyone else?

About 3 months ago, my German Shepherd started acting scared and timid when we go outside. We are always outdoors. Started in the back yard. She would either run to the gate as to say let's get out and if I didn't comply, she would come stand next to me, legs visibly trembling. If I don't move, she won't and she will only go back in the house.

She would still go out front and sit on the porch, but the same thing started out there. She drops her ball and stands at the front door, trembling and looking over her shoulder. She's clearly terrified of something...It comes and goes without any sort of pattern. I've tried audio testing. When it happens I measure frequency and decibels and there's never any deviation.

She's bad today. She senses something that I don't and I want to know what it is. She won't go outside.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Warrior on my knees a digital warrior GOD BROUGHT ME HERE Here I am LORD is it WWG1WGA MEGA justice War room is where I take my battles

In response Vincent UM Kennedy to his Publication

if i could save time in a bottle

Have the abortion conversation with a pro-choicer. Then replace "human child" with the word puppy and stand back and absorb the disgusting hypocrisy. I bet 9 out of 10 times they will defend the life of the puppy. This is the level of brainwashing we are dealing with

GF and I just had a talk about abortion. She left in an Uber. I have no room for argument on the topic. Running out of people in my circle.Life is getting lonely

Q, patriot, holistic healer for humans and dogs. I'll speak my mind no matter what. Be nice or get lost.

I think that many here need to step back and take a deep breath. The emotionally charged nonsense and bickering coming from otherwise level-headed patriots is out of control and very irrational.

These are tough times. This is a very unique and trying war, especially for those who have been in the trenches for many years, like myself. But this is no excuse for betrayal, desertion and unjust slander.

I would ask those that are so emotionally wounded that they are no longer making sound decisions/statements to take a break. Revisit what you know to be true and reconcile.

Come back without the negativity, anger, nonsensical rhetoric and words that do nothing more than poison our side. There is simply no use for this in these times...in other words...go get your shit together and get back on the battlefield. This is no time for weakness

Apologies up front for the lengthy post...

I work for a very large Intl Corp. 410,000 employees worldwide. Many of our clients are the DS corporations we are all aware of...Google, FB, Amazon, Bank of America and many more. This has always troubled me.

This morning, we had a year end mgmt conf call. The key speakers were company Presidents from 5 countries. Australia, China, S Africa, UAE and US...seeing a pattern?

I was sickened when these leaders expressed praise for China in their handling of the scamdemic, pushing the jabs and more propaganda...It was reminiscent of a CNN propaganda segment....then it got worse.

They brought in a guest speaker. John F Clark, President of the National Center for Missing and exploited Children. I almost lost my shit.

I had suspected DS influence in the company, bet this was a major eye opener for me. I am already in violation of mandates the company has imposed on myself and my employees. I've simply silently disobeyed all of their man

I don't think its unreaaonable to question where my ballot went...

Who should I ask?

I live in the first county to report at 8pm yesterday. My ballot has not yet been counted.

This has unfolded exactly the way we (those of us awake) expected.

Justice WILL come, but not before hell is brought down upon us.

Mark my words, the terror will start immediately. They will not wait for certification...they made their statement and display of victory with 30 minutes of the closing of the polls.

California patriots be very aware. They are coming for us with a vengeance. Especially those of us who have been recorded dissenters, like myself.

California will make Australia look like Florida and it will happen swiftly.

Mandate Red Pills

Ok, Ill be honest. The exemption for USPS baffles me...anyone?

Anyone who's been in this fight for a while knows the number is closer to 110 million. The 80 mil being tossed around is just stupid